[00:03:12] The topic is fun, with the Neuro regular application. Now that was the word that I used because Gary Young created. He developed over time the neuro auricular technique, which was designed as a hands on session for a person to do on another. What we’re doing is we’re kind of extracting the ideas and doing it on ourselves, self application. Why would that be helpful? It’s helpful because when we do something for ourselves, we can do it any time we choose. Whenever we learn to do something, we can practise it any time we choose. You heard me say the word practise. Steven was saying yesterday, he said, Frances, you can’t call this neuro auricular application and he says, how about neuro auricular procedure nap because the chances are that even when you are doing this on yourself, with or without essential oils, but if you’re using the oils for sure, you may take a slight nap and then awaken to new possibilities. Of course, Steven has the medical background and procedure is very definitely a part of that and suddenly during the night, I woke up about four o’clock this morning and I thought, how about practise? That has become one of my favourite words recently because, what we do every day becomes a practice. We expand upon that practice by adding additional things. However, a core practice can be one of the most productive things that we can do productive, another p word. So, at any rate, we’re going to kind of call this the nap, the neuro auricular practice or procedure, whichever word makes you the happiest. [00:05:45][152.8]

[00:05:46] So, basically the the application can be with your fingers. It can be using a roller ball. It can be using an instrument, a tool. This happens to be a fluoride crystal that I’ve had for almost 20 years, and it was originally much bluer and more purple. It’s a rainbow fluoride, and it has cleared out through the years. How many of you received in Southeast Asia, when they introduced the Northern Lights Black Spruce? It was a boxed set, of 15ml Northern Lights Black Spruce with this beautiful fluoride crystal. My crystal was very dark when it arrived. It was almost black and look how beautiful it is now because it has been exposed to the wonderful Young Living essential oils daily. So, whether you choose to use an instrument such as a wand or I also have acupressure tools, little wooden tools or reflexology ones, whatever you choose, works fine. I love my fingers because they’re always with me. I don’t drop them and break them. I don’t have to look for them. They’re right here with me. I’m going to show you with my fingers and I’m so excited because the last time I did this video, I had longer hair and I had to push it back. Now, with my shorter hair, my ears are available and why do we use the ears other than the fact that Gary Young talked about the neuro auricular technique? Well, Steven told me yesterday something that I had a new learning thing, that the ear lobes are extremely important because they’re the only way to unlock the cranial sacral system, which is all about releasing emotional blocks that create physical challenges, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. So, as we are playing with these things, we are actually doing far more than just making ourselves feel better. [00:08:36][169.9]

[00:08:37] So, I’m going to show you. There are charts, my Essential Oils desk reference. All of them are in the pavilion. I suddenly realised yesterday that they are in the pavilion at the villas for everyone to use and that I didn’t have at the house. I did not have a book to show you, but I can show you on my mobile, I took a picture of the ear. This happens to be the emotional points that Gary Young labelled for us. Figure it out, so we could utilise and there are about 20 of them. You can memorise them and learn them all. I did, I have, I also learnt the almost about 75 points of the physical points associated with the ear. So, adding those together, it’s almost a 100 acupressure points, just on the ears. So that is powerful! Every one of us can reach our ears any time we choose, can’t we? So, as we add those oils to them, we’re going to find much more power. So, what did I decide to do today? First of all, how many of you chose single oils to play with today along with us? And how many of you chose blends? Well, I chose some of each and from way back, I remember something that Gary had taught. When you’re using single oils and blends, when you’re layering, it really doesn’t matter what order you use things in. So, get rid of that that feeling that, I’m doing this wrong because you are not doing it wrong whatever you do, I personally remember him saying that single oils, because they have no carrier oil, absorbed more rapidly than blends that have a carrier oil and not all blends have a carrier oil. For instance, my beloved Believe does not have a carrier oil. Thieves does not have a carrier oil, but some blends require one in order for the single oils in that blend to interact properly with each other and to stay together to keep the compound together. It’s a compound. [00:11:32][175.6]

[00:11:34] So, I’m going to use single oils first, but we’re going to discuss how we use this. So, I’m going to use my thumb and forefinger, or you can use any finger, if you like. We’re just going to squeeze just a little bit. While we’re all massaging the ear lobes, I’m going to first of all, use Geranium. Now, why did I choose Geranium to be the first thing that I applied? I’m going to apply it over my entire ear, not just a part of the ear, but over the entire ear. And also, I’m going to when I get down to the bottom again, I’m going to go to the back, behind my ears, to the base of the skull, and I’m going to go all the way into the centre, where there’s a little soft semicircle, it’s up in the hairline and then I’m going to go down the sides of the cervical spine, the cervical vertebra. Reach back behind your neck and just feel, right in the centre of your spine, of course, are the vertebra and there are seven cervical vertebra, not that you need to know and then there’s a little kind of like a ditch and then there’s another there’s finest processes, both sides. So, what we’re going to do is, we’re just going to massage down in that little ditch. So, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to use my fingers and do little circles, not circles that I’m doing on the skin, but circles moving the tissue with a little bit of pressure. This is a great thing for us to do and on the ears we can squeeze together and do that. . [00:13:45][130.9]

