Speaker 1: [00:00:05] Good morning or evening, whenever it is that you happen to be joining us today. I’m going to just breathe in a few more oils before ringing the bowls before beginning. Going to breathe in my Joy and breathe in my Peace and Calming. Welcome to each one of you who is here. Just breathe in whatever essential oils you have chosen or just the intent of having those oils applied all around you and just enjoy. Welcome to what is arguably the busiest week of the entire year. I commend each one of you for being here. We are very grateful for all of your participation, each of you who has chosen to to become our friends of the Fuller life Bali, which is very near and dear to Steven’s and my heart and I get emotional just thinking about it. It’s still not quite 11 o’clock, not quite the top of the hour, but I’m going to go ahead and begin anyway. [00:02:47][161.9]

[00:02:50] The title this morning, the elements of joy and peace came to me because this is a time when most of us are choosing to embrace that joy, embrace the joy of the moment, embrace the peace of the season. However, our busyness often puts us in a different place. Would you agree? So, as we are really looking more at the elements of what make up our joy and our peace, what do you require for joy and peace? Is it actually something that you require to air, to do or to be? Or is it something that you require to be absent? I’ve approached this week in my own meditations, and I found that it was surprising to me because most of the time I felt that it was things that I required to add in, to bring that level of joy, that level of peace into who I am, into the experience of the moment, into the present moment. [00:04:23][93.7]

[00:04:25] What I realised was that, there is one thing in particular that totally sabotages everything, and that is fear. The moment that fear creeps in, it’s it takes all of the joy, all of the spontaneity, all of the peace, the harmony away from things. So, as I was meditating and thinking more, allowing my thoughts to drift. It seemed apparent that the most important element is the Earth element, that grounding, that connection with the source, the connection with the Earth. The moment that we allow ourselves to be floating around that ‘f’ word fear creeps in, and when fear creeps in, it’s really difficult to come back. So, what are some of the oils that you might use to increase your strength of keeping the fear away? Well, the first thing I thought of was Valor blend, and this is something that Gary Young talked about so much, as being the basis for every positive thing that we can do is, happy day protocol began with Valor. The raindrop treatment begins with Valor, the feelings collection, emotions begins with Valor. So, as we have our Valor and strengthening our grounding, with that earth element you may choose these rainbow healing cards to apply the oils of Geranium, Cedarwood and Sacred Sandalwood or Sandalwood. These particular essential oils get to the core of grounding. We can also do it by applying the grounding blend. We can do it through intent, intend to ground. Just take that moment, take a deep breath in, intend to remain grounded and connected. If that visual of the Earth element assists you, then by all means, look at that, focus on it, whether it is the oil or whether it is that visual, whatever works for you. Sometimes you may have access to only one thing. Whatever it is, take that breath and think about it. [00:07:54][209.0]

[00:07:57] I also thought in terms of what is the difference, what is an element? Steven has gotten me in the last seven years to really pay attention to words, the words that are used. What is an element? An element is a component. Everything on this entire planet is made up of elements, would you agree? Now I got to thinking, what is the difference between elements and essence? The essence is the very core. So, as we are applying these essences, these beautiful essential oils, we get to the core, starting at the core, we can then radiate outward and that essence, that element fills everything; every part of us and every thing around us. So, we can use the elements to get down to the essence. What do I feel of the two elements that are key to joy and peace? Well, I’ve already mentioned Earth. We have to have the Earth, that grounding that connection in order to keep fear away. [00:09:30][93.6]

[00:09:32] What happens when we are lacking in our grounding? We sabotage? How do you sabotage the things that you would choose to have? We all do it from time to time, and we have our own little ways of doing it. Would you agree? So, focus on these elements and staying grounded to prevent that sabotage from taking place. I jotted down a few things from the Journey II book, about the Earth element and the thing that really stuck out for me, was definitely these questions. How do you block your healing process? Are you afraid of your own power? How do you participate in self-sabotage? There are actually seven questions here that are very good for our self reflection. Questions that can shed light on the situation and allow us to really delve into who we are and what truly is important. [00:11:00][87.8]

[00:11:01] So, what is the other element that I feel is so important with peace? Well, I have been going to the therapy pool every morning. We have been blessed with sunshine, at least in the mornings each day, and it brings me great joy and peace because as I am in that warm water, I feel the flow; the flow of releasing those things that are truly no longer serving me, whether it’s physical pain, emotional pain, whatever baggage there is and we all have baggage at this time of the year. Have you noticed how emotions come up? We keep stifling them. We push them back down because we truly don’t have time to deal with them. However, that dealing with them, there’s a reason why they come up because they’re triggering us so that we can pay attention and this is that water element, which is that energy of nurturing of self and others, finding that perfect balance of giving and receiving and also that acceptance, embracing who we are, embracing who others are. They may not be or do the things that we would choose to have them do. However, each of us is on a journey and we each are doing what we feel is most important. [00:12:45][103.7]

[00:12:46] So, as we allow these frequencies and I love applying the Northern Lights Black Spruce and the Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense, breathing in these energies and picturing in my mind if I’m not actually in the water, the flow of washing away that pain, that physical pain, washing away the emotional pain that is surfacing, allowing that harmony to actually emerge and you may notice these two glyphs, along with that Unity glyph, that energy, that frequency, that allows us to impart everything to work together. Without working together, nothing else works, would you agree? It’s not about getting others to work together with us, but rather using our vision, that was another thing that came up for me because I pulled out the oil I selected it with my eyes closed. [00:14:03][77.3]

[00:14:04] Envision this week being one of joy and happiness, not stress. We are blessed, we are not stressed. We truly can enjoy this as a week of blessed activities when we envision and when we envision, I looked up that word too, because I wanted to be sure I understood the difference between goals and visions, and we may explore this more next week. A goal is where we look at an end result and make a plan. So, sometimes it’s a rigid plan. I was a very rigid planner and that can be very stressful. So, what’s a vision? When we have a vision, it utilises our imagination and wisdom. Imagination – Steven loves that word, imagine. I’m a genie. If you cut that little word up into the three parts, you get – I am a genie. A genie can produce whatever magical experience is required. So, a vision encompasses that imagination. It encompasses wisdom and the ability to be more flexible. A goal can be very strict and rigid and there’s some areas of our lives that it may be necessary to be rigid. However, in most areas, we may find if we look a little bit deeper, that rigidity is only going to create stress and stress magnifies pain, all kinds of pain, it makes no difference what kind. Stress magnifies pain, stress and fear go hand in hand? So, as we remain more connected with the source, more connected with the Earth, allow the flow through us, realising, understanding, enjoying like that inner child, enjoying the flow, the flow that is sometimes very unexpected. These last two years have produced a lot of unexpected things. Would you agree? [00:17:00][176.2]

[00:17:01] And so, as we move forward, aiming, envisioning that harmony and balance, let’s remember to keep the fun, the joy, the childlike attitude throughout. I challenge you, as you go through this week to just take a time, even if it’s only 15 seconds to take a deep breath and to focus on that grounding, intending flow, harmony and peace and joy in every moment. And I look forward to seeing you again next week. [00:17:01][0.0]