[00:00:09] Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day! This is that Sunday each year that we set aside to honour our mothers and every single one of us has a mother and we can be grateful for the fact that we have had a mother in our lives at some point or a mother figure. Many of you may be teachers, you may not be a mother in this lifetime, but you may be a teacher and you are that mother figure to so many children. I’m getting a little emotional. Sorry! So, I just thought I would talk a little bit about Mother’s Day as we’re waiting for the top of the hour. [00:01:08][58.6]

[00:01:09] So, I applied some Inner Child. Some of us have many happy memories to look back on, to bring us joy in every moment, we can bring things into the present time. Other of us may have to search a little deeper. We may require a lot of Joy blend to find those happy memories. They are the ones that we can place in the front of our brain, bringing them into Present Time. Truly, having that joy to experience right now so, as I think in terms of the perfect childhood, the perfect environment, I think of Joy and I think of Harmony. The mother’s role is that of bringing harmony to the family. So, I chose my bowl that represents harmony to me to play. So, this is our beautiful rainbow bowl that Sasha gave to Steven and me and just sit back, apply whatever oil you choose to have and just enjoy, feel these frequencies of harmony pulling up harmonious, joyful experiences into this present moment. Present Time was another one I chose. So, take a deep breath and I’m going to put the bowl carefully away so that I won’t break it. Once again, good morning and happy, happy Sunday. Thank you for choosing to spend this time, this portion of your day, of your week, of your life with me, with all the rest of us as we Grow Actively Refining Yourself, our ourselves – our Gary series. [00:04:34][205.1]

[00:04:36] So, I’ve had some interesting questions this week and that it’s going to kind of lead me along to how I am talking about the archetypes. When I ask my question, my title was, Do you know what your archetype is? Well, first of all, in Rainbow Healing, what is one of the goals of Rainbow Healing? Does anyone know there are three really big goals and that first one is to support each one of us in making our strong connection with our creator, I call it the source. What you call your creator is up to you, but to make that strong connection and to learn how to listen to our own guidance, because you and the source are the only ones, the only beings who truly understand who you are and why you chose to be here, what your purpose is. It’s not something someone else can tell you. It’s something you and the source need to communicate. So, making that strong connection and that’s what all of the journey of the glyphs is in our sacred space is all about. [00:06:04][88.2]

[00:06:05] The second one is the goal of of Rainbow Healing is to understand our authentic self. Who are we really? What are our contributions? What are our attributes? What are we best doing to really understand that? And again, you and the source know all of this. [00:06:34][29.6]

[00:06:37] That third one is to actually understand and align ourselves with our purpose and to live in harmony, truly harmony and balance at all times. So, let us take a deep breath. There are 11 archetypes and the archetypes are here to help us understand who we are, who others are in our lives, because we are all different and just to have more harmonious relationships. So, in all of our publications, whether you’re working with the app or the actual cards or any of our books, I put the archetypes in order alphabetically. However, when I talk about them, I like to put them in pairs for those that have similar or opposite; some similar qualities and some opposite. So, it kind of compare and contrast to help us understand more and more. [00:07:56][79.5]

[00:07:58] I ask if you know which one your archetype is. The fact is that, I believe that we were all created to be primarily one or maybe two of the archetypes. However, the fact is we’re pretty mixed up and most of us are holding things from different ones and while we have grown up thinking of all these qualities or these talents and abilities that we may have been told we had, they may not truly have been part of the idea when we were created. They may not be really part of who we were created to be. We we’ve learnt up here and we’ve become pretty good at being like others. So, this is kind of also a weeding out of understanding more and more of who we truly are, of becoming that authentic self and this particular hologram, these three single glyphs, the authentic power, it is all about understanding ourselves. [00:09:17][79.5]

[00:09:19] Authenticity, understanding, if you’re looking for essential oils that will help you understand this. This is the third glyph. See the number three? It’s right there on the card and the oils of both Cedarwood and compatible hold this frequency that will support us in understanding who we truly are. [00:09:48][28.8]

[00:09:49] The crystals of Amber and the Red Jasper will help us to anchor, they have the ability to hold these frequencies as well. So, it’s going to require that we release our fears. We release our beliefs about who we are, what we are, how to do things, we release and release a lot of attachments to stuff that really is not moving us forward and this freedom glyph, that we become as free as we are releasing these things is anchored by the Lemon essential oil and Jade Lemon and the crystal of Citrine. We also have to integrate our true knowledge and abilities, which is this energy of the eight glyph that silvery violet energy, divinely uniting all of the parts of ourselves and this is anchored by the essential oil of Jasmine and Sugilite Blue Lace Agate and Charoite will anchor this energy. I looked for my Charoite bracelet this morning and it isn’t in my office, so it must be downstairs. So, at any rate, utilising these oils is going to assist you in identifying better. [00:11:45][115.8]

