We always have the choice to create a new beginning – every single moment we can begin creating a different outcome.

Change is inherent in life and the sooner we learn that to be grateful, to have that gratitude for being in this moment, we are beginning to make that choice to create an outcome that is positive that we truly believe in. 💜

Did you know?

Idaho Balsam Fir, which is also named Grand Fir, is a single oil that’s in both Gratitude and Believe. This Idaho Balsam Fir that just happens to anchor that beautiful turquoise energy of compassion in the Rainbow Healing System. This beautiful glyph, this energy of nurturing, nurturing yourself, nurturing others, allowing for that perfect balance of giving and receiving.

Everything begins with a thought. Thoughts are energy. What kind of thoughts are you pouring into your life?🌈✨🌷