FOCUS and INTENT can magnify the effects of your oils.  Be sure to pay attention to what you are thinking as you apply them.

Essential oils are complex substances with hundreds of different chemical components.  Our bodies know what they need to come to balance, and they select the components from the oils and eliminate the remaining ones that are not needed at that time.  

Balance is the key word because the body is always searching for whatever will bring about balance – homeostasis.  

Even though one’s symptoms may be quite similar from one time to another, the imbalances may be different.  Introducing the essential oils often will give the body the chance to choose what it needs at that particular time.

Use your oils whenever you like, and trust that your body will choose whatever portions of each one that it needs at that particular time.  You “cannot do it wrong” when using Young Living’s premium essential oils.

I know that some of you are thinking,

“WHERE do I apply the oils?”

“How many drops of each?”

“What next?”  

The reality is that it really does not matter where you apply the oils – just APPLY them!  My personal choice is always over my heart because that feels so nurturing to me.  However, apply them wherever YOU choose to apply them – and they can be in all different places on your body OR on the same location.  After applying, do be sure to INHALE EACH OIL DEEPLY 6-8 times with your hands cupped over your nose before applying the next oil.  

Head – Drop peppermint on the temples to soothe & relax

Neck – roll deep relief on back of neck for tension relief

Shoulders – massage Panaway on to release the tension

Chest – one drop of Raven for respiratory support

Heart – one drop of Joy over your heart in the morning for all the uplifting feelings

Abdomen – rub dragon time on during menstrual cycle (women below 30 years old) or digize for upset tummies

Wrists – apply valor, peace & calming, or stress away for calming & natural perfume 

Legs – massage grapefruit & cypress to keep young & fresh looking skin

Knees – massage marjoram, cool azul  & copaiba on after a long hard day

Feet – apply thieves for immune support, and vetiver for deep sleep

Overview on use

I LOVE layering oils rather than “mixing” them which may totally change the properties according to the ratio of each oil. Read about my favourite oils to layer here.




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