[00:00:08] Good morning and happy Sunday! Let’s all take a nice deep breath and slow down. So what is the oil that you’ve chosen to apply while we listen to the bowls of these few minutes before the top of the hour? I have just one bowl here and we’ll strike it in different ways. I’d love for you to listen to the differences in the tones, the same bowl but struck with different things. So, take a deep breath in and just enjoy. [00:00:53][45.1]

[00:02:28] So, it’s almost the top of the hour now, what choice did you choose to have around you this week, or is it the same ones that you normally choose to have? Or did you find yourself using different ones? Was your week a wonderful week? Was it a little less than wonderful, less than what you might have desired to have? Well, it may have been a stressful week. Stress Away may have been your oil, your blend of choice. How many of you chose to have lots of Stress Away? [00:03:11][43.4]

[00:03:12] Well, this was one of those weeks that I just totally felt overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, too many plates spinning, too many spinning plates, whichever way you put it. I was in overwhelm and actually, I don’t know whether most of you are people who love to just have all of the options open. I think I must have placed myself in Bali for a real reason because the Balinese people always adapt to the moment. They are never looking so far ahead. It tends to be living in the moment, which is what I truly thought I had moved myself into a position to remain there. However, when a lot of things come upon us at one time, we tend to revert back to our old habits. How many of you can identify with that? [00:04:27][75.4]

[00:04:29] Well, I am one who has always loved to complete things. Complete, go on to the next thing. I may have three, four or five or six or a whole lot of things going on at the same time but always, I have chosen to complete, to focus and complete. This week showed me, Frances, you can’t do that! You cannot! There are certain things we can’t complete ever and actually life is not complete when we stop and think about it. Would you agree? So it’s all about learning why? That’s my big thing. We always have a choice. Steven loves to say and we talked about choices and chances and changes last week and Steven said, you didn’t say, I was sending you this telepathic message; that choice, the letters right in the middle of the word choice are – o, i, c. Oh I see! Wow! Suddenly, the light comes in and we see, we do always have a choice, we have a choice of what we’re going to do in any moment. We have a choice of where our focus goes. We have a choice. So, as we are paying attention and asking why am I feeling overwhelmed? Well, I was a little bit I was surprised because the particular glyphs that kept coming up in my rainbow healing cards, which I select cards daily many times were – forgiveness, which is all about unblocking. It’s the very first step and release, the freedom glyph. [00:06:44][134.6]

[00:06:45] So, I looked a little bit farther and I realised that personally I have not been staying grounded. So, what is your favourite grounding blend or single oil? Well, Sacred Mountain is mine, and I’m going to use a little bit more of mine right now because that to me is very important and when I say grounded, what am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about grounded to the earth, but possibly even more important that is staying connected with the source, with your creator. That is the most important thing for keeping all of the distractions, all of the extraneous stuff. Now, that’s one of my favourite words, extraneous, because it’s constantly weeding out those things that are not necessarily. Making choices about what we’re going to do, which ones are we going to weed out, what are we going to release from our lives? [00:08:03][77.7]

[00:08:04] So, the first thing that I really thought of, for me, in addition to my Sacred Mountain, I’ve used a lot, of almost out of my Higher Unity blend because this truly does keep me in the moment more and I found that when I’m not in the moment, that’s when everything goes kind of haywire. Now, last week we had a big old full moon and what are full moons all about? It’s all about release, release, release. That bright light of the full moon shines on us. It’s almost as if we can hide behind things at other times but that big old full moon shines a light on all of those things that we choose not to look at. Do you agree? Any of you identify in any way, it’s something that when we are busy particularly, we choose to often just overlook the things that we don’t choose to look at. We’ve got other things we can focus on. So, it’s not necessary to pay attention to those but when we get this energy of the full moon, we really have no place to hide. [00:09:36][91.7]

[00:09:37] So, today I have in front of me lots of oils as always but I have a lot of crystals, too. I have particularly the essential oil of Geranium, which anchors that glyph, that energy of letting go, of forgiveness; forgiving ourselves for what we have done, and for what we have not done or accomplished in any particular situation. So, it’s all about getting rid of the blocks and we all have them. This is also the energy, the crystals that can hold this frequency would be Rhodocrosite. I have a little slab that I’ve had since 2003, one of my students gave it to me in Singapore. I have a Rhodocrosite sphere that I’ve had for almost that long and I have my little Tumblestones. I’m surrounding myself to eliminate these blocks and there things that I don’t really want to think about. [00:10:58][80.7]

