[00:00:13] Good morning or evening! Wherever you are watching this, I am getting ready, so as we wait for some more people to get online, I see that there are some already. Thank you for being here, for sharing your energy with all of us here. Just sit back, use whatever essential oil you have chosen that’s right close by, breathe it in, put it all over your entire field and just relax. Take a deep breath. It is very close to the top of the hour, so we can get started and happy, happy Sunday or as I said, whatever day it is that you’re watching, thank you for being here. [00:02:06][113.2]

[00:02:08] Today, we’re just talking about frequencies. Why do I play the bowls first thing? It is because sound has a frequency and it is to put the frequency of those bowls into this room and to radiate it outward. Every single living thing has a frequency. Colours have a frequency, sound has a frequency, essential oils have a frequency, and so do we as human beings. Every single thing that is living on this planet has a frequency, which is that length of time required for energy to travel from one point to another point. That’s all it is. However, frequency controls our lives because all energy is frequency. It affects us. Everything affects us. I remember one time Dr Ali Winker was doing a presentation, I don’t have his numbers correct for sure, but he mentioned how that there are really a billion different energetic things going on in our body each day. And that energy that is going on actually could power the entire city of Houston, Texas, which is where he lives. So, that was kind of a startling thing that just came out of my memory bank this morning and it just is astounding. It is staggering for us to realise how many energy exchanges are going on. We can think about the fact that our heart beats whether we are focussing upon it or not. It continues to be because of the energetic impulses that are constantly running through our brain is, who knows what’s going on in our brain, it’s far too complex for even machines to possibly imagine. [00:04:23][135.3]

[00:04:24] So, we are truly bombarded with frequencies all the time and what happens to us is directly related to the frequencies that we allow into our field and thoughts. They come in the brain and they’re a result of the actual energetic things going on in our brain. Thoughts control everything in our body they control. They can actually change our DNA. So, is it astounding to you to think that your thoughts can truly change your DNA? Well, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a researcher, but that has been published in a number of papers that researchers have written for many years, for decades. They have understood that what we think about, we bring about. So, what kind of thoughts produce the best, highest frequency? Because if frequency is associated with illness and disease, then we can begin to relate things together in over twenty five years ago. [00:05:56][91.8]

[00:05:57] Gary Young worked a lot with the frequencies of the essential oils, testing the different frequencies, testing the frequencies of the body of healthy people, of people that were less than healthy and that you can Google it. It’s all out there but they found out that as we are introducing higher frequencies, it will keep us at a higher rate as opposed to bringing us down the bar – that’s one of Steven’s favourite things, down the bar. Frances, have you checked in to see if you’ve come down the bar? Well, Frances tends to live in this special little world – my created sacred space, and I often I admit, I often forget to check in often enough and I forget to really pay attention to what I’m allowing into my physical form, into my sacred space, and what I’m allowing to seep out without my realisation, without understanding that I’m doing it. [00:07:25][87.9]

[00:07:25] So, focus may be a very important thing for us to pay attention to. I have a sheet of paper somewhere that has a lot of frequencies on it and a lot of little notes. That’s all I have here. But basically some of the essential oils are the highest frequencies on this planet. The very lowest ones are higher than a healthy human could be. So, when we are using our essential oils, our true therapeutic essential oils, our Young Living essential oils, we are introducing and bringing into our field these higher energies, which cannot possibly be a detriment. They can only enhance what we already have inside. Isn’t that exciting? Wow! So, as Gary was doing the testing, all of these things and also, as others have also tested different emotions, because our emotions do create our reality. [00:08:42][76.7]

[00:08:42] Our emotions are out here, very close to the physical field, but they are pushing down. They’re coming in, every emotion we have, every mental thought we have, goes through the emotional field and then it comes down to the physical and what are physical symptoms. It’s nothing but the body’s attempt to get our attention. And most of us prefer to ignore those. Golly! I’m a prime example of that because I was an expert at masking the symptoms so that I didn’t have to think about them. I didn’t have to deal with them other than covering them up. But, that didn’t mean that the body was free of what was causing the symptom. So, as I began to use the essential oils. This is why people ask, Frances, how come you’re 78 years old and you have more energy? You seem to feel better. You seem to look better all the time. Well, I think it’s because the frequencies that I’m working with and my thoughts have changed. [00:10:05][83.2]

[00:10:07] So how does this come about? Well, I understood this in my research, I did a video recently on frequency, and it was a different aspect of it that I think I’m going to do today. They found that gratitude is the very highest frequency that there is – gratitude. Much of my life I said, oh, yes, I’m grateful for things, but I really did not pay attention to what I was really feeling. Gratitude is not forgiveness of others, it’s always forgiveness of self. When we do not forgive ourselves for what we have done or maybe what we have not done in a given situation, then that’s going to have to drag us down our self-worth and that’s going to bring us down into guilt, which is a very low frequency. [00:11:22][75.6]

[00:11:23] So, the highest frequencies are forgiveness, acceptance, passion, excitement. Those are very high frequencies that will elevate your frequency, which goes all the way down to the DNA. You can change your DNA, you can elevate anything in your body that you choose to do. There’s so much that we do not have control over, which you agree on? Particularly now, we feel helpless, we feel controlled, we feel not good and this brings about fear and anger, which are two of the very lowest frequencies. They always in any kind of illness, there is fear or/and anger at some level. It may be a subconscious level, but as we begin addressing that fear, paying attention to what frequencies truly are coming in. [00:12:50][86.4]

