The fact is we are all a combination. The Asian cultures have known for thousands of years that there’s the yin and the yang, and that is important to have the balance.

🌈 Reflector If you focus upon reflecting back those things that are not supporting you, making that intent to put a mirror around you that just reflects it back away from you. This is going to support you in many ways. It can move you forward just simply by not being bombarded with a lot of negative energy.

🌈 Deflector Your greatest strength is not necessarily about the force of the blow or certainly not by receiving too many, but by turning slightly to deflect the things, the strength of the opponent. In this case, the opponent would be the energies that are not supportive of you and your purpose.

🌈 Absorber You always do your best in each moment. When you do your best in each moment, making the choices that you feel are the most appropriate way to spend that moment, then you have no regrets.

What oil to choose for support on all these levels, for this sacred nalance in our Sacred Space?

Watch this episode with Frances and reflect on whether you a Reflector, Deflector or Absorber

Reflector Deflector or Absorber – Which Are You ?