[00:00:07] I’ve been really enjoying using a lot of my oils this morning, and while I wait for you people to get online, I will go ahead and play the bowls. As I was applying my Clarity, I hit the bowl accidentally and that reminded me of the tone, the sound that comes out, when I’m using. What are the oil bottles? One of the blends or single oils is quite different because I had been striking the bowls with the striker this morning. So, whatever oil you have selected that’s close by, single oil or blend, just apply it and just feel these frequencies, drink them in and breathe them in and allow them to move wherever they are required. I will clear these things away just a little bit so that I will have more space, as always, I have so many things on my desk. [00:02:11][123.9]

[00:02:12] So, this is a very special week for Steven and me and we’re very excited. I am excited that all of you are here and it’s almost 11 o’clock. So, take a deep breath, happy Sunday or whatever time you are watching this. I am really excited because this is the beginning of Steven’s birthday week and of course, we cannot take a birthday trip. So, we are staying at the Fuller Life Villas and this is really exciting for us to have this opportunity to have this holiday together. [00:03:00][48.3]

[00:03:04] How many of you enjoyed the full moon that we had last week, whatever time it occurred in your time zone? It was on Wednesday evening and Steven and I had the opportunity to actually watch, not only was this the largest super moon, the closest time to the earth, so that it was seemingly largest for us. It was an eclipsea and it was absolutely amazing to watch that darkness come in slowly and actually cover the entire moon and then slowly move away. That’s kind of the things that happen for us, isn’t it? I think of a full moon as shedding its big, bold light, glaring light sometimes into the darker areas that we are, into those corners that we don’t choose always to address. [00:04:14][70.0]

[00:04:15] So, that’s why I got our Clarity this morning. It kind of jumped out at me and why I’ve used it a lot this week because that extra boost from that full moon can give us clarity. It can shine that light into areas that we haven’t looked at before and it can create great Transformation. So, these are two blends that I have used a lot in the past week. One is very old, Clarity. It was here before I joined Young Living in the late 90s and Transformation is a newer one. So at any rate, in the last few weeks we’ve been talking a lot about emotions and we specifically have talked about the Feelings Collection, those six blends that Gary selected, when he condensed to only six blends the current Feelings Collection and those, by way of reference/reminder are – Valour, Forgiveness, Release, Inner Child, Harmony and Present Time. [00:05:39][84.2]

[00:05:42] Last week we also talked a bit about the six oils that were not included or the six blends that were in that original collection. Those are the blends that are all still available, just not in a big collection. Those are the blends of – Three Wise Men, Grounding, Hope, Joy, Sara and White Angelica, and that’s in alphabetical order. When we’re layering oils, we can put them in any order that feels appropriate to us. We’re not creating more blends. We are putting them on our body, allowing them to go wherever they are required. So, this is opened up, I don’t know whether how any of you have had. I haven’t heard too many comments over the last week. However, these blends tend to open up our emotions and we talked about the difference between emotions and feelings and our feelings are really what we are. Our individual things that are locked into our memory banks, things associated with certain emotions, and they are very different from one person to another. [00:07:33][110.7]

[00:07:35] Today I got to thinking, this title today – Assessments or Judgements was kind of inspired because one of my good friend made a post about how important it is for us not to assess when we are on a programme of “self-improvement”. For instance, if you are looking to lose weight, which many people seem to be on an eternal thing, you will see very little change. However, if you assess less often, then you will be able to witness the change, much more easily. If you see a young child every single day, you don’t really see the changes. However, for someone who sees the child once a week, once a month or even less, there’s a massive change, which you agree. So, that’s what this is about this and this got me to thinking more about assessments and the difference. What is an assessment? What does the word assess really mean? An assessment is an observation. It is an objective thing. There’s absolutely no emotion attached to assessment. We talk about the importance of checking in multiple times daily and this iis the chart from our My Journal Book, which is lots of information, it’s also on your app. But this checking in is not evaluating all. This is just checking. We are observing objectively without emotion, where we are at any given time, whether our energy is all the way up it at a ten or whether our energy has dropped below a certain level and it’s important for us to assess. Many things that we have in our checking list that we assess. [00:10:22][166.6]