[00:13:45] Let’s apply an oil, whatever oil you have first. I have my roller-balls on most of them, not all of them, in case I use it on more than one finger and I’ll use both hands. I’m just putting it on all of them. There’s three of them, because I don’t have a lot of strength in these. By the way, I feel really strange today because I have short hair, no earrings, no necklace, but we’re messing with the ears. So, today I have on rings. Steven got a whole bunch of haematite rings and I’m having fun playing with them because haematite anchors the frequency of acceptance. Talk more about that later and the rainbow ones, of course, he knows I love rainbows, so I’m playing with my rings while also getting the benefit of the crystals. . [00:14:46][61.0]

[00:14:46] I have the Geranium on me, and I’m going to put it all the way around the outside of my ears. So, whatever oil you selected and you may choose to kind of put it in the inside part of your ear, we’re not dropping the oil down in your ear, but on the back of the ear and even rub down your neck crushers. What are we going to do? We’re just going to start squeezing and we’re going to start with the ear lobes because Stevens said, that is the most important thing you can do. I’m believe in him. So, just rub this and now I’ll talk about it. There will be points. There are, as I said, emotional points, 19 of them that Gary defined in and they are labelled for you and online you can find them or in your essential oils desk reference. There are some that I think are really particularly important. [00:15:50][63.5]

[00:15:53] If you have a mirror or whenever you have a mirror in front of you, the pretty much the widest part of your ear, on the ear, that outer rim, that is going to be the depression point. If you are depressed, that may be really kind of tender. If it’s tender, it isn’t necessary to hurt yourself, but just massage it for a little while longer and if you come down just a little bit farther down, you’ll have the overwhelmed. This is the point that quite frequently for me when I’m not paying attention, when I’m not grounded, I tend to find that this is a little bit on the tender side. Two other points that I think are particularly important, mainly because I guess one of them, it’s kind of funny. I’ve never been a depressed person, but I have been an overwhelmed one and directly across from depression on the inside rim, let’s see if I can show you right here, on the inside is guilt. Now how many of us have guilt? How many of us just carry around guilt? It’s like a grand weight on our shoulders and then right below that is self-pity. Well, they kind of go together too, don’t they? If we have guilt, then we have self-pity. So, as we are massaging these points, we may choose to think about that. We may come back down here to the ear, to the lobe and there are three massive major points on the ear. You don’t have to remember them, and I’ll tell you why in a minute. But, there’s the anger, there’s the heart point, and that’s physical heart and emotional heart. If you’re heart broken and what I think is the most important point for every single one of us, and that’s fear. Everyone of us has experienced fear at some point. So, as we massage our ear lobes, we can work on that, on having the confidence to overcome that fear. Is it fear of rejection? Is it fear of success? Is it fear of the unknown? Is it fear of losing control? There are so many fears that we all harbour, we close them into our physical selves, into our emotions and into our physical selves and it becomes illness and disease. [00:19:11][197.7]

[00:19:12] So, isn’t it wonderful that we can so simply deal with that, by just massaging. There are some of you out there, and I used to be this way, I need to know what every point is, and I needed to know it, for one reason because I was tested on it. However, the reality is, what happens if we massage the entire ear? Any place that might be a little tender, we just spend a little more time there. It isn’t necessary for us to know what it really means, merely that we pay attention. If you happen to have any little insights while you’re massaging your ears and massaging the inside. We want to get all those physical points that are in there, too. There’s some emotional points and the back of the ears because I’ve always been less than 100% flexible – flexible in what I choose to do, flexible in actually bending around. My ears were very stiff and that hurt them to bend them. I learnt that way back when I was in Florida. I mean, I used to really get upset when the massage therapist would bend my ears in and move them around because it hurt. So, when you’re doing it on yourself, you don’t have to hurt yourself, right? This is not about how hard we can hurt ourselves or how much pain we can put ourselves in. It’s about focussing on supporting every portion of our being, connecting with ourselves. [00:21:20][128.0]

[00:21:21] So, the second single oil I chose to think about today, it’s not a surprise that I would choose Geranium and Sacred Frankincense or Frankincense. Geranium anchors that energy of forgiveness. We have a blend for that as well but it anchors the frequency of forgiveness, which is required for clearing blocks. It’s not surprising that it’s the first step in the rainbow healing journey of the glyphs. We have two clear blocks before we can can really have any change and the Sacred Frankincense and Frankincense anchor that energy of acceptance. We have a blend for that, too. Gary gave us that beautiful blend, the Frankincense, the acceptance, the embracing, who you are, who others are, truly accepting ourselves, instead of rejecting. Our fears of rejection by others are really focussed right because we have not accepted all the parts of ourselves. [00:22:56][94.8]

