One cannot “hide” from the blood – it shows both what is going on in the present AND conditions that have been around for a while. The exciting part is to see the changes in the blood as we make positive adjustments in the diet and lifestyle. 

It is not a secret that…

… People don’t get enough magnesium. But too much can stop the heart! Just like Potassium. People really don’t get enough Trace Minerals either and all of those are necessary for heart regulation. I know many nurses and doctors and they would all agree with this. – Dr. LeAnne Deardueff

Lift up the body and spirit – support yourself and the sacred space you are holding.

Are you curious what blood analysis is all about?

It is one of the services we offer at Fuller Life Bali! Read about it here !


Educate yourself on importance of magnesium here! 



Mineral Essence is a daily liquid supplement that combines the benefits of minerals with pure essential oils of lemon, cinnamon and peppermint. It provides essential ionic minerals, which are the most fully and quickly absorbed form of minerals available. It’s an excellent source of magnesium in a convenient, easy-to-use bottle.


Take 5 ml once per day in the morning, evening or as needed as a mineral supplement. May be added to 118 – 236 ml of distilled/purified water or juice before drinking. Shake well before use.


Because trace minerals are vital for almost every biochemical process in the body, this supplement is perfect for just about anyone wanting to support healthy growth, metabolism, absorption of vitamins and other nutrients.