[00:00:08] Good morning! During this time I am going to apply one more application of some of my special oils. I think today I will use another application of Believe. So, whatever oil you choose to put on, just apply and sit back. It’s just about 11 o’clock, so good morning and happy Sunday! I hope that you have had an absolutely wonderful week. My week has been kind of interesting. Has anyone else had an interesting week? So, I’ll talk more about that as we go along. [00:02:59][170.3]

[00:03:03] First of all, I thought of the title for today, long before I thought of what I might be choosing to say to each of you. So, I think perhaps Clarity might be a good one. That is what I’ve been using this week, and that’s one that I am choosing to use right this moment. Whatever oils you choosing to use, please just apply and enjoy. I’d love to know which ones you did, ultimately select to use it for today, with our title of – choices, chances and changes. [00:03:52][49.0]

[00:03:56] How do you feel when you hear these words, do you get excited? Do you feel kind of unsettled? Well, I will tell you that they are not words that have ever been very comfortable to me for most of my life. They kind of threw me off balance. So, I’m going to go through them just to talk about, what we might be able to do, how we might be able to shift our perspective. First of all, the word choices. Well, I’ve already said, when I had choices most of my life, it really produced stress. Do any of you feel stress when you are forced to make a choice and yet we have choices in every single moment of every day of our lives? So, understanding that there is no judgement in the choice, that the choice may be between two positive things. It’s not a stressor. We can always make another choice. [00:05:23][86.9]

[00:05:24] Now, what I also found, remember those eight words that Steven and I talked about as part of our refinement process and our Growing Actively Refining Yourself process; those eight words – I can, I am, I will, I choose, there it is. I choose, I have, I love, I create and I enjoy. These are in a definite order and if we are blocked on any one of those words, that block must be cleared before we move on to the next one, because we’re really literally blocked all the way down when we’re blocked at wherever the first block comes in. So, what do you think about when you feel that block? What can we do? Well, in Rainbow Healing, what is the very first glyph? Forgiveness – that’s anchored by the Geranium essential oil? And also anchored by the crystal of Rhodocrosite. These are things that we can do, surrounding ourselves with that golden pink energy, intending to visualise the energy in this glyph, moving wherever they are required throughout our entire physical form and energy being, eliminating the block. [00:07:14][110.0]

[00:07:19] Choices – we do have them, and as we eliminate those blocks, the choices become exciting, fun! We look forward to making them. So that’s going to be our first step. Would you agree? So, how we perceive choices; whether we are stressed. Which blend do you normally reach for when you’re stressed? There’s one definite one that I reach for that’s Stress Away and moved it for some reason. I moved it off of my desk this morning. Well, I have so many oils in that big bowl to put up here. So, at any rate, lift that stress and understand that there is one thing more than any other that is the most important thing, and that is for each of us to make that strong connection with the source, whatever your concept is of the creator, that which created you and your entire reality, making that connection, holding that connection, not allowing other things to filter into your space, colouring your choices. How many of us make choices according to what we feel others expect of us? How many of us make choices according to our beliefs? I’ll come back to that part. [00:09:14][114.9]

[00:09:16] The next thing is all about chances. Chances – what does that word bring up in you? Is it positive? Do you look at it as a risk or an opportunity? Do you look at it as a potential for adding positive things or potentially losing? A profit and loss, a a gain or a loss? Often, I used to be one who did not want to let go of what I had, even when I didn’t like the situation I was in, at least I knew what I had. Is that what we do in so many things in our lives? Our illnesses, we’ve learnt to deal with them. They’ve become part of who we are. So, as we let go of them, we’re jumping off into the unknown. I think of this as the fifth glyph. This is that transformation, that change, that totally moving into a different place, the breath of life, that brand new possibility. I call it the fires of transformation. Nothing can happen until we do begin making the changes. This is the energy of Orange essential oil and it can be held by the huge rock of golden orange calcite sitting right here and in fact under my desk, I have an even a larger one because this is something that I dreaded all my life, change. [00:11:41][144.9]

