Speaker 1: [00:00:04] I am playing some of the oils that I selected this morning, and the first one that came out was Clarity and that seemed so appropriate as I was selecting oils to talk about this morning out of my big, beautiful container of oils, my carved Balinese carving. I first selected Clarity, and that’s what we’re doing. We are attempting to gain clarity in our answers, clarity and our intuition, clarity and our messages. So, I’m going to apply that first. What oil did you select this morning first to apply? Then we’ll play the bowl and I have lots to talk about today. So, I’ve been kind of running a little bit longer the last few weeks, so I will attempt to be more brief today. So, use whatever oil you chose to apply first this morning or this evening and just breathe in these frequencies. [00:01:25][81.9]

[00:02:02] I would like to start this morning, I’m getting a little emotional already because I just want to express my gratitude, Steven’s gratitude, the entire Fuller Life team for the amazing response that we have had to the launch of the e-book. We still have, of course, the hard copies but the launch of the e-book of my autobiography, we realised that shipping is expensive, but more than that, this is the age of the internet. This is the age of doing things electronically and saving the paper. We already have another book that is coming out as an e-book in December, and we’re working on others, so there’s more ahead. At any rate, I just wanted to make absolutely certain that I express my gratitude because the response was just almost overwhelming and we truly appreciate your interest and your choosing to support us. [00:03:20][78.2]

[00:03:22] So, what oil did you choose to use today when you read about “Talking about our questions.” Well, Steven loves to talk about questions and words and things, and that’s what this is basically about, because the way we ask our questions has a lot to do with the accuracy or the clarity that we receive when we are asking questions and listening with our heart, not with our brains. So, at any rate, I thought the first thing that we should talk about is that since we’re talking about questions and and asking questions, the fact that our answers are only as good as the questions that we ask and Steven, as I said, loves words. Those of you who have been following us for a long time understand that that’s a big deal thing to him. He loved to split that word up because questions are a quest for ions. What are ions? Ions are frequencies. Icons are light. So, actually as we are bringing in those questions, searching for those ions, we are searching for enlightenment, would you agree? [00:05:12][110.8]

[00:05:12] How do we do this? What is the most important thing we can do? Well, the first most important thing that we can do is to ground, how ever you choose to ground, whatever your strongest, best, favourite, whatever way, the way that you have the most confidence. Those who follow me know that creating that sacred space is highly important. That is the the basis of everything about Rainbow Healing. Learning to create that sacred space where we are pushing out all of the chaos of the outer world, connecting with a source and grounding to Earth, putting up filters, boundaries; whatever you choose to call them, and just having that harmony and balance inside. If we are not in harmony within, there is no way that we are going to receive the appropriate answers. [00:06:34][81.6]

[00:06:37] First thing we’re going to do now, what do you choose to ground? What oils do you choose? Well, we have a whole array of oils. Some of you may choose to use Valor blend. Valor was one was one of Gary Young’s favourite blends for grounding. This morning as I was pulling my oil out of my cardboard box, I first chose Grounding, Grounding is after Clarity. Clarity was number one. The next one that I pulled out was Grounding. Grounding is a wonderful one. Who knows what my favourite oil for grounding? Always is! I keep it beside my bed. We diffuse it in the house. It’s everywhere around me and that is Sacred Mountain. The next oil that I pulled out of my carved box of oils was Copaibo. Copaibo is just a beautiful, long, large tree with strong roots, and that’s what we’re intending to do, make our roots strong so that we are not floating around, allowing other energies into our field. [00:08:08][91.7]

[00:08:10] Then, we are ready to actually begin getting some clear questions and answers. I’ve already mentioned that the wording is extremely important, and the best way that we can improve upon the wording of our questions is to write the questions down. We’re going to do this different ways, whether you’re using the fingers, the muscle strength, whether you’re using a pendulum, whatever you are choosing to use for getting your answers, the first thing is to get your questions, your quest ions accurate, clear, clarity. The clearer your questions are, the better. Many of us tend to have put a lot of pronouns in the things when we’re talking or when we are even writing. We will put a lot of pronouns, and that can be very confusing in itself. I am one who truly has a difficult time with pronouns and I will stop someone. [00:09:35][85.7]

