Are you flowing or resisting?

[00:00:08] Good morning and happy Sunday! While we are waiting for the top of the hour, I’m going to use a couple of blends. Whatever single oils or blends you’ve chosen to apply this morning, just put them on, bring them in and inhale. Enjoy them! The two that I’ve chosen, I’m still waiting for my last shipment for convention because mine not only has to go from the U.S. to Singapore and clear the customs and be delivered there, but it then has to be sent down to Bali and go through another ritual of customs and all of that. So, I’m still waiting in eager anticipation. So, I have chosen instead this morning, since I don’t have the new ones. I’ve chosen to use Gary’s Light, which is from last year, two or three years ago, I can’t remember, but I’m going to breathe that in. I thought I would use different oils today. Last year’s foundation blend, One Heart, which is such a special blend for me. I’m going to breathe it in because I’ve already used a number of oils this morning and then I need to wipe my hands a little bit so I don’t drop the bowls and just enjoy! Just breathe in these frequencies intending that they be the perfect frequencies for you at this particular moment. [00:01:58][110.0]

[00:03:30] Once again, happy, happy Sunday! I am excited to be back after this little hiatus that we took for the Young Living Convention and hope that all of you are recovered. I’m still somewhat recovering from all of the wonderful presentations, and I have just done a lot of integrating. Have any of you experienced that? So, at any rate, getting on with the topic today – Our flow with the rhythms of life, and how did that happen to me, to come up, that first the title usually happens for me and then I start thinking about what I might intend to use in this. Steven has gotten me into looking up a lot of words because the particular words that we use have a tremendous impact not only on others, but on us. Truly, the impact of our choice of words is extremely important. [00:04:47][77.3]

[00:04:49] So, looking up Flow, what does flow mean to you? Well, flow means to proceed smoothly. That is one of the definitions that I got when I looked up the word. Flowing along smoothly. That is a key word as far as I’m concerned. When we were in the flow, everything works. When we’re out of sync with the flow, everything is difficult. Would you agree? So, the flow and the rhythms, what does the word rhythm mean to you? Well, looking it up and again, rhythm is a harmonious sequence. So when we combine being in that flow with harmony – harmonious sequence, then this is extremely powerful. [00:06:02][73.4]

[00:06:04] I got to thinking, in fact, one of the thoughts for the title of today first was circles and cycles. How often do you notice that there are cycles of things going on in every aspect of your life? There’s an up and down. It’s like the waves, the cycles of flow, the waves coming into the shore, the waves rolling out to sea. And when we are fighting those, have any of you ever been caught in what’s called a rip tide, where if you fight against it, you will be swept out the opposite direction, swept away from the shore and it is a very frightening experience. However, if you can manage to relax and just flow with the tide, eventually, it will bring you back into the flow and into the harmony that you would choose to have into the shore. So, thinking about it from that standpoint, are you flowing in a cycle? Or do you feel like you’re caught up in a circle, in a swirling vortex? I’m very grateful this has been an interesting year and a half, has it not? This has been a very trying time for many of us. [00:07:57][112.3]

[00:07:57] It has been a very enlightening time for many of us and there have been probably both of these things that you’ve experienced during the past 18 months. So, this circle, if we keep going round and round the circle, we’re never moving forward. Would you agree? I think we had for many years when my children were little, we had hamsters and gerbils and they would go round and round on the circle on the wheel, never getting anywhere, but exerting, exercising tremendous amount. So, how do we swing out and get into the flow of the cycle? Now, being here in Bali has been just an incredible experience because everything is celebrated and the cycles of the days there are certain celebrations for every 15 days. There’s certain celebrations with the full moon, the new moon, other celebrations that are considered annual or semi-annual. It’s just a life of celebration where continuously they are in that flow of life. So how do we get there? [00:09:32][95.0]

[00:09:32] Well, as Steven loves to say, we always have a choice. Never in any situation are we truly not at choice unless that’s what we’re thinking. So, how do we get to be more flexible and to adapt? Do we adapt and adjust to the current cycle, the current place, or do we resist? Now, for most of my life, I’ve looked for mountains to climb. Mountains to climb, press, press, press, push forward on and on and in actuality that it may not be the best way to really rise above. Now guess what? That was the convention title this year, the name of the convention – Rise above. And I must admit that when I first saw those words, I thought, oh my gosh, this is all about competition. It’s all about climbing up. Then, upon greater reflection, and for those of you who watched the convention presentations, you understand that, that is something that can be taken in more than one way. It’s not about competition, being better than another. It’s about rising above the things that are holding you back, rising above your fears, rising above former beliefs that are no longer serving you. Rising above the very expectations. [00:11:55][143.0]

[00:11:59] After one of the wonderful joys of my being here in Bali for these last year and a half is that now I’m swimming every day. And as I’m swimming, I’m thinking, I actually swim the journey of the glyphs twice because I do two lengths of each step in the journey of the glyphs, starting with the unblocking with the forgiveness, and then into the structure, two lengths of the structure and I am focussing on these colours and just doing the journey of the glyphs and I got to the sixth and seventh glyphs and I ended up doing more than two lengths of each one, because suddenly it was as if, I really have the sixth glyph, this acceptance, this nurturing of self, this embracing who you are, who others are and allowing yourself and others your journey. So often we slip into the judgement and it’s not about judgement. Not at all, it’s about accepting who we are, what choices we may have made in the past, who others are and what choices they may be making. It’s not about us. We can talk about us, but it’s not about the choices that others are making. [00:13:48][109.0]

