What is the difference between expectation and belief?

The expectation is generally based upon our experience, our baggage, what we are bringing to any situation. 💼

However, the belief is that knowing, understanding that we do not know the whole picture and believe, trust that things are going according to a positive plan and that we can be part of that unfolding, of something of a miracle, unfolding of something far better than we could have thought about doing it at an earlier time. 🕊️🌸🌈

The most important concept in anything that we attempt to do is our belief, our belief that we can do it, our belief in the energy behind the actual process, our belief in where we are going. 🦄

I’m going to take a Believe shower right now. If you happen to have Believe you may choose to do that too. ✨

What makes Believe so special?

Many of you know that I have taken multiple “Believe Showers” daily for years – literally sprinkling several drops directly into my Crown chakra, applying over my heart, and inhaling deeply 6-8 times. BELIEVE is my key for staying focused and grounded.

Believe Blend and its effect on our body