[00:10:59] Truly, because there are other stuff that I can focus on and then the other thing is that energy of Lemon essential oil, that frequency of letting go, of what is no longer serving us, that we have so many beliefs, so many. Here is the big word for fears. Why is it that those fears creep in, the fears creep in because we are not fully connected to our sacred space. Remember, that is that grounding, that connection and the pushing out all of the distractions. As I was examining things for myself this past week, I thought why is it that time seems to be getting away from me now? It’s just spinning faster and faster. The plates are going faster and faster and I can’t take anymore. We’ve got to slow down and take some time off and I thought back, a year ago, the world, the whole planet slowed down. We all were confined and we slowed ourselves down and we found things that we began to notice things that we had probably overlooked for years and years in our busyness. We learnt how to adapt and see little things, the beauty in small things. We learnt how to begin to relate with others. [00:13:00][121.2]

[00:13:02] However, over this past year now, I know with me, what was the first thing that I did for years. The first thing that I would do in the morning is to do some stretches and apply some oils, do my rainbow healing glyphs and meditate, do my journey of the glyphs. Really set myself up for a great, great day, listening to my guidance. This was a habit that I did. In fact, for those of you who would come to my classes, you know that I didn’t schedule classes in the morning. I started at noon and would go through it all night. However, my mornings were very precious because they were spent making sure my connection and grounding was perfect, was strong so that I could listen to my guidance. Well, guess what? I’ve noticed that the first thing I do is pick up my phone now. In my mind, I can excuse myself, because I can say – I’m going to use my App for the cards, so, that allows me to pick up my phone. And I see that there are 30, 40, 50 or 100 messages. So, I start answering messages. Where has my focus gone? Is my focus on my grounding? Is my focus on my connection with the source? Is my focus getting me ready for the day for the most important things? Remember, we do have that choice at all times; to choose what we are going to do with every single moment. [00:15:13][130.8]

[00:15:15] Are you using your energy and your time? Is it going to the places that are truly most important to you, and of course, this leads us right back to the refinement list and understanding what really is most important to each one of us. It’s not what’s most important to your sister or your brother or your friend or anyone else. It’s what’s truly important to you. There’s no judgement. It’s merely a fact. What is most important to you? Is that what you’re giving your best energy to? Is that what you are allowing to move into the background? When I realised suddenly that I’m not doing my meditation and oils before I begin interacting with others now. I have been doing other things to check them off the list, to get them out of the way, because I felt overwhelmed and the more I do that, the more overwhelmed I have become. [00:16:33][78.8]

[00:16:35] It’s kind of interesting because the archetypes that keep coming up for me, over and over are not the ones that require the brain. They’re the ones that require the heart. The holy one – the connection with the source, focussing on that strong connection and listening to your guidance, and the artisan, which is all about that flow, allowing things to flow, not attempting to orchestrate everything, but allowing that flow to occur. And when we put these together, we have that connection with the source and allowing that frequency, that energy, that information to flow through us. Wow! What a difference! There is no stress when there is a flow. I think sometimes the source just loves to reinforce things and say – OK, Frances, let’s see if you can connect this, because I keep getting water. Water – What to think about water? It’s not stagnant, it’s moving, it’s flowing, it can be extraordinarily powerful. However, it is also a gentle flow and release can be exceptional as we are flowing gently. [00:18:30][114.3]

[00:18:31] So, as we move through this coming week, I would challenge each of you to really pay attention to what is the first thing that you do, to ask yourself – am I connected with the source? That checking in, all of these steps that we have in Rainbow Healing and Grow Actively Refining Yourself process, it’s kind of coming back as to why they are there, because things change from moment to moment, from second to second. Things change, energy flows different ways. So, the more aware that we can become the more inspired, rather than overwhelmed. The more we can enjoy each moment. So it’s all about that awareness – checking in. It’s so easy to make excuses and I have made excuses for myself, I hear myself. It really annoys me when I do and my hand is not healed properly and so my mother kinesiology is more difficult because I can’t pull on my fingers the way I have before. This is my dominant hand and it’s been seven weeks now, over seven weeks and I can’t hold the pencil or the pen to write it. It’s scratchy. That’s something that I have done in the past and found that my greatest inspiration, my greatest messages, my greatest AHA moments have come from things that I have written in my journal. [00:20:45][133.4]

[00:20:46] So, I’m going to encourage each of you to write and I’m learning to do things with my right hand so I may write with my right hand. It might give me a totally different perspective on things, but I would encourage you to really, once again pay attention to your grounding, to your connection with the source, and to understand that we all have blocks and just make that intent. Fill your field with that warm pink energy, that Geranium essential oil, those frequencies that will support you in unblocking and getting rid of the blocks. We have blocks at the physical level which causes pain, the emotional level which controls everything, the mental level and even the spiritual level. We’re blocked in our connection with the source if we have allowed too many outside things to come in and diminish our connection. Then to have that courage to let go of whatever is no longer serving you. [00:22:10][84.3]

[00:22:11] I hope that everybody will have a super inspirational week. Learning more about who you are, understanding who, why you’re feeling the way you are, and knowing that it’s going to get better and better, as we do let go of those things that are no longer serving us. So, have a glorious week filled with all sorts of happy and magical experiences and I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:22:11][0.0]