[00:00:05] Good morning! One more believe shower before I actually begin, and never too many believe showers in my opinion, I think I got a lot on my hair to now today. So,’m going to breathe in that Believe and as we begin to get started, I’m going to mention I’m going to get some bowls as usual, and then we will get started doing a few other things. But, happy day and just use whatever oils that you have brought for your special oils today and just breathe in these frequencies. It’s almost the top of the hour, so how has your week been? [00:02:28][142.7]

[00:02:29] Have you had a really happy week? Has it been an interesting week? What’s going on and how much attention did you pay? Well, when the title for today came up, what’s flowing through you? It gave me an entirely different perception or a different perspective from looking at the way that I interact with energy. So, just sit back for a minute. It’s kind of interesting because the card that I drew for this particular video, I always do take time to to select my Rainbow Healing cards for focus. I select them several times during the day, whether it’s on the app, which you all can have or my actual cards. But, today I was a little surprised in some ways to see the air element to come up. The air element is all about clarity, about the flow of energy, the flow of air that will bring in new ideas, new frequencies and blow away the things that are not helpful to us. So, this for just for the record, for those who are not really familiar with our journey of the glyphs, the second glyph is anchored by the energy, the frequencies of Lavender and the eight glyph, which is the Divine Union, the integration, the reweaving of self is by Jasmin, but the combination of these frequencies flowing in and flowing out. Well, this got me to thinking again. now, Frances has this weird way of looking at things, and often I have thought of what external things are doing to me because I allow them to come into my field. That’s one way of looking at them and thinking of what I might be losing if I give my energy to something that is not necessarily moving me forward. So, that is one way of looking. [00:05:14][165.2]

[00:05:15] But this week, I thought of one another way, which may trigger something in you and that is the key. What it triggers, what words or frequencies or sounds trigger something in you so that your understanding is greater is what it’s all about. it’s like eating, when we eat, we don’t eat one time and then it’s over forever. We constantly eat and what we eat, we’re bringing these frequencies of the food into our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual being. We are bringing that energy, those frequencies in but what happens to them? Do they just flow through? Do they just stay there? No, they don’t. Our body interacts with them. It’s just like applying an essential oil that has all of these beautiful high frequencies. Our body will digest the food and then what happens? It eliminates the things that are not the most helpful. So, sometimes as energies come in, they make us feel unsettled. They’re really the perfect, perfect thing for us to be processing at that time. They will open. They will allow for our frequencies to change in a either more positive or less positive. Nothing ever stays the same. Frequencies are going up and down all the time. Energy is moving. It’s kinetic, it is not static. [00:07:24][129.8]

[00:07:26] So, as the energy comes in, what you’re doing with it, what you are allowing is going to be very important and it is merely a question of awareness. So, I have right here my Clarity blend, and that’s one of those things. This is to help us gain clarity. We go through life and we think we learn something. Trust me, I’m with you on this. I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about me. We learnt something and we kind of put blinders on, or at least I did my whole life because I would learn something and it was filed away in my brain. One of my friends in particular laughs every time I attempt to get the exact date, because apparently my way of filing memories in my brain is by date. Some people file them in different ways, I’m sure. But, the date is important to me because I pull out the file. So, how we process that can be unique to us and processing these frequencies that are coming in, thinking of them as, this is the flow. It’s not something that we can attach an adjective of good or bad to, it just is and it’s how we pay attention in that present moment. So, I decided that Present Time, I’ve used a lot of this recently and this has become one of my favourite oils to carry with me because Present Time remind me to stay in this present moment. What is coming in? What am I doing with what’s coming in? Is it enhancing my frequency? Life is about frequency. [00:09:47][141.3]

[00:09:48] We’ve talked about frequency for the last two or three or four months. It seems like a long time and it will continue to talk about frequencies because that is what it’s all about. It’s about maintaining our frequency so that if this is that wellness, that neutral frequency, to maintain it up here rather than down here. Steven has a way that he loves to talk about. What’s up here is being the star energy and what’s down here is cause like course frequencies, course sand, things that are not refined. So, what is flowing through you, if it’s a very high frequency coming in or as he says, a star energy. What are you doing to process this energy? Is this energy refining every cell in your body, every molecule, every atom in your body? Is it affecting positively? Well, these high frequencies will have the effect of positivity. [00:11:12][84.4]

[00:11:12] The course frequencies are going to have the ability to drag you to a lower one. However, we may require dipping down into those lower ones and getting that balance to bring us back to that balance point. Hopefully, we’re up here, in these higher frequencies, where eventually the thought is, that we may be able to live up there and those lower frequencies, even though they’re flowing in and flowing out. We will process them and what we allow to go out affecting others, because everything that goes out from us, does have an effect on the overall. Every single one of us affect what goes on with others. So, these external stimuli, things that are coming out, what things can we do to enhance that? Of course, breathing is going to be that really helpful thing and paying attention. [00:12:36][83.9]

[00:12:41] Several of my friends in Singapore signed up and started taking a watercolour course. None of these were artists previously, which I can identify readily with because I’ve never been an artist in any way, shape or form. However, one of them, Faith posted something which really triggered in me another way of thinking, because watercolour is all about the illusion. It’s not about focussing on little details, it’s that illusion, that flow and what happens as the person who’s viewing that watercolour painting, they have an experience and the experience is there partly because of the colours, because every colour has a frequency. As you are working with something, whether you are an artist or not, and I am not, I admit. As we are playing with these frequencies, these colours, they are actually affecting every single atom in our body. [00:14:04][83.5]

