Balance in life means that your life find its own equilibrium. Even if there are a few struggles or strains, you will still be able to manage it and juggle it. It does not mean that it has to be perfectly equal. You can have more of something than the other, but still having the balance. Having a balanced life is important for your personal health and well-being. Without balance, everything will be in a mess and you won’t be the better version of yourself.

When you’re out of balance, your emotions tend to be everywhere. You’ll have difficulty sleeping, poor concentration and headaches, which shows that you are having difficulty keeping up with your lifestyle. You’ll start being jealous of others and you compare your life with others.

To have a balanced life, you need to take care and look after yourself first. You need to ensure that you’re healthy and in good shape. Your body needs plenty of rest, exercise and healthy food. Take some time out from a busy day to enjoy activities and unwind by journaling or meditating.

Its important to be organised, allowing time for your tasks and making room for activities you enjoy. It can help reduce stress and improve your life balance. Be clear of your priorities and make a point to do something towards these priorities every day.

Keep a healthy work-life balance. As much as work is important, you still must check in with yourself. Make time for other activities so that you don’t always think of work. Be efficient and productive as possible at work and make an effort to not bring work to home with you.

Have boundaries and respect them. It acts as a protective layer from life. When something charges towards you, having boundaries help to filter what is necessary and what is not to be in your life right at that moment.

Doing something you love helps to keep yourself together. Get those happy feelings flowing around your body, recognise that you are important and special. Balance your emotional and psychological needs. You deserve to enjoy doing what you love, that brings out the best version of yourself.

‘We need to introduce a little balance into your life. Part of this balance means not missing out on some of the marvels of life around you, the fun, some excitement, or other challenges in life.’
– Catherine Pulsifer