[00:11:47] Let’s start, we have 11 archetypes to go through. So, I’m going to start with the first one alphabetically and it is the artisan, the creative flow, that’s the word that I think goes with this, the first word that comes into my mind besides creative is flow and there is another one that is also very creative and that is the Performer. They are totally different. The artisan is creative. They are at their best when they are just allowing things to flow through. The performer is at their best when they are focussing on details, focussing on practice. Both of these have amazing skills, creative talents. The artisan usually works alone, whereas the performer may work alone or in concert with others, such as a symphony player, and everything must be perfectly orchestrated to work together. So, this is very much focussed. This is free. This is focussed. Now, you may recognise yourself and some of these or you may recognise things that are in your friends or people that you have known throughout your life. [00:13:36][109.5]

[00:13:39] The major challenge in all of the archetypes have wonderful talents and abilities. There are also some challenges that they may face and the challenge here is that they often do not connect well with others. They may be off in a little world all by themselves. They also may not really honour the value of their creative talents and in that way they may be in the lack because they don’t feel that they can make enough money or that they should be doing other things. [00:14:25][45.7]

[00:14:26] So, I’m going to read and I will post this at some point. However, it’s in in our Journey book, it’s in the guide book that comes with the cards. It is not these questions, are just important for us to think and I ask myself, they’re right here and I’m going to read them to you, because as you go through each of these these archetypes, you might choose to ask yourself – Who do I know who displays characteristics of this archetype? It may be you, it may be your friends, it may be your sister or brother or mother or father, how do I feel about these people? Remember, this is a workbook which is to make us think and that’s what but Rainbow Healing is all about. It’s about getting us to really examine ourselves, our feelings, our emotions, not just what we are doing, but what we are feeling, not just what we are thinking, what we are feeling. Sometimes, that is more difficult than what we’re thinking isn’t? Is there one who stands out more than the others as being this particular archetype, could be you! What can I learn from this person? This is a big one for me because I select one of the archetype cards every single day. That does not necessarily mean that it is who I am. It means, what are the attributes of this archetype that could be most supportive to me today, in this moment? [00:16:34][128.3]

[00:16:36] Then the next question is, what are the potential challenges that this particular archetype may experience? That could be important for my focus today and then I like to ask myself, is this the archetype of my authentic self? May or may not be, am I also holding parts of other archetypes that are not part of my authentic self? The chances are that there is no one that is going to really get a yes or no answer to that, because each one of us tends to take on things we’ve been told all our lives. Our beautiful mothers and fathers have told us that we should do things in certain ways, and we have grown up thinking that that was who we truly were. However, that may not be part of who you truly are. [00:17:49][72.8]

[00:17:50] So, we’ve gone through the archetype and the Performer, our most creative ones. There’s another one that has a lot of focus too, and it’s kind of an isolated detective. The Detective is one who has this massive ability, very intelligent and ability to look at a lot of different isolated facts and pull them together like pieces of a puzzle. They can just grab a little isolated things and see the big picture, bring them together. They also, because of this ability, they can see the loopholes and things that rules and they may become rule breakers because they can see how to get around the rules. So, that’s a potential challenge. However, would you not choose to have someone who is focussed on details handling your business affairs, someone who is creative and allowing the flow to come through, that’s not necessarily the most appropriate thing for business success. So, the Detective, who do you know who may be holding these? This may be their authentic self. I certainly hope that my accountant is a Detective. I am not a Detective and I need people around me who have these abilities to see these little details that I tend to overlook because I look at the big picture more often than the details. [00:19:47][117.6]

[00:19:49] So, actually there are three of them that kind of go together because these three, the Enchanter, the Shaman and the Wizard, tend to be they seem to have magical abilities, the ability to do things that others necessarily cannot do or orchestrate. The Enchanter has a charisma, the Enchanter seems to have it all together. The Charisma, the beauty, the ability to attract others to them and just always seems to be the life of the party, front row, centre stage and because of this, often they really have it all together. If they have not integrated those potential challenges, overcome them, they may find that there are a lot of dramas in their lives because they love being centre stage. So, they create dramas to have more exciting stories to talk about. [00:21:08][79.2]

[00:21:10] The next one is the Shaman. The shaman has all of the the clairvoyance, the ability to see energies, to hear things that others don’t hear, the ability to feel, and even the ability for psychometry, which is that ability to hold something that belonged to someone or to hold or rock or touch a tree and to tell all about the past or what that person or object is, the energy of it. However, the Shaman truly prefers to be out in nature, absolutely. Just in nature, connecting with the source, the animals and the plants and just being left alone, being playful. One of the challenges for a shaman is that they are not always responsible because they are childlike, childlike wonder as they’re playing out in the with the butterflies and the animals and the trees, just choosing not to accept a lot of responsibility. [00:22:37][86.7]

[00:22:40] Then, there is the Wizard. The Wizard is always really intelligent and often kind of intimidating towards others because they seem to be mysterious. They have an ability to do things that others may not be able to do and even such things as directing the weather, they’re the ones who work behind the scenes rather than the Enchanter, is always going to be out in front. The Wizard is going to be behind the scenes directing things, focussing on the details and how things will happen, the mysterious things that the Enchanter would never see. The Enchanters going to see just the things that are up front and of course, as I said, the Shaman is going to be out in the woods playing and connecting with source. [00:23:44][63.8]