[00:09:36] It is not Steven’s favourite thing for me to do to him, because when he’s talking, he likes to complete his thought rather than be interrupted, which is how he interprets my question. However, when we’re talking with ourselves, we can interrupt ourselves without any issues. Would you agree? The first thing we’re going to ground. Then, we’re going to write our questions and we’re going to pay attention and simplify the wording. It is much easier to get accurate answers by having a series of simple questions rather than a more complex and involved one. Just think to yourself – simple, simple, simple, and to continue re-testing. As I said, the words are important and this is something that we all can improve upon at all times. I like, as I said, to write my series of questions down first before I start thinking about what the answers might be. Then I re-ground, because we can always use more time to re-ground. Re-ground, whether we’re using our paring of the ways, which Steven loves to use and making sure that we have cleared out our energy field, or whether you are using the rainbow qigong practice that is in the app and on our website, whatever you are doing to make sure once again that you are clear. [00:11:40][123.5]

[00:11:41] The first question that I always ask and I ask this repeatedly. Am I clear? Yes or no? Well, actually, it’s not the first question, the first question I ask is really show me my yes and then show me my no because it may change from one time to another. Generally speaking, if you’re using the kinesiology, your muscle strength and we talked about that is doing the thumb in the middle finger, the tips of the fingers together on both hands and then interlocking them. If it is strong, that is usually a yes. If you say, show me my yes and it is weak, it may be that you require an additional grounding. [00:12:37][55.3]

[00:12:37] Using the oils, paying attention, breathing; breathing is going to be highly important to remaining grounded. At this time of the year, when things seem to be getting more and more active, have you noticed how the days are flying by over and over again? It’s like Sundays come around so fast when I think, Oh my gosh! It’s time for Facebook Live again. It’s just really important for us to pay even more attention than ever before, to staying grounded. So take a deep breath. Don’t forget to keep breathing throughout this. The quickest way to become ungrounded is to stop breathing, because we hold our breath. When we are in fear or anxious about anything, what is one of the first things that we do? We hold our breath. We stiffen. That absolutely cuts off all of our energetic flow. It really impedes the progress of our flow. So, don’t forget to breathe and show me my yes and my guess is very strong. Just a quick pull and show me my nerve and that should not be, I should not be able to hold it together. Am I grounded? That’s my next question. First question, show me my yes, show me no, am I grounded? Right now I’m grounded. Thankfully, yes, I’m so happy. Then, I ask that same question in another way. This is the way I ask the question – is there any reason to doubt that answer? No. So the answer is yes, that is my yes. So, then I would go on to looking at that first question. As I said, I write a series of questions in simple sentences. [00:14:57][140.5]

[00:14:58] You can do this about anything, absolutely anything! Steven and I test everything. In fact, that’s one of his favourite things I’ve learnt over the years that if I say I tested this, he doesn’t question me anymore. If I say I would like something, he will look at me like, hmm, really? Or worse yet, , how often do we use the word want? I want something. Well, want is a really big word. It’s only got four letters, but it’s a big word because it implies lack. It implies that you do not have it yet. Another four letter word is need. And then we have a three letter word try. Gary Young used to also talk about the word try and he said, don’t try. Don’t even think about trying anything. You either do it. You commit to do it or you don’t. So, leave those words out of your questions. [00:16:17][78.9]

[00:16:19] As I said, you can write down a number of questions, if you like. They can be kind of sequential according to what you anticipate the answer may or may not be or they can be on different subjects. However, go back and look at them. Look at those words that are in there. Is that really a clear question? Why do I keep talking about writing the questions? If we put the questions up here in our brain, the brain is going in on all cylinders all the time, on all circuitry, and it’s just going and going and we are actually changing most of the time. We end up changing the question around even while we are attempting to answer it, to ask it to ourselves. I I call it squiggly. Squiggly because it’s just not clear. If we write it down and really look at the words that we are using without pronouns. Making a simple sentence, not a complex or compound sentence, just a bunch of simple sentences. You make it much better answers and every two to three questions, I ask myself again. Am I blocked? Am I clear? Those are the same thing? They are actually opposite but it’s important to keep checking to make sure. Am I grounded? Am I clear? Am I blocked? Because as we move along and some of the questions may cause us to tense up and create blocks in what we’re hearing. If I hear a question, the answer is not what I’m expecting it to be, I immediately will ask – Am I blocked? Is there any reason to doubt this answer? You can learn all these little wordings that can be helpful for you? [00:18:50][150.8]

