[00:00:06] Hello! Hello! It’s interesting because I just noticed something this morning as I was applying my oils and so I am going to share it with you. Excited to see some of you already online. Steven and I have had some traumatic experiences this week. I felt, first of all, that Valor blend was going to be one that I would choose to make certain that I doused myself with all day, during and after this video. So, what oils have you selected to have around you to apply today? As I was applying the Valor, as you see, I have a Tibetan bowl here. I happened to hit it with the bottle because I thought I’m going to put the oils in the bowl to energise them even more. So, I want you to listen to the difference, because I also have Sacred Frankincense here. [00:01:20][74.2]

[00:01:21] Good morning to all of you, I love seeing your hearts. It really warms my heart. So here is the Valor and the Sacred Frankincense. Can you hear the difference. They’re slightly different because they’re different frequencies, and I’m going to apply the the Valor one more time right now. Whatever oil you have selected, oils or blends, just apply them, breathe them in and intend that those frequencies fully envelop every part of you. As I said, I chose Valor for a particular reason today, to give me courage. Perhaps even more important, I chose Sacred Frankincense, which anchors the sixth glyph, that frequency of acceptance, accepting who you are, accepting who others are, accepting your journey, where you are on your journey, and where others are on their journey. So, I’m going to apply a bit of my Sacred Frankincense as well, never have enough of that or never put too much, put it that way. I’m just going to brush all of these frequencies all over me. Just take a deep breath and breathe in these frequencies of the Tibetan bowl. Good morning! Or whatever time of day you’re watching this. Thank you for being here. [00:04:12][171.4]

[00:04:14] Today’s topic, holograms, a different perspective. Steven was talking with me and just yesterday said, Frances, you talk about holograms, but you’ve never really explained what they are. I thought, perhaps I haven’t explained them. So, he had Googled it and said he didn’t feel like the definition was quite what he really thought I meant and he’s absolutely correct. A hologram, according to the definition, is like a three dimensional photograph or image that is different according to your perspective, the place from which you’re looking at it. So in a sense, that’s exactly what our holograms and Rainbow Healing System are all about, because they are like energetic libraries of information. They’re moving energy, they are frequencies and frequencies change. Energy is not static. Energy is carnatic, which means it is always in motion. So, with that in mind, we’re going to talk about how I came up and how I played with them. [00:05:52][98.0]

[00:05:53] First of all, again, Steven comes up with these ideas and tells me it’s usually the night before, like on Saturday night when we’re talking and gives me a different perspective on things as well, because Rainbow Healing System I had been developing since 1998. It was a progression, it took until 2011 to have the cards put together, but the system was in place. My desire, I am a touchy, feely, visual person and I love to have something I can look at and hold in my hands. I also having been a Maths person and I like a system of the ways we do things. That system may have to be switched around from time to time and that’s OK because things don’t stay the same. As I said, we might choose to step back and look from a different perspective. [00:07:06][72.7]

[00:07:07] So, what Rainbow Healing System is all about? It’s a journey of self-awareness and we have taken the system and called it our Gary series where we are Growing Actively Refining Ourselves or Grow Actively Redefining Yourself. So, that’s what it’s all about. It’s an individual path of self-awareness, of self-refinement and no two of us have the same journey, not any two of us and just that same way, not any two of us have exactly the same energy flow. Our frequencies are all different and frequencies are what everything is about in our entire planet. Our planet is all about energy and energy frequency is a measure of energy. How long it takes to get from one point to another to travel. So, start thinking of it in terms of frequency. It’s hard to think of ourselves as being an energy being because we’re solid, we feel solid. However, we are far more than that physical form because we are energetic beings and the physical form is merely the densest, the slowest moving energy. Out here is much faster, you’re moving than what’s in here. So, as we begin to think of ourselves in this way, since we are all energy and energy is constantly changing, we can change. [00:09:15][127.9]

[00:09:17] That’s exciting in many ways because not only can we change the way we are feeling in our emotions, we can change our actual physical bodies. We can change the genetics simply by getting the correct frequencies in, that are what we were designed to have. So, is this a one day thing? No, it is not. Is it something that someone else can do for you? No, this is all our journey, we each take every step at our own pace and we choose. We had choices at every single point, every moment, every second. We have a choice of where we are going to place their focus. We have a choice of what we are going to do. Sometimes, we may feel as if the choices have been made for us. However, in actuality, we are the ones who integrate everything. [00:10:32][74.5]

