[00:00:14] Good morning or evening, whenever you happen to be watching this, it’s happy Sunday here in Bali and I’m excited to be here and I am going to first use just one blend that jumped out at me this morning and that is Clarity. As I am choosing to to have Clarity as we go through this video. So, I have lots to share and I’m going to just start with one bowl or maybe two. I’m going to strike it differently. This is my very special 1998 that I purchased the bowl in Tibet, in Lhasa and it’s very meaningful to me. I’m going to strike it with two different strikers, and I’ll talk about that later unless I forget it. So, use whatever oil you have chosen, single oils or blends and just breathe in these frequencies, with the intent that they trigger something positive in you. It’s almost the top of the hour, so I hope that each one of you has had a wonderful, exciting week. [00:02:47][152.2]

[00:02:48] We had the joy, yesterday was the celebration of Young Living Singapore’s 10th birthday and that was very meaningful to me and my preparation for that inspired some of what I’m going to say today. So, at any rate, I’m going to take a deep breath and talk about the title of this video – Personalise your Practise. There are three key words, all three are equally important. Personalise your practise. So, practise often takes Valor, takes courage. So, I’m going to apply some Valor to give me the courage to go along. [00:03:58][70.1]

[00:03:59] I’m going to start off by mentioning, I’m going to get teary eyed again, that leaky eye syndrome that is more contagious than anything on this Earth, it seems. The two men who have been the greatest impact on my entire life. The first is Steven, whom I met in 1996, and what he said or did is probably not as important as the energy behind what he said and did because it triggered something in me that set in motion. So many different things, so many totally different things. It’s setting in motion. I have my little butterfly, me spreading my wings. It began my process of Transformation, only it was really more than transformation. This is an incredible blend. Transformation, getting totally different things. The butterfly actually goes through a process called metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a physical, emotional, mental spiritual; it is a complete transformation on every single level. Transformation of every cell, every molecule of that little caterpillar to become that butterfly. Well, as I said, Steven set in motion. Frances, coming from a totally different person, that metamorphosis and into who I’ve morphed into today. [00:06:11][132.1]

[00:06:13] The second person, in case any of you are guessing, you’ve probably already guessed is Gary Young. I’m going to get teary because it is so emotional to me and what I am choosing to impart to you is that each of us is different. Each of us must personalise our practice, our process, because no two of us are alike. However, we receive triggers, external triggers from people, from things that we take in, from TV, from social media, from whatever. Everything around us, the food we eat, the sunshine, the rain, every single thing affects us and everything has. There is a potential to initiate change, to totally take our metamorphosis in a different direction and this is where I’m coming back to this practise now. I had an interesting thing, Young Living Singapore asked me to do a short video to air during the virtual celebration yesterday. I stand up here every week. [00:07:57][103.9]

[00:07:58] Some of you may or may not realise that I don’t have notes in front of me. I have not prepared what I’m going to say. Even when I did presentations on stage, I did not know what I was going to say because I spoke in the moment and I do speak each week in these videos, in the moment. Well, they sent me a script to record and am I capable of memorising that script? Absolutely! I still have some mental capability and I could spout forth the words. However, they didn’t sound like me, and it did not have the energy behind it that would inspire anyone because I was purely doing something repetitively that I did not think about. It was not me. I recorded that short video multiple times, and I tried to modify it and memorise it again and record it again and this went on. I’m not proud of what I ended up doing. However, I attempted to put Frances into what I said. [00:09:24][86.0]

[00:09:30] Back to this practice, Rainbow Healing System is a practice that I began developing in 1999. So it’s been 22 years since I began developing this process, and it has evolved over that time. We’ve written books, we’ve cards, we have the Apps, we have lots of tools and that’s what they are. They are tools. The very basic part of Rainbow Healing system is and what it is, exactly what it always was, from day one. It is about connecting with your creator. I call it the source. Whatever your concept is, making that strong connection. Creating that sacred space where you are in your connection with the source, connection to the Earth through your feet and the base of your spine. Pushing out the external chaos that is preventing you from hearing, from strengthening your connection with a source and from hearing your guidance. Every single one of us has a different information coming in. That does not mean that one person is right and another is incorrect. I believe that we all have the ability to hear messages. However, we have to make that intent and push out all of this external stuff that is really causing us challenges. [00:11:26][115.5]