[00:18:51] And then the next thing is to make sure that you put the questions in the present time. We’re not dealing with the future, we’re dealing with this present moment and I think Present Time was one that I pulled out this morning as well, because when we’re in the present moment, we will get our best answers. It’s important, if you’re asking a question like, I use the word, is it appropriate? I love the word appropriate. I do not like to use the word, good. Is it a good choice for me to do something? It could be good. It could not. Is it an appropriate choice? That’s a whole different energy around it and more important, not more important, but just as important. Equally important is to then put, now. We’re not testing for the future. As I said, we’re testing for this moment. Is it appropriate for this moment? [00:20:11][80.6]

[00:20:13] We already thinking way ahead instead of where we are right now and I will give you an example. When when I bought the land in 2005 for my home here in Bali, it was a crazy thought. I was not looking to buy land and that definitely was not looking to buy land in the area where my home has been for the last 16 years. However, I stood in front of this land that I didn’t even really like the way it looked and I muscle tested. Can you believe I would make life decisions like this by muscle testing? But, I stood there for a long time asking things every way I possibly could. It was like, Is it appropriate for me to buy land? Not even this land, land. I got a yes. Any reason not to buy land in Bali? No. Am I clear? I would go through, am I clear and grounded? All of these again? I then made it a little bit clearer. Is it appropriate for me to buy this land? Yes, it’s appropriate. Any reason to think that that is not correct? No. Show me my yes. Go back and check because I truly was not expecting that answer. Then, I thought, I haven’t tested it well enough. Let’s add another thing, another restriction. Is it appropriate for me to buy this land now? Hmm. I still got a yes. I decided to sleep on it overnight, came back again, got all the same answers and I bought the land and I am very grateful. [00:22:23][129.7]

[00:22:24] Same thing you could do with something like anything, a pencil or a pen? Is it appropriate for me to buy this pen? I did the same thing with with the car. For those of you who may be thinking, should I get a car? Is it appropriate for me to get a car? Absolutely not right now. However, at one point I got answer yes, it’s appropriate to get a car, but it was not appropriate now, at that moment. In other words, it really is important to make our questions totally clear. Clarity, will give you the answers that you truly require. I use these when I do my cards every day. You can do it on the app, but I’ve got the the True Law and when I see True Law, the word that jumps out at me is overcoming patterns of manipulation, that is the concept of this particular hologram. However, upon delving in because I thought, yes, that is correct with this asking questions that we are not attempting, that we take ourselves out, our desires have to be out of those questions and just have them simple questions with yes’s and no’s and not attempt to manipulate the answer. If you’re attempting to manipulate the answers, you’re not going to get accurate answers that may be in your true highest good. [00:24:32][128.0]

[00:24:33] So, however, I also opened my journey book to True Law and read all the little aspects, and you can do this there on the app, too but I just love my books because I have them and I like to put them all around me. I’m attempting to learn to do everything more electronically to save the trees. However, reading down all the little things that the little different aspects requirement for a guru outside of self. Guess what? That is exactly what we talking about. It is not necessary, we don’t require asking others what’s best for us because we in our hearts, as long as we get out of here and push all that chaos outside, all those distractions, get into our heart and listen to our messages with the source with the creator. We will get the answers that are perfect for us. No one on this planet knows what is perfect for you, except you and the source. So, trust your answers. It can be as easy, I test for what clothes to wear. Today, I thought I was going to wear something totally different, and this morning it was like, go to the closet and test, with that little thought came to me. So, I went to my cupboard and and opened it and tested for all the dresses, the tops and it was this one, came out over and over. I thought, I just wore an animal, it wasn’t the same one, but I just wore one a couple of weeks ago, so I line them back up in the closet. So, I know, it was like, this is the right one. So, the minute, I put it on, after muscle testing, it felt right and I felt really good, cosy and happy and just grounded. Perhaps I needed the animals, the strength of the leopard, of the big cats to ground me today. [00:27:03][150.5]

[00:27:04] So, have fun. Choose different things to practise on, not life questions. I mentioned life things first, but, what clothes to wear, whether it’s appropriate and that again, is one of my favourite words to use in testing. Is it appropriate for me to do this? Is it appropriate for me not to do this? Is there any reason to doubt my answer? Just remember to keep thinking of these things, re-testing and have fun while you’re doing it. That was another blend that I pulled out of my box today. So have fun. It’s not stressful unless we make it stressful. So, have a beautiful week of great insights and learning all sorts of happy things about yourself, of increasing your strength, your ability to trust your intuition. Now see you next week. [00:27:04][0.0]