What is the point of all of your efforts? The point is to experience complete freedom in your life. Complete freedom involves knowing what you don’t want and liberating yourself from those obstacles that have propelled your life inertia down its current unsatisfying path:

  • Freedom from fear
  • Freedom from pain
  • Freedom from anxiety
  • Freedom from doubt
  • Freedom from worry
  • Freedom from frustration
  • Freedom from anger
  • Freedom from despair
  • Freedom from passivity
  • Freedom from victimhood
  • Freedom from dependence

Complete freedom also means knowing what you want and propelling yourself down a new and fulfilling path toward that which you seek:

  • Freedom to feel
  • Freedom to be vulnerable
  • Freedom to risk
  • Freedom to give
  • Freedom to love
  • Freedom to hope
  • Freedom to choose
  • Freedom to believe
  • Freedom to be happy
  • Freedom to be at peace
  • Freedom to completely realize your dreams and goals
  • Freedom to fully engage in life
  • Freedom to be an active and conscious participant
  • Freedom to live consistently with your values

With this complete freedom, you can know that you did everything in your power to live the life that you most wanted and that would bring you your greatest significance and satisfaction. Also, at the end of your day, year, or life, you can be sure that you will not have to experience the most frustrating of all emotions—regret—or have to answer what is perhaps the saddest question of all: “I wonder what could have been?”

How Lemon Essential oil supports you vibrating freedom frequencies?

Lemon essential oil anchors that frequency of freedom, the seventh glyph, the energy of release, letting go of those things that are no longer serving us. To be adding it in handwashing practice daily and remind ourselves to let go all that needs to go, from our hands, hearts and mind – 

Creating space what we desire.

It releases a lot of attachments to stuff that really is not moving us forward and this freedom glyph, that we become as free as we are releasing these things is anchored by the Lemon essential oil and Jade Lemon and the crystal of Citrine.

To have it in a constant reminder through soap at home, is a blessing.


Young Living cultivated the Lushious Lemon signature scent to create a uniquely luxurious clean for hands. Lushious Lemon gently goes to work on dirt while enlivening your senses with the bright, citrusy aroma of Lemon, Lemon Myrtle and Ylang Ylang. This environmentally friendly formula is made with the finest botanicals that nature has to offer, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean with a bright scent of citrus—minus the synthetic chemicals.

Young Living signature scent with an enlivening, luxurious aroma:

• Combines Lemon, Lemon Myrtle, Spearmint and Ylang Ylang essential oils with other naturally derived ingredients to clean hands
• Instant foam makes it easy to lather and rinse
• Leaves skin feeling soft and clean with a light lemony scent
• Formulated with naturally derived, plant-based ingredients
• Gentle and effective alternative to commercial soaps
• Family friendly