[00:00:04] Good morning! I’m seeing some hearts, so I’m excited that there’s some of you already online. This is a beautiful, happy day, another brand new day and we’ll start with the bowls, for just a moment. Take a deep breath, I will clear away some of these things and what oils have you chosen to apply this morning if you’re thinking about your super heroes? I know it’s not quite 11 o’clock yet. We will till the top of the hour, so I’m going to just apply another or perhaps maybe let’s ring another bell. I’m not ringing them very well with my left hand, so clear out any of those energies, those frequencies that may not be harmonious. Take a deep breath. Some of you may wonder where I come up with my crazy titles and this week, while I was swimming in the pool, all of a sudden, the word that kept coming to me was super heroes and so I started thinking a little bit more as I kept swimming that actually we are all super heroes and that might be something fun to think about. [00:03:21][197.0]

[00:03:24] I brought today, I gather my toys around all the time and I brought today with me, brought them up from downstairs and today is moving day for them. Steven and I have our special superheroes, courtesy of Young living Singapore, almost a year and a half ago. This is Steven’s superhero, it’s a matched set and here is Frances. It’s kind of interesting because I just realised this morning, looking at them, his is very stable, it’s very grounded with both feet on the ground, which is much more the way he is and Frances has one of her feet off the ground. Of course, those of you who follow me know that I injured my right knee, leg and hip and separate injuries and it’s funny that this is the leg that’s up. So, at any rate, having fun looking at these superheroes and I’m going to put them down so I won’t knock them off while I’m talking. [00:04:52][87.8]

[00:04:53] So at any rate, have you thought about your superhero? Have you thought about the powers that you would choose to have in your superhero? Remember, this is just fantasy. You can be anything you choose. You can have any powers that you choose. So, as we are thinking about various things, get your mind going, use some of your oils, perhaps the Inner Child might be a good one or the Fun blend, or it might be that you choose Valour: valour to keep you really courageous in thinking about or even Inspiration. Inspiration is something that I use a lot to get me inspired. Perhaps, the most important of all I’m realising is the Grounding. If we are not fully grounded, we lose our connection to everything that is most important. So, grounding is a challenging thing for me. It may be something that is easy for some of you. It is not easy for me. It is something that requires constant focus and assessment, and reassessment. Grounding is constantly changing because it is all about our frequencies and we’ve talked a lot about frequencies over the last months and we will continue to talk about frequencies because energies come in, energies go out and it’s all about our paying attention to what is happening at any given moment. [00:07:21][147.9]

[00:07:23] Frequencies travel through everything. We talk about our boundaries because they are filters to assist us in maintaining harmony inside our sacred space and not allowing things in. Well, frequencies travel through everything, so we have to really accept. We have a blend for that, Sacred Frankincense and Frankincense anchor that energy of acceptance. We really cannot control everything that comes in and goes out, it’s merely important for us to pay attention. I said we would have fun today. So, think about this, when you are feeling good, when you first get up in the morning and go through your daily morning alignment practice, Steven calls it, your armour on, before going outside, before opening the door or before opening the phone, to get anything extraneous, all that stuff from the outside to allow it to come in, first, we put on our armour. [00:08:56][93.8]

[00:08:58] However, as we go through our day, as we go through moment to moment, things change. Think about times that you’ve felt so good and then all of a sudden it felt as if you were just totally deflated, as if someone stuck a pin in your balloon of lfe, your beautiful, happy balloon. You may want to think about what this feels like to you. I thought of all sorts of things from time to time. I think about core strings or ropes and things coming in and kind of latching on or even something with a hook at the end of it, that we have to deal with, to make sure that we do stay in our sacred space. [00:09:56][57.8]

[00:09:56] More recently, I thought of it as a straw, because a straw something can come in, something can go out. It’s just kind of it’s the way it is and we how can we deal with that? I’ve also felt the times where it was like I had a wet blanket on top of me, all around me. It was getting heavy, dense, difficult to breathe. Does anyone else experience anything like that? Well, as we’re developing, our superpowers, thinking about what are our superpowers that our superhero is going to have? I may choose to have a giant hairdryer to dry off all that wet blanket around me. Or I may choose for it to have a great suction to suck out anything that’s not really helping me to go through that straw. Just get your imagination going and allow yourself to really just laugh and think of what it might be. [00:11:14][78.1]

[00:11:15] As I was up here this morning, thinking, what are my three biggest loves? I love colour, I love essential oils and I love crystals! So, I visualised myself with my belt that has little places for all my essential oils. So, my essential oils are all wrapped around me ready to use and with those frequencies of those magnificent oils and blend, being able to go into my body and to be able to radiate outward from me. I thought about, oh wow! I wave my hands around all the time when I talked. Steven sometimes asks me, he says, will you say that again? I’m not listening to what you’re saying. I just want to watch your hands. It’s just an automatic with me and I thought, wow! What if I had crystals, my superhero had crystal so that every time I wave my hands, all of these crystals, these frequencies of happiness, these frequencies of joy, these frequencies of harmony are coming right out of my fingertips and creating that sacred space around me that is radiating through out every thing around me as far as it will go. [00:13:04][109.0]