[00:11:27] So that’s what the 10 glyphs of Rainbow Healing, the 10 frequencies are all about. It’s a step by step procedure of what we do. I do this and I encourage you. We call it our morning alignment practice. We used to call it process and in the last year, the word practice seemed like a better choice. Just like a qigong practice or yoga practice or whatever, practising a musical instrument, dance practice. Doing something repetitively. However, there’s a catch there.. The catch is that when we repeatedly do things often and this is what I found when I attempted to memorise those words for that video, we don’t have focus. We don’t pay attention. We’re merely spouting forth something we’ve done over and over again. One of our strengths is making it a little different each time but every single one of us has done things in a particular way, to the point that we don’t think about what we’re doing and how we doing that. Would you agree? [00:13:04][96.7]

[00:13:05] Well, I know I certainly have and that’s when it ceases to have meaning. So, what I do in my practice is not necessarily exactly what you will choose to do in your practice. We offer guidelines just to give you some choices and the order in which you do things are like layering oils. We can layer oils in any order that we choose and still receive the full benefit of each single oil as we’re focussing. Gary said so many times these essential oils are living. That’s why the name of the company is Young Living essential oils. They have the ability to hold, to anchor, to embrace intent. And what is intent? Intent is focussing. Now some of us are really in our brain most of the time. Would you agree? And the real metamorphosis happens not up here in the brain. The real metamorphosis occurs when we are in our heart, when we’re making our connections through our heart and listening to our heart. [00:14:41][95.7]

[00:14:42] Now, as we go through each one of these steps, these 10 glyphs, if we are merely thinking, OK, there’s the first one, I’ve done that. I’ve gotten rid of the blocks. Yup, I am building my energy. Yes, I am my authentic self and I am nurturing myself. I am doing all these things really fast and just doing it from memory because we’ve memorised it. It’s not going to have the same effect as if we have internalised into our heart. What is this frequency? How does this frequency really affect me? What is the meaning behind it? As I’m going through these 10 glyphs, creating my sacred space every day, multiple times because I do it multiple times. I promise you, I do it multiple times! [00:15:46][64.4]

[00:15:47] I don’t use the same words in my mind each time. They’re different because what I’m feeling in my heart may be different, and it is my intent, my focus, my repetition with focus that is coming through. And when I take the time to do that, amazing things occur. When I merely just go through, oh this is the meaning of this, this this, this this, it truly doesn’t have the same effect. So, going back to this, what is best for you? Do I know? No, I don’t know. However, one of the three key words in the title today is practise. It’s to personalise, to internalise these frequencies and to really begin to feel them on some level. It may not be at a conscious level. However, you will know when you are experiencing higher frequencies because you will feel more comfortable in who you are. How many of us spend most of our lives not being comfortable in who we are? I certainly did, me, me, me! So, it is all about paying attention, focus, personalise your practice, but do practise. Personalise it however you choose. The key is to do it repetitively. Repetitively doesn’t mean exactly the same way, remember? Some of you don’t know what I do every week before I stand up here. Steven will know, and he’s probably sitting here, saying, Oh, what is she going to say next? Because I spend hours from the moment I wake up on Sunday mornings, here in Bali. I spend hours getting ready for getting my mind, my self set so that I have the courage to stand up for a video. Truly, this is difficult for me. It’s still difficult. I’ve been doing weekly videos for four years and I have done presentations for many more, which I had to grow into as well. However, truly I feel very strongly that, I would be very happy to cancel every week. That would make me very comfortable and part of me planned the little Frances up here in the brain, said Frances, singapore had their big celebration yesterday from nine to five. Hong Kong and Malaysia have theirs today, and so does the Philippines. So, there probably won’t be as many people watching live. You know, it’s a good time to cancel and then my connection with the source said No Frances. It’s important for you to do this. So, whether there’s one, two, three or no one, other than I know Steven will always be watching and I do see a bunch of you watching, it is time for me to show up. If one person get is positively triggered in any way for a positive change, for positive impact, it is worth every single moment. And that’s what life is all about, living life. One of the speakers yesterday used that particular those words and I love it. Live life. Take risks. Leave a legacy. What is your legacy? What would you choose for your legacy to be? Every single one of us has a particular length of time on this Earth, and we have the opportunity to do something impacting one other person to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. It is totally important, and your life has meaning. [00:21:01][314.0]

[00:21:02] So I’ve made it, I think it’s probably about time to close. As you go through this week, I challenge you, truly just use your oils. Pay attention, think about your practice. What is your practice every day? What other things you might like to tweak in your practice. Whether your practice is my practice, my Rainbow Healing cards, as I said there are many tools out there. You can join our groups, you can have our Apps, whatever you choose to do, just pay attention and think, take risks and live your life. Have a beautiful, beautiful week of inspiring insights, and I’ll see you next week. [00:21:02][0.0]