[00:10:23] What is the difference between judgement and assessment? A judgement is an evaluation. The assessment is an observation. The judgement is an evaluation, and when we evaluate something, it is a subjective thing. You and I could see the same or experience the same thing, and I would evaluate it differently from you, perhaps. So, in terms of evaluating, it is very definitely a personal, a subjective and emotional, because according to what we have, those feelings that we have stored in our own bodies, not just locked into our subconscious, it’s actually locked in at the physical level. We make comparisons, inevitably when we are judging or evaluating, we are making comparisons and I’d like you to think for just a moment. When we compare ourselves, any part, anything about us, to another person, what are we doing? We are taking something that normally we feel we are less than, we’re taking something that we feel we might not be as good as. Inevitably we choose somebody who is the best at whatever we are evaluating and it causes us to come up short. Would you agree? This is not a happy feeling, is it? It’s really very defeating. [00:12:42][139.0]

[00:12:44] So, this is a time I drew my cards and the cards that came out, the physical cards, truly I’m always surprised because the archetype when I ask – what attributes or the potential challenges would be most helpful for me in talking about in this assessment versus judgement. Detective came up, well the Detective is all about focussing on those little details, paying attention to details. So, that’s important because the littlest detail may make a difference in how we perceive something. Would you agree? [00:13:41][57.4]

[00:13:42] So, the next card that came out, which I thought was quite interesting, was Self-Worth. I thought to myself, I know the properties of self-worth because self worth is recognising the value of your unique gifts, the combination of those gifts and this is those three glyphs of Forgiveness, Acceptance and Devine Union. These are the frequencies anchored by Geranium essential oil, Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense and Jasmine essential oil. It’s on your app as well but I got out my book because I was working with the physical cards and what does this support these three things? It may be different aspects, that’s what I think of, aspects of the same thing that may be the most applicable at any given time. [00:15:02][79.9]

[00:15:04] Understanding or transcending the pattern of self-righteousness and elimination of the martyr pattern, increased belief in one’s own knowledge and abilities, overcoming feelings of unworthiness. This next one really speaks to me often when I choose this card – learning to pace oneself rather than pushing far beyond reasonable limits. How many of us look out and compare ourselves to someone else and then determine that we will push ourselves, we will drive our bodies, perhaps our physical bodies be harder and harder? That was my pattern for a long, long time and I cannot say that it’s totally gone because when I am under stress, that’s what I do. I know it, yet it happens over and over. So what is the answer? [00:16:23][79.8]

[00:16:24] Well, I also have crystals that anchor these frequencies. The Rhodocrosite and this even has Haematite, which anchors that acceptance and my crystal of Sugilite, Blue light Agate and Charoite also and anchor those frequencies. I get those things along with those essential oils and I gather them, use them frequently because that is something I feel myself falling into that pattern. It’s not a judgement. That is an assessment, that is merely an observation, an objective observation and the more that I use these oils, the more balanced and in harmony that I become. I find myself not beating myself up. I also find myself not pushing myself quite so hard, because when we have a lack of self worth, these feelings of worthlessness, our self worth is lower, then we are pushing ourselves harder and this lack of self love can carry over into illness and disease and even accidents. Well, we all know Frances is quite proficient at having accidents and those accidents are reminders to me that I am not doing what I teach. [00:18:12][108.1]

[00:18:13] So, there are also eliminating the pattern of self sacrifice. There’s so many things that these three essential oils, these three glyphs, these three colours, this is that warm pink colour, I call it the golden pink and this is the silver energy of acceptance and that silvery violet energy of divine union, of drawing in all of your true knowledge and abilities, all of the parts of yourself, to weave together, reweaving yourself into that magnificent being that you were created to be. [00:19:00][47.0]

[00:19:01] So, as we each move along with these cycles that come in and right now we’re in that transformative cycle of getting rid of those things that really are holding us back and soon we can take that breath and begin, as we eliminate all this excess stuff, then we can begin manifesting, creating the life, creating the environment, creating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body that each of us chooses to have. So, this is an exciting time for us to be in the energy of letting go, of transforming, of getting through these old patterns so that we can start anew, creating exactly those experiences we choose to have. [00:20:07][65.9]

[00:20:07] So, as you move forward this coming week, think about these things, use your oils, your blends, whatever ones come to you. There are times that perhaps you think I should use an oil, a particular single oil or a particular blend and it turns out that it may be the perfect oil. It may not seem like it at the time. It may seem to make no sense but just like when Clarity jumped out at me, I thought, yeah! That’s what we need in order to gain that transformation. [00:20:50][42.9]

[00:20:52] So take a deep breath in your oils. Remember to take your journey of the glyphs, play, have fun and I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:20:52][0.0]