Pay attention at that particular moment, that present moment.

[00:00:07] Good morning! Happy Sunday, or whenever you are watching this video. I’m just going to apply a few of the oils just to enhance my ability to stay focussed and my first one this morning when I picked it up is higher unity. What oils are you choosing to apply right now and throughout the day and/or week to assist you in moving through this particular period? To my sorrow when I opened the bottle of Higher Unity this morning, all that remains is the aroma, so I will intend to connect fully with the creator, with the source, intending to remain in that strong connection and to increase that connection, and everything that I do. So, whatever oils you have chosen to apply, I am also going to apply. I have found an old bottle of Valor, the original Valor, and I was excited. I am going to, there’s a little bit left of it, apply it on my wrists and breathe it in. [00:01:42][95.3]

[00:01:42] So, as I play, I have just one bowl that I’m planning to to treat you with today, but two different strikers and just focus on hearing the difference. It is one single bowl. However, I’m going to strike it with two different strikers and see, hear, feel the difference. So take a deep breath in. Let’s do that again. Were you able to hear the difference in striking it with this particular striker and then striking it with this one? It is a higher octave with the smaller one and it reminded me that we, according to how we produce, how we strike ourselves, what we set out to do, is very different, even though we may be the same person. We can be perceived very differently and emit very different frequencies. [00:03:53][130.9]

[00:03:54] So, happy Sunday, what ever day it happens to be? I am happy to be back. I have not been here for a few weeks and this is very unusual. It’s just we are in an unusual time now. Would you agree? And the topic for today that I selected is – what is on your to do list? This is a season where everything accelerates. Have you noticed everything seems to move faster? There’s more and more to do. I’m a list maker. How many of you are list makers? Some of you keep them up here. Others of us write lists. For me, I need to see things because I’m a visual person. It also is staring me back in the face. I can’t push the list out of my mind and that’s what we’re going to kind of talk about today – the differences in the way that we approach this, because many times I find that as I’m making my to do list, they’re very long at this time of the year, particularly, they can be very long at any time and when I look back on the list, how many of those things on the list are actually in alignment with my priorities? This is a rude awakening. [00:05:43][108.6]

[00:05:45] For me, I have always been an achiever, an accomplisher. The more I can achieve, the happier I am; to push, push, push and this is not a time to push. It may be a time, a season in which the quality of what we do may be more important than actually accomplishing all of those things on the list. Actually, as we evaluate each of those things, some of them may move around. I have always been one of these accomplishers where I would put things in the order that would be the sequence required to accomplish a goal, whereas the priority list may be a different sequence. I encourage you to pay attention to whether all of these busy things that do keep us busy, busy, busy, are actually according to your in alignment with your priorities. It’s a simple thing, but yet simple is not easy. When I see them written in front of me, whether I write them on the phone, which I do, I write them on my phone, so I always have it with me. I love journaling. However, I don’t always have my book with me, so I have to make time for that. So, every Sunday or every week when I am preparing for the Facebook Live, I select cards with the intent that they will guide me in a particular direction, so that I can speak words that may have a positive impact upon each of you listening. [00:08:03][137.7]

[00:08:04] So I was surprised to this morning, I got out my app, I did this on the app and every one of you can can also do this. I selected Life Force. Life Force to me represents eliminating drama. Well, how many of us have dramas as we get very busy? Are these dramas of our own creating or are the dramas really a part of our life lesson? The frequency is in here, the oils. This is the Breath of Life, Freedom and Divine Union, which the oils are Orange, Lemon and Jasmine essential oils, I also have my crystals. The next card that I selected, and it’s on the app as I said, I thought, oh my goodness, Breath of Life, which also is in here. Breath of Life is that change. What do we require changing in order to eliminate these dramas? Many of the dramas we create are truly not required for our moving forward yet we continue doing them. So, perhaps this idea of taking that new breath, changing the way we perceive things, changing the way we approach them, changing our attitude. This is all about that fiery essence and fire can change things and this was another kind of thing, in-your-face thing for me, because with the physical cards, and in addition to the three things that are selections on the app, I select one of the elements each day; for my focus, for my attention. [00:10:32][148.5]