[00:10:33] So, how does this come back to the holograms? I hope everybody who’s watching has actually downloaded your rainbow healing cards out. I want to make sure again that everyone understands the cards are not a fortune-telling device or anything of that sort. There are simply a tool, a one of the tools that we have in our tool bag, being the visual person, I think of carrying that toolbag, my beautiful handbag and all the little tools that I have, at my disposal to assist me, to support me every single step of the way. The holograms are these massive libraries of information. The 10 single glyphs of the rainbow healing are like the alphabet. I love it because it just goes so perfectly with the essential oils because they’re like single oils. Each glyph, each single oil, most of them have hundreds of components, hundreds of different atoms, different molecules. [00:12:03][90.5]

[00:12:05] And working together, they create that frequency of that particular single oil and with the glyphs, the glyphs have their colour, their shape because of the frequency they hold and they are anchored. Like the first one is anchored by the Geranium essential oil. So, every time we are applying Geranium or focussing on this shape or thinking of the colour light. I like to layer things. So, if I do all three, it’s going to be more powerful than if I just do one. Does anybody else like that? So, it’s a matter of focus applying those oils, allowing those complex frequencies. The single oils are extremely complex. They’re not just simple things, they are complex. However, Gary also told us very carefully that when we layer the essential oils, each essential oil has its own components, its own properties, its own frequency. As you layer them, you will get the complete package of each one of these single oils because all of the components will have their opportunity to bring about balance in your body. And that is exactly what wellness, longevity, is all about, the ability to have balance in all of the frequencies. And again, as I pointed out earlier, frequencies, energy is cosmetic. It’s not going to stay the same. So, it’s a matter of us beginning to understand we have to focus. So, again, I kind of feel like I’m repeating because I’m jumping around, energy seems to be bombarding my head and I’m getting all sorts of messages and attempting to translate them. But, it’s all about paying attention and I have in front of me the cards that I selected this morning for this particular video. [00:14:54][168.5]

[00:14:57] This is getting old because I’m getting the Performer card a lot. The performer is very talented and they work very hard, very diligently. To perfect their skill it requires focus and when I see this card, it’s as if I’m getting a giant message in saying, Frances, it’s time to focus! I just realised that Frances and focus both start with F. So, perhaps I just need to say, Frances focus, Frances focus but focus is what is required in order to know what’s going on at any time. We can do all sorts of things. We can have ourselves in such a beautiful space with a meditation and with the oils, with our yoga practice, our qigong practice, taichi, whatever your practice is that really puts you in that beautiful space again. Mine is the visual, I’ll just show you again. The sacred space that we put on the front of our our books but whatever it is that puts you there, you won’t stay there forever unless you focus and constantly pay attention to what’s coming in and what’s going out. [00:16:44][107.5]

[00:16:45] So, as we are layering the oils, we also Gary Young was very wonderful because he created these magnificent, amazing blends. So, he also was very careful to tell us that there’s far more to creating a harmonious, effective blend than just combining oils together, that we like the particular oils or the aroma is nice. It’s all truly about the frequency that’s being created and the holograms of the Rainbow Healing cards. The holograms are combinations of the single glyphs, just like the blends that Gary created are combinations of the single oils. [00:17:48][63.3]

[00:17:50] Again, that’s very different from layering them, because when you combine these frequencies together and then apply them to to yourself or put them into your energy, it’s going to be a totally new substance now. Keep that in mind, it’s a totally new substance with a totally different frequency, with totally different properties, because every frequency has its own little identification. It’s different from every other frequency and there are just billions of frequencies that are out there at all times. Our bodies, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, their beings are constantly attempting to bring these frequencies into harmony, into balance. That’s what the essential oils do. That’s the way they work with us. They don’t treat anything. What they do is they work with your own unique body to bring about balance. So, if the components are there, the components required for balance are actually there, your body will take them, take what it needs, and it will push the rest aside and it will be eliminated. As we add more frequencies, your body will decide what it requires for balance. Now, how many of you love the word balance? I now love the word balance. However, most of my life is spent not liking the word balance. It was like all the ups and the downs, I very much kinetic and always in motion so that I chose to just be moving at breakneck speed. I missed a lot because I was not paying attention and not focussing on bringing the balance. When we focus on bringing the things into our physical level and to our energy being, then it’s like our whole being changes. [00:20:40][170.7]