[00:13:48] So, this is to embrace. Now, which are the essential oils and the crystals that anchor this frequency? This is that silver, that heavy frequency, I call it heavy because the crystal is really a metal and it’s very heavy, a haematite. And this is that frequency of Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense, those gentle energies and I found myself applying this Frankincense, I’m holding a Sacred Frankincense. I’ve been using both. I’m one of these never choosing to be half safe. So, I love both because they have different properties. Both of frankincense, and both will assist you in anchoring that acceptance, acceptance of who you are, acceptance of who others are and that gentleness of allowing yourself and others, your pad. So if you have some Sacred Frankincense or Frankincense, you may choose to apply it right now. I’ve got it right here, so I’m applying it, of course, we know I have tons of oils here. [00:15:11][82.5]

[00:15:11] The other glyph that I kept just kind of hanging on to it was the Freedom, the release and this is all about the releasing the fears. How many of us have been faced with fear repeatedly in the last year and a half? Actually, we could say it our whole lives, probably. So, releasing the fear, letting go of the beliefs that we may have held dear for most of our lives, that they may have come down through our parents and our grandparents, fears and beliefs that really aren’t appropriate for this particular day in time. [00:16:12][61.0]

[00:16:13] Then, we come to the one that kept coming back to me. It was like staring me in the face, just hitting me right in the face and that was expectations. How many of us really and truly have expectations? I mean, it’s so difficult to let go of our expectations of outcomes because we have ingrained into ourselves what outcome to expect. And when we’re in our relationships, very few relationships do not have some of that expectation. If I do this, then I expect this in return. So, this again is about that acceptance that you may not get in return what you anticipated. Here we come again – anticipation. expectation, what next? I’m sure that many of you felt that, I know, I feel that sometimes, it’s like what’s coming next? Well, the fact is, we don’t really know what’s coming next. There’s no real true way of knowing what is coming next. [00:17:39][86.1]

[00:17:40] So, what is the alternative? Well, let’s adjust, we can adapt our thoughts, we can adapt our activities and adjust them, becoming more flexible to each situation in present time. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past and we really can’t necessarily predict what’s going to happen in the future. So, let’s enjoy make the most of this present moment. This might be a time that you would choose Present Time. That is one that I’m carrying with me a lot now, because for me, staying in the present moment has been a challenge my whole life, because I looked to the past and I was such a good planner, really good long range planner. I was planning for the future, totally eliminating my presence in the past. So, how can we remain more in this present moment? I feel that it’s all about your connection with the creator, with whatever your concept is of that which created you and your reality, that connection that will allow you to feel the love and the information flowing through you. [00:19:33][113.3]

[00:19:34] I like to visualise it. Those of you who follow me and with the sacred space know that that’s on the front of our books with this connection to the source above, through the crown. I like to visualise it from the base of the spine and the bottoms of each foot, going all the way through the very core of our planet of Earth and Steven loves to remind me all the time, that the two words, heart and earth, have exactly the same letters. Heart, if you take it away from the front and put it on the back, you have earth. When we are not solidly grounded to the Earth and to our creator, we are suffering heart, being heart broken. We are earth broken, which is exactly the same thing as being heart broken. As long as that connection with your creator is strong, it is holding you to the planet in this present moment, allowing you to experience this present moment and to experience all the joys that are available in this present moment. [00:21:11][97.1]

[00:21:12] So, as we are refining ourselves, we can spend additional time making certain, checking in is what we call it. It’s part of our daily practice, our morning alignment practice and our daily in our evening hour, our nightly integration practice. It’s all about making sure that we are checking in, paying attention to what is going on. It’s just so easy to be bombarded with all of the fears of others and this is that attention to where we are, what we are really doing or are we are allowing excessive stuff that is not supportive of us to filter in, to flow in to our sacred space. Are we holding that space so that we have a safe place in which to experience whatever we choose in our lives? So, remember these are the three C’s that came to me this morning. Of course, I started with cycles and circles. That’s actually two, but that’s the pair of cycles or circles. Remember that you have a choice. Always there is a choice. There is a choice to remain grounded. There is a choice to adapt. There is a choice to resist. Then, the third one, that connection, your very connection is what will give you strength in every situation. [00:23:10][117.3]

[00:23:11] So, as you move forward this this week, have fun, notice what’s going on if you’re beginning to feel fear. That is a definite thought, that is a definite symptom of losing your connection, of being earth broken or heart broken. We need to connect through our hearts. It’s not about what’s up here. It’s about what’s in here and that connection with your creator is the answer to it. [00:23:50][39.7]

[00:23:51] So have a beautiful week filled with lots of happy experiences, revelations, letting go of expectations which really cause us disappointment and dissatisfaction. I look forward to seeing you again next week and again, I hope your week is filled with lots and lots of happy rainbows. [00:23:51][0.0]