[00:13:05] So, what it boils down to? I select my cards every day, several times and I also select them on the morning of the video, every Sunday morning. I select my cards and reflect upon why I might choose to select these particular ones. As I was selecting them, I was thinking to myself, we are powerful beyond belief. We choose not to use our great powers, our greatest strengths. It’s a choice because the power is there, it is inherent in each of us and many of us choose to allow our power to just seep out where we are not paying attention. We are not focussed upon where it’s going or to allow other things to come in and take over instead of our super powers, our super strength, which every single one of us has. So, as I was selecting my cards this morning, it was kind of interesting because I really expected to select again. Most days my archetype cards, more often than not, I seem to select either the Artisan, which is all about allowing the creative flow, allowing it to flow through you or the Performer, which is all about repetition with focus rather than allowing the focus to be diluted in so many different directions, to focus upon what is the most important. [00:15:20][135.1]

[00:15:23] For those of you who follow us and know that I’m always talking about the Refinement List, focussing on those things, understanding the things that you choose to have in your life, and possibly more importantly, the things that you choose not to allow in your life. This gives us a place of understanding so that we can focus or choose to focus upon the things that will enhance the things we choose to have and/or minimise, eliminate those things that we choose not to have. [00:16:13][49.9]

[00:16:14] So when I drew my cards, the card that I drew and I did this more than once because I kept thinking, now this isn’t the right card for today, the Warrior card. But, as I finally, after my third time of getting this particular card, yes, it is all about that preparation. The Warrior is the leader who focuses, who quickly understands the situation, who focuses on the plan, on the details. That is what is required for each one of us. This warrior has a spear here to to ward off the things that are not important and to really focus with focussed preparation on the things that are. Also, the hologram that I selected was the Earth element. I truly expected for it to be a different one, like the Fire. Today is the full moon, which is all about release; let go of those things that are no longer serving you and light the fire of your passion, get moving and I got Earth! Earth, which is all about grounding. However, Earth is also all about that connection, the connection with Earth, the connection with the source. [00:18:14][120.1]

[00:18:15] I talk a lot about connecting with your creator, with the source and listening to your guidance. I probably don’t talk enough about the other end, which is connecting with the earth, staying grounded. This is what will assist us in maintaining our focus. This is what will assist us in not wavering. The warrior never wavers, the warrior knows and really focuses. So, these two really went together and then looking for my other card. I always like to focus to zero in on one of the glyphs and I fully expected for the glyph to come up that was all about change, the fiery change, that making that decision about doing things differently, choosing to do things differently. This is all about that choice and I expected this to be the one to come up. [00:19:35][79.3]

[00:19:37] Well, guess what? I did this over and over. I tested every single card of the ten, and my questions may have been incorrect. The questions we ask when we are using our kinesiology or looking for guidance are critical to the answers that we get and I tested each one of these and finally in the end it was no. I’m looking and thinking, wait a minute, I got nose, am I blocked. No, I wasn’t blocked. Am I grounded? Am I connected with the source? Yes! Remember, it can change in the flash of a heartbeat. Everything can change. Suddenly I got this clue, this idea. Was it that it was not about choosing one for focus. It was about remembering the process, remembering the steps because unless we do all of the steps starting at the first, it’s like climbing, trying to climb up from one story to the next. If you skip steps, you may trip. I’m really good at that! So, it’s all about making sure that we don’t skip them. We have to first clear the blocks. Then we have to be using our energy, our own unique energy, because we are also special and to understand who we are. To find that balance, that perfect balance of giving and receiving just these first four will take us to a whole new level. Then, if we choose to go on to really make that choice, that breath of life, that new breath, like a new baby birth, this is our birth. And accept who we are, where we are, who others are and where they are. Releasing all of our beliefs about the way things had to be, because things change, this is key. This is critical to release all that extra baggage and this is all about that full moon energy of letting go of the things that no longer serve us. Integrating, reweaving all of our true super abilities, all of our superhero stuff, our magical abilities into the very fabric of who we are and then having them all in harmony. [00:22:54][197.2]

[00:22:55] So, it’s simple. Is it easy? No, we all forget. I forget too. Truly, I promise you, I’m not immune to forgetting, and that’s why we have to check in. So, as you’re figuring out your super, your superhero strengths, you might choose to pay attention. Remember that you are powerful beyond belief and that you can choose to use your strengths. You can also choose not to use your strengths. If you choose not to use your strengths, what is your reason? Is there a particular reason? Is it too much trouble to pay attention? Is it that you may not have enough belief in your strength? Well, we have a blend for that. This is as everyone knows, my favourite one, which goes on my head multiple times daily, Believe. Know that your guidance, when you are connected, your guidance is accurate for you at that moment, to allow you to reach your highest potential in that moment and your highest potential in the next moment. [00:24:45][109.8]

[00:24:46] So as you go through this week, just remember that you are powerful beyond belief. Play with the strength that you choose to have, these superhero strengths, these abilities, whether it’s fly or whatever it is, I’m ceasing to fly. I’ve decided that I do not need to do that again, crushing my right leg and five years ago was more than adequate for me to know that I don’t need to jump off walls anymore. So at any rate, have fun as you’re really paying attention. This is what life is all about, enjoying, embracing every moment. And I look forward to seeing you next week. [00:24:46][0.0]