[00:10:35] What element do you think might have turned up? I was expecting something like water with the ease and the flow, the release, letting go of the old patterns or the grounding, or even clarity because we’re talking about our to-do- list and our priorities. But guess what? More Fire; Fire, it’s everywhere. Change, are you ready to make some changes in the approach that you have had? Well, we’ve all had two years of unexpected change. Not one of us would have expected the changes that have occurred. Would you choose to go through the past two years all over again? That’s a good question. Each one of you may answer that slightly differently. However, that change, that whole attitude of let’s change, we cannot move forward without change. Does it have to include drama? No, not if we choose to pay attention. So, over the past months, we’ve talked so much about testing; kinesiology, paying attention and muscle testing. What is the best thing for you or me, in this particular moment? Does it carry throughout the day? Is it is the other priorities on your to-do list going to remain the same all day long? Probably not. We need to. It’s very important. I’m sorry, Steven. I used the word need, which is really a no no, because it is more about lack and requiring, the thing that is important for each of us to pay attention to is to – pay attention at that particular moment, that present moment. So, present time, I actually put two bottles up here today in case, the one that was opened, was empty. [00:13:19][164.5]

[00:13:20] My intent is to remain in that present moment and to pay attention to what’s happening then and do I do this in every instance? Absolutely not. I am attempting my intent, my focus is on improving. Not that I was not perfect before, but my focus is upon paying attention to what is in that particular moment. It is so easy to judge yourselves and in reality, none of us makes choices that we truly think are not the best choices for the moment, would you agree? So, what we are going to do is just to really pay attention. If you choose to awaken yourself, that energy is going to radiate outward. If we are rushing around frantically and stressed, we have a blend for that, don’t we? I’ve used a lot of Stress Away over the past weeks, that stress radiates out from us. So, as we are improving, as we are growing, as we are redefining ourselves in this moment, it’s going to radiate outward to everyone. It is going to enhance everyone and that is actually what my other card that I selected, the archetype was the Healer. [00:15:11][111.0]

[00:15:12] Now what is the Healer? The healer is all about creating an environment where there is a safe place for change and healing to take place. I usually think of the Healer as being a harmonious, gentle frequency. In reality, change most likely is not going to be gentle. Would you agree? So, it’s all about that creating that environment for yourself. Every one of us is a healer because each of us is healing every aspect of ourselves, every single moment. We are always changing. Nothing stays the same and it’s the environment you are creating for yourself, moving you forward. Is it a safe environment where you can feel free to be who you were created to be? To live your priorities, to put aside that priority list in favour of the refinement list. Paying attention is so simple but it is not easy to continuously be revising our priorities, to continuously pay attention to what we truly desire to have in our lives and what we truly just will not allow; vehemently choose not to have in our lives. [00:17:12][120.1]

[00:17:14] Stress is always at the top of my list of things that I don’t choose to have in my life. Stress, guilt, all of that, yet what happens when I get really busy? I find myself reverting back, way back some days to those old patterns. So, I encourage you to realise that everything you do to enhance your personal growth, to refine your personal journey and everyone’s journey is different. Every single thing that you do, to refine yourself, to enhance your transformation, your growth is going to radiate outward to others. [00:18:09][55.2]

[00:18:10] So, I encourage you during this next week, during these next days, to pay attention to whether your priorities are in alignment with the things that are on your to-do list and how can you change? What is on your to do list? What are the things that are truly not inspiring you and not really required, not really necessary to do? It’s so easy to get drawn into all of the dramas that others are having, so I encourage you to pay attention to the dramas that you have the power to eliminate in your own life and I look forward to seeing each of you connecting with you this week and to being back with you again next Sunday. [00:18:10][0.0]