[00:23:44] So as you can see, there are some positive things and some potential challenges associated with each one of them. Now, the next two, I think, kind of go together. The Healer and the Teacher, because these are the big nurturers. The healer and the teacher, both have a potential challenge because they choose to have those around them gaining just by being in their presence and they tend to give away parts of themselves and often create co-dependence in co-dependent relationships but the Healer has this amazing ability, I cannot speak today, this amazing ability to create a safe environment where others feel comfortable, they feel comfortable being vulnerable. Think about the people in your life that you feel comfortable being vulnerable around. I’m sure it’s not everyone. There’s some people that we feel like we must put up those veils of illusion, because we really are not ready to let people see us for who we are. What the healer has that ability to create that safe place where others can be vulnerable, which is the only way that we can actually truly heal at all levels. [00:25:44][119.8]

[00:25:45] The Teacher possesses some of this same ability and the Teacher major ability that is quite different from the Healer is that the Teacher has an ability to communicate clearly, to communicate complex concepts simple so that others can understand. I’m sure that we’ve all had Teachers that really and truly we just could not understand what they were saying. Think back to it. We’ve also, if we’ve been very, very lucky, had some teachers in our educational experience or in our lives that made things simple. I had one of these particular teachers in my university experience, and he made these so simple, he made everything so easy. It was one of my higher maths classes and I was a maths and physics major and he just made it so simple that I thought, I don’t even need to practise this. Oh! bad mistake, because it was simple when watching him do it. However, without practice, when I got on the test, it was the first time in my whole life I drew a blank. Thankfully, my brain began to work and I was able to recover during the test and ended up doing quite well. However, I never have forgotten that feeling. So, sometimes we hear people who can make things so simple, we disregard them because we feel like they’re not important. It has to be more eloquently stated. Not true! The simpler it can be and the easier it is to understand is going to often, in fact, I believe, always be more productive. [00:28:09][143.3]

[00:28:10] So we have one another, but we only have three more to go and I hope I haven’t run over too late. I’ve gone a long time today. The Holy One. The holy one is one that has that massive ability, that amazing ability to truly connect with other dimensions and the challenge for the Holy One is that staying grounded, staying grounded here on Earth because they were out in another world experiencing other things, that the rest of us may not be able to experience. They have the ability to bring back knowledge to others if they can communicate with others, which happens sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. So, you can see how if they can maintain connecton with a Teacher who has that ability to communicate clearly, to make complex concepts simple, how effective these two working together could be. [00:29:22][71.3]

[00:29:23] So, and the last two, which are the Leader archetypes. These lead in very different ways. Both are quite effective. However, they’re quite different and you may see yourself in one or the other. If you’re in a leadership position, your leadership style is one or the other of these and the Crusader is passionate, the passionate person who inspires others purely because their belief is so strong that others get carried up in that moment of passion. You may be able to tell who was the inspiration for this particular card because of the White Horse and it was Gary Young. And truly, he was so passionate about what he believed that he put blinders on and never saw other things coming because he did not give up. [00:30:39][75.9]

[00:30:40] The Warrior is more of the leader that is quite well prepared, thinking things out, planning things. The Crusader sees the end and is heading for the end point with no idea exactly how it’s going to come. The warrior prefers to plan things out. The potential challenge of planning a lot of steps ahead is that things change. Supposed you had planned out 2020 and 2021, all of the things you were going to do. Did they happen? Probably not, because there was a massive change that we all had to make adjustments, so a potential challenge for Warriors is to choose to stay on the path, the path that has been designed, rather than to bend and be more flexible. The Crusader is flexible. The warrior tends to be less flexible. Both of them, because they’re in leadership positions, the greatest challenge of all is betrayal, because as you’re in a position of leadership, you will never, ever please everyone, whether you think you’re in a leadership position or not, every one of us is, every single one of us on this planet is a leader for someone else. Every time we’re in a leadership position, not everyone will agree with us. So, it’s that ability to do get up, dust off, to realise that there will be those that disagree. There will be those that will betray you. Think about Gary Young. [00:32:52][131.8]

[00:32:54] So as we begin to study these archetypes and pay attention to our authenticity, who we are, these veils lifting off, releasing our ideas about who we were, who we were created to be, what we’re supposed to be doing, supposed to be, and integrating all of our true knowledge and abilities. We will become more and more authentic, more and more powerful. [00:33:29][34.8]

[00:33:30] So, as you go through this week, have fun, be playful, enjoy what you’re doing. Every single day can be a positive learning experience; remembering to be grateful, to have gratitude and to believe, believe that you are enough, you are capable of doing whatever it is that you were created to do. [00:34:09][39.7]

[00:34:10] So have a lovely, lovely week with lots of rainbows and I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:34:10][0.0]