[00:00:12] Hello and good morning! Just getting things all straight, which they’ll also be probably very quickly messed up again so that we can begin. This has been a very exciting weekend. Yesterday was a big day of ceremonies in Bali, to bless and be grateful for all of the iron, the metal that is used throughout everywhere. When I came into my office, the entire place, I will post a picture later of what I see but when I came in, my desk was just filled with many offerings and blessings because, of course, I use the the phone, the stand, the computer, the bowls, all of these that have the metal element in it. [00:01:16][64.5]

[00:01:17] So, at any rate, it’s been a very blessed week and I hope you’ve had a blessed week. I’m just going to use some of my freshly blessed metal bowls this morning and just sit back. What particular oils, single oil or blend or combinations did you choose when you saw the title of today’s video – ballance? How do you describe balance and the idea is that some things are more balancing and others sounds, other frequencies, other colours may not be. So, I’m going to start with just one of the bowls again and it’s probably just about 11 o’clock, and I see that it is so happy, happy Sunday! What kind of a week have you had and which of those sounds, which of the bowls or bells, felt more more harmonious, more comfortable to you? This is, of course, all about self reflection and whether you’re reflecting while I’m talking or whether your periods of self reflection and self discovery come during the week afterwards, it’s all about paying attention. [00:04:29][192.3]

[00:04:32] How do you describe balance? Well, the first thing I did, of course, was to to Google it. I wanted to see what the definition was, that it may have nothing to do with your idea of what balance actually is. So, it’s perfect, your idea is perfect and it is important for us to understand, to pay attention to the way we feel about things as well. So, I found that when I looked it up, when I Googled the word balance, it was a situation in which all elements or components are equal or in harmonious proportion. So, either equal or in harmonious proportion. Think about this – is equal always perfect? I used to think, I grew up choosing to have everything equal, as a maths teacher, equal felt good. Unequal felt disharmonious to me. [00:05:51][78.8]

[00:05:52] So, upon further reflection, harmony is not always everything balanced, everything in being equal. Harmony and balance may actually best occur if things are in different proportions. Think about the things that you love to look at, the things in nature. Are things equal in nature? Not often. However, they are in harmony. So, that’s what we’re going to look at today in terms of what we feel, how we think about balance and how it changes from time to time. This is pure self reflection. So, we had a kind of an interesting thing this week. Steven was explaining, he was going through the journey of the glyphs with all of the oils, which he does speed oiling, where he can go through them very rapidly, much more rapidly than I do. He was talking and we were listening intently and as he was going through them, I’m going to put a little background here, because essential oils plants have been used throughout every culture, throughout history for anointing, anointing objects, anointing people, anointing feet or anointing heads. [00:07:38][106.4]

[00:07:39] So at one point, Steven said, these are anointing oils. All three of us sitting there heard the same thing. I immediately got distracted because I didn’t hear the T, I heard annoying oils and I was attempting to get this reconciled in my own brain. Why he would say annoying oils and so, of course, Frances is the only one who would ask a question because I have this issue where I have to clarify things at the time, so I asked and of course, he meant anointing oils. However, think about this. No change ever takes place unless we are a little uncomfortable. When we are comfortable in wherever we are, totally comfortable, we don’t step out of that comfort zone to make changes. Would you agree? How often do you choose, unless somewhat forced. In other words, something needs to kind of dig in there to annoy you in a way. Of course I am reminded so often, Gary Young used to say, if you don’t like the aroma of an oil, you probably need it, would you agree? [00:09:32][112.5]

[00:09:36] So, we’re going to look at things that kind of annoy us a little bit, to see why they might annoy us or to see what they can show us. So, I’m going to come at it from a different angle a little bit because I always do kind of had these crazy things to do. What is your favourite colour? We have been talking a lot about frequency and how that everything has frequency sounds, which is why I strike the bowls and ring the bells each week, to bring those frequencies into the area, to bring about comfort, to bring about harmony and to bring about change. The essential oils we know have different frequencies. Every one of the oils has a slightly different frequency and colours. So, today we’re going to talk about the colours. That’s where Rainbow Healing System got its name, from colour because when every single colour has a frequency and it is a band with the frequencies, just as the single oils and in Young Living essential oils have a band with the frequencies because the components may be slightly different, according to the particular environment where there are or with the oils where they were grown. [00:11:21][104.6]

[00:11:22] So many factors go into the frequency of those oils, which is why we’re so blessed to have the Young Living essential oils. Gary Young spent years preparing the soil before planting seeds, the best, highest frequency seeds that were available and nurtured and loved them throughout every single step of the growth process, the harvesting and the distillation. So, everything has an opportunity to impact but the frequencies of colours, each colour has that bandwidth and it can be overlapping. So, as you move into a different colour range, there will be some overlapping and as you have the entire range of colours in the rainbow, you have the full spectrum, all of the frequencies available. [00:12:30][68.1]

[00:12:32] So, I want you to just take a deep breath, apply whatever oil that you have chosen and think about what is your favourite colour? Do you have a favourite colour? Some people may have multiple ones. Well, my whole life, my favourite colour was turquoise. I love to surround myself with the turquoise and guess what? The turquoise is the colour of the fourth glyph in Rainbow Healing, the nurturing, the finding that perfect balance of giving and receiving. Balance, nurturing, it felt comfortable to me and whenever I would go into a situation that was not comfortable, I came back to put that turquoise around me. Who remembers which oils anchor this frequency in the essential oils? Well, it’s the Balsam Fir. How do you feel when you apply Balsam Fir? I chose to put my most balancing oils right here in front of me today and to apply them as I was preparing for this. The Balsam Fir is so balancing and it feels good. How do you feel when you apply it? Do you feel calm? Do you feel more agitation? That’s possible. [00:14:16][104.1]