[00:14:05] So, what colours do you surround yourself with? Think about it, how do you feel when you experience certain colours? We’re all different and we experience colour differently. Some of us are has been labelled as colour blind. Who knows how differently we’re all experiencing colour. However, each one, by paying attention, can begin to understand how those colours are affecting us. When we begin to understand and feel the difference, we will choose to surround ourselves with those happy colours, things that make us feel good, things that make us feel comfortable. Things that just enrich our lives and allow us to be up here, in that star energy and to radiate star energy outward. Since that frequency, remember, they’re constantly coming and constantly going out and we change what’s coming in to whatever is required by us. That exciting! Does that excites you as much as it does me? In any event, it’s just constantly changing. So, the big deal of things, is that we need to be aware. We need to Awaken ourselves. So, wake up and look! This is not something that happens one time. We don’t put on our armour, our shields one time a day because every single breath is different. So, it’s just about how we’re going to pay better, closer attention. S. [00:16:14][129.0]

[00:16:14] O, the next things that kept coming up for me was the first glyph and the sixth one. What is the first glyph all about? It is the forgiveness glyph. It is that warm pink energy, if you like, visualising that. It’s about unclogging, getting rid of the blocks. And I love to think of it as, a clogged drain that attempting to pour more water through the clogged drain will not work. So, it’s about unblocking, which is the frequency of Geranium essential oil. It’s also the energy anchored by Rhodocrosite and I’m going to tell you something interesting. It’s fascinating for me. Lots of things fascinate me that are probably strange to others. So, the other card that kept coming up and the other colour, this one remember is warm pink, is the Acceptance to embrace. Embrace who we are, embrace who others are, allowing each of us our journey to let go of that control. This is going to be the thing that takes you out of that wheel of control. So, what essential oil anchors this frequency? Who remembers what essential oil? This is Geranium and this is Acceptance is Sacred Frankincense. [00:18:11][116.4]

[00:18:12] How many of you save Sacred Frankincense for special occasions? How many of you use it every single day? Well, I do use it multiple times daily. One of the things I use it for, is over my eyes and isn’t that an interesting thought? Because I use it, it’s wonderful for skin and ageing. Who would be happy about ageing more gracefully? Well, the Sacred Frankincense has this beautiful frequency to allow us to accept ourselves to stop with that guilt, to clear out the blocks and to allow us to enjoy that present moment. So, I found this fascinating too, because the crystal that anchors the frequency of acceptance is haematite. It is a metal, it is haematite. It’s kind of heavy, it’s actually as I said, its actually a metal, but it is also considered a crystal and the frequency. I’m lucky, I have a lot of Rhodocrosite, which is very difficult to find, the crystal that anchors the first glyph, the forgiveness, the unblocking. This is just one that I’ve had for about 15,16 or 17 years and it’s interesting because most of the Rhodocriste that I have ever seen, the only Rhodocrosite that has no haematite running through it. It’s just tiny little fragments, little tumble stones. Most Rhodocrosite when you see it has this haematite, which to me is like, it just goes together. Let’s clear out the blocks and let’s accept. Accept what is, accept what has been and embrace where we are in this present moment. Let’s make this present moment the very highest frequency that we can, so that as we are experiencing each present moment, we can climb higher up into that star energy, leaving all of this coarse stuff behind us. [00:21:13][181.3]

[00:21:15] I think of Highest Potential, because Highest Potential, of course, always reminds me of Gary Young. It also reminds me that in every moment, our potential may be different. However, to intend to persevere, to become our highest, to reach our highest potential in every moment, will allow us to be in that upper level rather than down with the course, crawling in the mud. So, if you have that highest potential, that may be what you choose, what brings it together for you. So many things, little triggers for me, I find that it’s important for me to find the right trigger that will make me sit up and pay attention. It’s not about what works for someone else. It’s about what will work for me at that particular time and that particular moment. It may change because we’re we’re kinetic, we’re not static beings and our attention moves around. So, what captures your attention in any moment is critical to where you’re going to your enjoyment of that moment, which will then set you up for enjoying and experiencing to the fullest the next moment, which you agree? [00:23:04][109.0]

[00:23:05] So, as you going through this week, I challenge you to really pay attention. Are you letting external stimuli stagnate, clog up your system? Or are you allowing it to just flow right on through jesting or processing? I like the word processing. However, I’m using that imagery of the jesting and adjusting out, eliminating what really isn’t important for you at this time. So, have a happy week. We have a blessed, we have a really beautiful new moon coming either Monday or Tuesday, depending upon your time zone. I never spent much time thinking about the moon cycles. I did not did a little bit of attention to them until I moved to Bali. In Bali, everything is celebrated and every new moon, every full moon is celebrated and focussed upon. So, we have this beautiful new moon, which is that moon of creativity. The painter, Tilem used to refer to it to dead moon. It’s the black, the no light in there. Well, that’s not a void, that is full of potential. It just hasn’t happened yet and we can fill that space, that void with the unlimited possibilities according to where we choose to place our focus. What we choose to do with the frequencies around us, how we choose to enhance our frequencies. [00:25:23][137.9]

[00:25:24] So as you go through this, I just challenge you to pay attention again to which external stimuli are you allowing to process and eliminate, get rid off and which ones are you holding on, that may be dragging you down. I hope that you have a beautiful week of a lot of self-discovery and having fun to experience joy in every moment. And I’ll see you next week. [00:25:24][0.0]