[00:12:50] We have a blend for gratitude, gratitude for having breath, gratitude for being here in this moment. We are here. What are we going to do about it? That’s one of Steven’s favourite things to say to me. He will say, when did you figure this out? What are you doing about it? Not what are you going to do about it? What are you doing about it right now? Well, the easiest way for us to figure out what we have to be grateful for, in addition to using this beautiful blend in my Gratitude, is to understand more about ourselves. Would you agree? [00:13:55][65.1]

[00:13:56] So, that’s what people ask me, what is Rainbow Healing all about? Are these cards to tell the future? What is it? I don’t want fortune telling cards. They’re merely a focus, something for us to trigger in ourselves. That attitude of gratitude, of understanding, of figuring out who we are. It’s our transformational journey. I was looking through something and I started jotting down some things. Today is, as you know, for over three years now, for three and a half years, we’ve been doing our Gary series – Grow Actively Redefining Yourself, where that refining is not a jolt. It is looking inward, turning inward, finding out what it is that we are truly choosing to have in our lives. Equally as important, or perhaps even more important, what are we choosing not to allow in our lives? And this is something that most of us really never paid attention to because we were programmed, if you will, through all of our experiences from childhood, through our educational experiences, to do something which may not truly have been what we were designed to do. [00:15:48][111.8]

[00:15:49] I started thinking of other words, we may be putting a lot of redesigning or refining yourself. Redesigning, as we are focussing on bringing high frequencies into our physical form, into our energy beings so that they can filter down into our physical form. We’re truly redesigning. We are reclaiming ourselves. We are renewing every single cell in our in our physical form. What happens when we start feeling better, looking better, free, having a higher frequency around us, it radiates outward to others. Truly, I talk about the way I have felt, my emotions, my experiences, because that’s the only thing I truly know about and I choose to share them with you. [00:17:03][74.2]

[00:17:04] I used to feel guilty when I focussed on myself. Guilt is way down the bar and that is something that I felt because I felt that I should always be focussing on others when the reality is, when we focus on ourselves, the only thing over which we truly have control. As we raise our frequency, it will radiate outward, positively impacting others, because our higher frequencies will move out and they will counteract they will neutralise some of those lower frequencies that are out. We can’t do anything about everything that’s way out there. We can do something about ourselves. And in the process, this is kind of a side benefit because we feel better, we feel great. We enter into those highest frequencies, the frequencies of passion, of joy – Joy blend. Actually, this was the highest blend that Gary tested at that time. This was 25 years ago and Joy blend is an older blend, but that frequency of joy and of course, as we use our blends, what’s going to happen to us? It’s going to positively impact our frequency. So, as we apply our oils, we may choose to use the Young Living blends, the blend of Gratitude. What are some that you think might be great? Certainly Joy, Harmony, Fun, Inner Child, Play. That is a very high frequency. [00:19:17][132.8]

[00:19:19] In our Rainbow Healing journey, what’s the very first step in our journey? It is the forgiveness. This is that frequency anchored by Geranium, which is in all of Gary’s high frequency blends that are kind of designed for emotional changes, emotional impact. So, this is going to unblock everything. So, whether you’re using the Geranium essential oil or the forgiveness blend, that is going to enhance everything else. That’s the first step. Without unblocking, getting rid of those blocks, nothing else can come in. Have you ever tried to run water through a clogged pipe? It doesn’t work. It overflows and that’s what happens when we get under stress. When we get bombarded with too many low frequencies, they clog us up so that the energy ceases to flow. [00:20:41][81.7]

[00:20:43] So, the next step is to run our own energy, the Lavender essential oil. This is why these are preparation steps for anything else. Figuring out who we are with authenticity, Cedarwood, Copaiba, those beautiful frequencies that will allow us to see ourselves as we truly are. Not as we may have been programmed to think we are. And then that fourth step, which is the compassion, the nurturing of self and others, finding that perfect balance. It’s the balance that we most often fail to achieve because guilt we are programmed to that it’s better to give than receive and we truly block our ability to receive. So, the next thing is the change. We’re only going through these five, to really make that choice to change something that we’re going to do. Nothing happens. Nothing changes unless we do something differently. Would you agree? [00:22:09][85.9]

[00:22:10] So, what is it that lights your fire? Well, I have sitting here Light Your Fire. This is a great blend and I’ve used it several times today already because I used to have to light my fire to generate positive energy. If you don’t happen to have Light Your Fire, do you have Orange essential oil? Orange is the actual single oil that anchors this frequency of change of transformation. Nothing will happen until we change something. Would you agree? No change can go up and change can go down. What happens when we make the change to do something positive for ourselves? What motivates you? What gives you that passion, that excitement that will raise your frequency above that level of anxiety and fear? What frequencies, what things, what activates do you do that tire you out that bring you down the bar? These are just things to ponder as you begin writing. Gary Young always said that writing in your own handwriting is even more powerful than writing/typing on the computer or phone. [00:23:58][108.1]

[00:23:59] However, whatever way you can get into your your heart, into your emotions, to see what you truly are feeling, that is going to be unlocked, unleashed a whole new level of growth, a whole new level of excitement. So, as you are going through this coming week, take some time. What really lights your fire?  Is it exercise? Is it singing? Is it dancing or is it whatever? Is it meditating? What really lights your fire? As you become more excited, you will go up the bar and get out of that fear and chaos of the outer world, that we have no control over. It will eliminate the anger that is at the root of so much disease in the body, bringing us up to that gratitude, acceptance, to the passion, to the joy. [00:25:17][78.3]

[00:25:20] So, as you go through this week, I wish you joy, happiness, passion and a lot of self awareness, and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week. [00:25:20][0.0]