[00:14:17] How about the Northern Lights Black Spruce, how does that make you feel? Well, I applaud them all. When I came upstairs this morning, I felt unsettled. Do you ever awaken in the mornings, sometimes, and just things just don’t feel like they really fit together. I was thinking, I have the video and I need to get myself together. It’s important to get myself together. So, what did I reach for first? Well, the blend that I always reach for that puts me in my sacred space is Sacred Mountain. And I know all of you probably are tired of hearing about Sacred Mountain. Me talk about it, but it brings me into that space, that sacred space where harmony and balance and where the chaos outside is just pushed away so that I can create an environment of balance and harmony within my space. [00:15:25][68.3]

[00:15:27] So, what is your favourite colour that you use when you’re choosing to be more balanced? Well, the water element is all about that flow, and to me it’s very gentle, although its water. Is water powerful as well? Yes, it is. If water can actually wash away, it can erode any structure there is when it is constantly flowing past. So, it’s strong, but yet it gentle energy, the compassion glyph, that balance of nurturing of self and others and that acceptance. Who knows what single oil anchors that frequency of acceptance? – Sacred Frankincense and Frrankincense. This is another oil that I choose to put on my body every single day and choose to have with me. It is a major component of my favourite blend, Believe. In fact, both Balsam Fir, which is now called Grand Fir, and Frankicense are in Believe blend. So, these are very harmonising and balancing blends, which these colours would would show that. [00:17:07][100.9]

[00:17:09] How do you feel when you see orange and yellow? Do you feel calm or do you feel more energised? Think about how it might feel. The fire element is all of these orange, golden, yellow frequencies. So, it is all about that flame, that heat. Is fire gentle? Not often. However, fire generates change. There is no going back after the change of fire and fire is required in order for us to move forward. So, how do you feel? Most of my life, I truly resisted change and I also was not really comfortable with golden orange or bright yellow. Those colours were not really comfortable for me and I didn’t choose to have them around a whole lot. Today, I also am decked out in my purple, as many of you may know, purple is one of my favourite colours to wear now and I have surrounded my sofa in my offices, royal purple, and I have a lot of these colours that make me comfortable now, which are part of the air element. [00:18:53][104.1]

[00:18:55] The air element does bring about change. It’s a little bit more gentle change than fire. However, air can fan the flames of fire and make things happen a bit faster. Air is going to encourage you to bring in those newer energies, to allow the flow through you of these energies, allowing you to let go, blow away the things that are no longer serving you and drawing in these fresh new ideas. Is it hard, is it difficult for you to think about really changing, bringing in totally new concepts, totally new ways of doing things? Well, I resisted that. I was really good at resisting it and purple was really one of my least favourite or least comfortable colours to have around me. So, think about this, open your Rainbow Healing app, open it, click on the holograms and you’ll have them. If you don’t have the actual cards, you can just go right there and bring up these elements of air, earth, fire and water. [00:20:24][89.0]

[00:20:26] We have the earth, which is the tones that we often think of as earth colours, the warm pink and apricot, a lighter pink, these earthy colours. These are the grounding colours, the colours that will keep you from from flying off. I have a tendency to often forget to stay grounded and when we’re not grounded, that’s probably when we’re most compromised, least balanced. So, this may be one of the most important things for you. You may be one who stays grounded, who doesn’t seem to have that challenge of staying connected to the earth or staying solid. We are all different. So, the key is to find which of these you require at any time and to look at them all together because we all require every one of them all the time. We live on a planet that is composed of the elements. Everything is made up of the elements and it’s just when we allow them to get out of balance that we are less harmonious. So, the balance is not about having equal, but about having the harmonious, the perfect balance for you in that particular moment. [00:22:23][117.2]

[00:22:24] So as we move forward, some of my little tumble stones I had gotten out this morning, my Adventurine and my Aquamarine, which anchor the compassion glyph, to have them right next to me and my Haematite, which anchors that frequency of the six glyph, the Acceptance. These were the water element that I felt, I needed, I required at this moment. When I walked into my office, even though I’m decked out in all of this air element and the purple, to allow that flow to come through me, that flow of the new energy and washing away those things that are not required. Do you see how air and water can work together and how air and fire, air can beef up the amount of frequencies that are in that fire and water can calm them down. Meanwhile, Earth can keep you anchored, keep you solid, so that we’re not flying around reacting rather than responding. [00:23:44][79.9]

[00:23:47] As you go along this week, I challenge you just to really sit down, pay attention. As I said, open your app. Look at these elements in there under the holograms. You just click on holograms. It’s in the journey of the glyph, the first page and click on them and you can see them, tap them on your app and you’ll be able to see more information. You can put them over. Of course, we also have our Rainbow Healing cards, our New Life Journey Groups that you’re welcome to join. We’d love to have you do that and ask your questions, share your experiences and have a wonderful week. Understanding your concept of balance and understanding what it takes for you to remain in balance and how important it is to realise that balance does not always means equal. Balance can be very different at different times. [00:24:58][71.2]

[00:24:58] So have a happy, happy week, and I look forward to being with you again next week. [00:24:58][0.0]