Inner peace, our peace – that’s what peace in the chaotic world is all about. It starts with us because everything in our outer world, in our outer environment, is a reflection of what’s inside of us. It is because we allow the reflection of what’s going on outside to come inside to our sacred space. 

Peace is like planting a seed. When we plant a seed, we don’t go off and leave it and expect it to blossom into beautiful flowers or big strong trees. When we plant a seed, what do we have to do? We nurture it.

As we plant the seed of peace, of staying fully grounded, fully connected with the Source, we become more grounded and have greater harmony inside, radiating outward. 

Nurture your peace with a simple practice you are taking on a daily basis. Read about a few suggestions you might want to think about incorporating in your routine to fertilize these planted seeds:

  • Freedom pendant Carrying symbols with us, on our body. They are our constant reminder in both conscious mind and belief as they empower us to own them, as subconsciously when these symbols are close to us and in our reach. The horse holds the frequency of FREEDOM in the Rainbow Healing System. Freedom comes when we are willing to release the fears, beliefs, and attachments that are no longer serving us.
  • Meditation Access guided meditation by Frances Fuller!
  • Healthy diet Flavours is a cookbook designed by our chefs at Fuller Life Bali. It is a Plant-based recipe book made for you to explore in your own kitchen!

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