Let’s talk about FEAR…. Have any of you experienced times when you came very close to completing a successful venture and then stopped for some reason? What was that reason? Was it fear of success? Was it fear of judgement by others? Because as long as something was not complete, we could tell ourselves, Oh, I haven’t finished it.

✨Watching my path over the last 20 years, using the young living oils and actually actively refining myself, growing and actively refining myself, I realised that all of the fears are connected with one thing, at least for me – that one thing is grounding.

🌱When we are fully connected with the source and grounded, there is no room for fear. Absolutely none. So it becomes a matter of staying grounded.

There’s a reason Valor® is so popular. Its aroma is like no other: refreshing yet comforting, grounding yet inspiring, sweet yet spicy. And, of course, people love its vivid blue color! Valor – This is your balancer!!! Valor helps to balance energy and may instil courage, confidence, self esteem!