[00:22:56] These two crystals are permanent residents on my desk. This is Rhodocrosite, which anchors the frequency of forgiveness with Geranium and this particular piece of Rhodocrosite actually has the Haematite in there. I also have a little haematite sphere that sits on my desk because s to me, it’s very important, always to make sure that I am clear, clear on who I am and accepting who I am, and that’s why I love these rings so much because they are also helping to keep me grounded. [00:23:54][57.7]

[00:23:57] Now, I’m going to do something I’ve never done in a video and I don’t know that I’ve ever done this in my life because I have talked about – We’ll do things with the Feelings Collection. The original Feelings Collection that Gary Young created had 12 blends. The Feelings Collection that we now have, he reduced to six blends that he felt were the core. Who knows what is in this Feelings Collection, which blends he chose to put in that reduced Feelings Collection. Well, he chose to put Valor, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release, Harmony and Present Time. So, those were the six that he condensed, when he left six out, because the original set had had 12 blends in it. So, I’m going to focus on them today. [00:25:23][86.2]

[00:25:33] Three Wise Men is a beautiful grounding blend for making that connection with your creator, whatever your concept is, that which created your reality. So, I’m going to apply Three Wise Men on my ears, where I can really smell it. The thing that’s so surprising about this is that the number one single oil in Three Wise Men is my least favourite single oil of all. This is a brand new bottle, see it really doesn’t want to come out. Maybe I’ll just put it on my fingers. I don’t want to spill it because it has my least favourite aroma of all, who knows where that is. If you happen to immediately think of Juniper, I have thought to myself many times, why did he put that in Three Wise Men? But I’m going to breathe it in, and it seems to smell better than I thought it did. I guess I must be becoming more balanced on that. So, I’m going to start and I’m going to apply Three Wise Men in these circular motions all the way around my rims of my ears, kind of turning them inside outward, if you will, and sticking my fingers in getting behind them and then I’m going to actually use two or three fingers on the base of my skull. Just those circles and if you’re doing this with me, with or without an essential oil on your fingers, you will feel that tension beginning to melt away. And when you get to that little semicircle and right in the middle, up in the hair line, right at the base of your skull, that’s right over with the brain stem and you may choose to take a little extra time because all of that tension from your neck and shoulders, those attachments are right here. Then as we go down the sides of the cervical spine, you’ll feel where it feels good and where it’s relaxing you. You may find somewhere, I didn’t know that hurt there. Just play with it and because we have run so long right now, I’m going to just take a few more deep breaths of this Three Wise Men that I haven’t breathed in a long time just because it’s not one of my favourites. [00:28:39][185.8]

[00:28:40] Do you find yourself selecting the same oils over and over again because you like them, or because you feel that they are the most appropriate for you? I think I often choose blends because of the name and actually, Gary always had in his mind what he would choose for that blend to do. He never created a blend just for it to sell it just because of the aroma. He created a blend with a a focus, a reason in mind. So, what are the other oils that he left out of the smaller Feelings Collection that were a an integral part? I was lucky enough to have a training session, more than one actually, with Gary, using all 12 blends. Those of us who knew him know that he never did the same thing quite in the same way, ever, ever, ever. So, it is all important just to remember that whatever you are thinking is the right way to do it, is perfect for you. It may not be perfect for your best friend, but it is perfect for you. So, believe in yourself. [00:30:12][92.2]

[00:30:15] Grounding – well, he put he had those two, he had the Three Wise Men and Grounding, as well as Valor blend in that collection of 12 blends. Grounding is so important for each one of us. Joy – Most of you have Joy, you probably got it in your original collection from Young Living and when we lose our joy, we lose our focus, we lose everything and depression. That depression point, if you remember where it is, would be a wonderful place to have joy wouldn’t it? Replace, just knock out that depression and replace it with joy? The blend that he pronounced Sorrow, is spelled Sara, this is relatively new to Southeast Asia. I’ve had it because I’ve had it for many years and I’ve been lucky enough to to replace it. This is a very special blend and I will probably be talking about these a lot more over the next weeks. But, if you have an opportunity to get the blend, Sara. And he called it sorrow because it is all about releasing abusive patterns and we all abuse ourselves as well as others. But we abuse ourselves in so many ways. We reject ourselves and White Angelica is in every single market. It was always one of Gary’s favourites however, it did not make it into that condensed Feelings Collection. Do you see how these additional blends can add to that overall frequency, that overall pattern of release of letting go? Of course, Release is part of the current Feelings Collection and releasing things so that we can bring about that harmony and balance in everything that we do, in every molecule of our being, every single atom. [00:33:04][169.6]

[00:33:05] So as you enjoy playing with your ears and focus on just relaxing and seeing what thoughts are coming into your mind at this point and have lots of fun, and I’d love to hear from each of you and I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:33:05][0.0]