“The greatest happiness comes when we are serving a purpose” – Darren Hardy

Fuller Life Bali is opening a fundraiser to help the Balinese with providing basic goods such as rice, cooking oil and food – which many struggle to afford. No one should experience the struggle of feeding their children and caring for each other. YOU can help here, too! 🌈🌈

With a deep bond and respect to the land and Balinese people who are in the heart of Fuller Life Bali, we are honoured to be in a position where someone’s life can be better because of service in honour of our purpose and dedication to help.

The times of worldwide pandemia are affecting us all. Different communities around the world are affected in so many different ways and we decided to do our part in bridging and navigating through it.In the spirit of celebrating the Balinese culture, we are launching a Fuller Life e-book with all the proceeds going towards initiative to provide basic household essentials.

The launch of the Fuller Life e-book will take place on 12.12.21 (December 12) and everyone who pre-orders it will receive their file on that same Sunday. (sneak peek of the book in comments)You can pre-order NOW here*: https://fullerlife.com/product/fuller-life-book/

Everyone who purchases the e-book will be “A Friend of Fuller Life Bali” 💜

You will receive special updates from Frances & Steven.11 March 2016 arrived in a blaze of gorgeous sunshine. This was the official day for the opening of Fuller Life Bali. 5 years, 9 months and a day from the opening, we are launching our Fuller Life e-book.

Always following the heart, we make sure to continue serving and trusting that this same gorgeous sunshine will follow and protect us all.

Thank you for supporting our vision and walking this journey with us.

Yours Sincerely,

Frances and StevenFuller Life Bali Family


*The proceeds of the purchase of this e-book (11 USD) will go directly to the our ongoing initiative for ONE Balinese family. Should you feel moved to donate more, do indicate in the name your price option before adding to cart.