Remember when the doctor used to look into your eyes and at your hands when you went in for a check-up? Why? It is because our fingernails are a window into our body’s health. 💅

Changes in the look, shape, or color of our fingernails can indicate a nutritional deficiency somewhere in our body long before other symptoms manifest. You can use the following guide to evaluate your overall health 💜…/nail-health-conditioning-recipes/

This is wonderful information shared by Debra Rayburn. Please note that it is copyrighted. However, feel free to share it in its entirety. If you go for professional manicures or pedicures, always take along your Young Living essential oils to put in the water – LEMONGRASS or PURIFICATION would be perfect choices . . . or LEMON, CITRUS FRESH, LAVENDER and many others mentioned in the article. 🦄