[00:11:43] Truly, I would do anything to maintain that space of where I was because change frightened me. Does it frighten any of you? Or is it exciting to think about things that are changing? Well, it’s all in how you look at it. So this may be using that seventh glyph, that lemon yellow that is anchored by the Lemon essential oil to help us to release, to let go. You may choose to use the Release blend, which I have right here and have been using multiple times this week. Letting go of the way that we have thought about things, letting go of the beliefs that we have held, the stuff that we hold on to, whether it’s at the physical level, the emotional level, the mental level or the spiritual level. We tend to hold on to stuff and I can almost, even though he’s not even in the same room with me, I can hear Steven laughing because I still have a number of boxes that came down from Singapore about two months ago or more that I have not even, while I’ve opened them to kind of see what’s there, but I haven’t dealt with them yet. [00:13:41][118.0]

[00:13:42] Well, guess what? Tomorrow is an absolutely fabulous new full moon, the perfect energy for releasing, for letting go of the things that are waiting us down and we all have them. Some of us, they’re more obvious than others. Every time I walk into my office and I see all these boxes and I think, Frances, you don’t need any of this stuff, but I have to go through it because it was shipped down here. So, I keep putting it off. Are you a procrastinator? Well, change is going to come whether we procrastinate or not and change can also be anchored by Citrine, which I have a big rock of citrine that I’ve had since 2003, that I’d hold on to intending to let go of whatever is holding me back, no matter whether it is the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, just to let go, because fear is a big one for all of us. [00:15:05][83.6]

[00:15:07] Beliefs that may have at one point in your life held some meaning, but which really have nothing to do with your life as it is today? We’ve all experienced this to a certain extent in the last one year plus, that we have had to let go of a lot of beliefs that we had previously and the exciting thing is that we’ve learnt that we can put much more positive things in their place. So, it’s all in how we approach things and the changes. I’ve read this this past week, something along these lines, that what we were actually doing is not as important as what is in our mind as what we’re thinking when we’re doing this and this reminded me so much of what Gary Young taught us. So often, he said the Young Living essential oils are capable of holding intact. What you’re thinking about when you are holding that oil and applying it can dramatically affect what it does. When you are thinking about all the stressors, that stress is going to go into that little bottle and it’s going into your your entire physical being as well, and energetic being. [00:17:02][115.3]

[00:17:03] So, let us think, let us stop, take that breath, breathe in the oils, ensure that we are making that strong connection with the source; that we are actually in our sacred space, with that connection strong and those boundaries up. So, the chaos of the outer world does not come in and affect us. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? And it is simple, but that does not make it easy. So to me, that’s the biggest thing to think about. When we’re thinking of choices, chances and changes, our choices will affect what chances, what opportunities will come next and the opportunities we can then choose; it’s up to us to choose which side of that opportunity. It can be exciting and believe me, if you’re in a place where you’re not feeling really happy and good right now, it’s going to change. It will change. How it changes is the key and you are in control of that. Isn’t that exciting? I think that’s really exciting. So, remember to maintain that connection with the sources. All of you know that Sacred Mountain has been my favourite, my stand by for maintaining that strong connection with the source. Whatever your favourite oil, it could be Grounding blend, it could be Valour. Change takes a lot of courage. Would you agree? So Valor may be your stand by right now. Think about it. Just stop and pay attention and select a particular oil to support you in remaining connected with the creator, with your source. Then, look at the way that you are perceiving choices. Are you blocked? What do we do when we’re blocked? We go straight to the first glyph that going through all ten of the glyphs will get you to a state of harmony and balance and connection. [00:20:00][177.6]

[00:20:02] So have a beautiful, beautiful week filled with lots and lots of happy choices, happy changes, opportunities for making positive changes and I look forward to seeing you next Sunday. [00:20:02][0.0]