[00:20:42] It actually can be anchored down all the way into the physical level because it starts way out here and works its way down to the physical level. As we have balance at the physical level, the symptoms do go away. I am living proof and I also feel like I’m living proof kind of regeneration. I’ve had three truly adventures in which I was told by multiple, multi, multi doctors and many, many that I probably would never walk again and I can walk. I can walk, I can move. I feel good. I feel better than I felt when I was in my 30s and I am 78 plus now. So, it’s all about paying attention and really getting down to that serious stuff of focussing – the focus card again. [00:21:52][70.1]

[00:21:52] What about combining these two glyphs together? That’s what these holograms are when you look at your your Rainbow Healing cards and each one of them has a name. I’d love to say I can take credit for everything that’s in here. The information just kind of flows through me. And I’m sometimes amazed when I listen even to my videos or when I read something I wrote years ago because it falls into the background for me. However, it’s still very appropriate. So, remembering that this is a journey that each one of us is on and that we take it step by step. That’s why I called it a system in the beginning. I called it Rainbow because I love colour and it is about the colours. It’s not about the bright, dark colours because lighter colours have higher frequencies and these colours of the glyphs are very high frequencies, each one on their own. [00:23:14][82.5]

[00:23:16] When they are combined together in these holograms, the holograms have even more facets. The single oils have their many different components. The essential oil blends have multiplied. It goes up in a geometric progression. It’s not just double. It goes up faster and faster and that’s what happens when we start playing with the holograms. Playing because those of you who followed me for a long time know that I was a workaholic who totally eliminated the idea of play for my life. I now realise I missed a lot by putting my blinders on and being achieve, achieve, achieve, because there’s so much more out there when we allow ourselves, our vision to expand. As we play with these frequencies, playing with the core cards, playing with the oil and breathing them in, making that commitment to focus, to really pay attention, to pay attention to the priorities, to pay attention to those things that we really choose to have in our lives and to pay attention to those things that we really do not choose to allow in our lives, pushing them out, pushing them outside of those boundaries of our sacred space, allowing us to have that space where we’re connected with the source, the creator, hearing our own guidance directly from the creator. No one else’s guidance is exactly the same as yours and it’s so important for us to realise that we have the ability to make that connection. We don’t have to rely upon external sources. We have that ability to make that connection and receive our own guidance. [00:26:04][168.4]

[00:26:09] Please download your your app. If it hasn’t already been put into the comments, I have a difficult time reading the comments while I’m talking. I will post it after I finish today but download your free app. We have both the Rainbow Healing app and the Fuller Life Wellness App, do them both. The wellness app, not only does it have a lot of information. It has over 200 of my videos, my Facebook Live videos, and they are uploaded as soon as I finish talking each week. My wonderful staff, Eleeza and Sasha get them up there immediately. So, they’re in reverse order. So at the top, it’s under the knowledge centre, it’s like the sixth little choice once you download the app. There’re there and that may give you some insight that you’re not expecting. Some little something that is said on one of those videos may spark something in you that it’s an AHA moment. It’s just like anything has the potential of having a positive effect or a negative effect upon us and selecting those things, being focussed on what we’re really choosing to do. [00:27:54][105.0]

[00:28:01] I have these blends up here because I wanted to close with this, because what do each of us truly choose to have in our lives? And I just reached for these blends of Gary’s. Don’t we all choose to reach our highest potential? This was Gary Young’s favourite blend. How many of us choose to have anything but Joy in our lives? We all choose to have Joy. Would you agree? Some of you may not choose this one. I definitely choose this one. I choose Harmony. I love harmony. I don’t like dissonance, however, dissonance is required for change to occur. If everything just goes along smoothly, there is no change. So, sometimes we have to be jolted by the dissonance. I choose to get back to harmony as much as possible and the other blend I choose is to be inspired and to inspire others by my presence. [00:29:23][81.8]

[00:29:24] So I have a beautiful week and I look forward to hearing from each of you and to seeing you again next week. [00:29:24][0.0]