[00:00:06] Good morning! Once again, it’s Sunday, and I almost forgot to look at the clock. We have lots and lots of things going on today, so I’m going to first take care of the little business things, a little housekeeping. The first one that I mentioned last week that no one had incorrectly answered the trivia question, that was actually from two weeks before. I made a mistake! There was one correct to answer and it came in a little late but we’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Congratulations to Angel Chin for answering the trivia question about what one single glyph is carved into the sandstone carvings above every single door at Fuller Life? So, congratulations Angel! You will be hearing from us and receiving your gift soon, if you have not already received it. [00:01:15][69.1]

[00:01:16] Today, I’m going to first announce the answer to last week’s trivia question. Does anybody remember what that was? There were a lot of correct answers this week. I have all the names here in this bag and the trivia question was – What do the letters in our acronym, G A R Y stands for and they were many, as I said, correct answers and Catherine Lelong in Hong Kong, is the winner of this week’s trivia question. The letters for those of you who are not aware, are Grow Actively Refining Yourself because that’s what this journey is all about, that growing with our our active input, refining ourselves, polishing ourselves, understanding more and more of who we are every single step of the way, and it’s something that others don’t do for you. It is something that only you can do for yourself. So, grow actively refining yourself. Congratulations Catherine! [00:02:45][89.3]

[00:02:48] Now I will start by just using the bowls, grab your oil, whatever single oil or blend you chose to apply and have close to you to apply first and I will strike the bowls to begin our session today. So, once again, good morning and happy Sunday or whenever you happen to be watching this video! [00:04:08][80.3]

[00:04:09] Today, we are going to take that next step. The the title of today’s session is All In. So, first we will review what we did last week. Last week, we talked about those first four steps. The importance of creating the foundation; the foundation for allowing change into your life. And this was the focus on the first four glyphs of rainbow healing. Whether you are using your glyphs, your cards from the app or your physical cards and applying your oils. How many of you actually have amassed your whole collection of rainbow healing single oils? And a blend or Sacred Mountain is my favourite blend to initiate the process. So, what is Geranium all about? Geranium was that first step that is required to get rid of the blocks. If we allow those blocks to remain, no matter what level they are, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, then, we are not going to move forward or if the block is a smaller block, we may move forward, but it will be very slowly. So that is a key starter point. [00:05:51][101.8]

[00:05:52] What’s the next point? We have to understand and begin to use our energy to separate, to understand our own energy flow is different from the energy flow of others. So the Lavender essential oil is going to assist in helping us to understand and to actually establish our personal, unique energy flow. [00:06:25][33.2]

[00:06:29] Our third step is to begin understanding who we are, that Cedar Wood and those crystals of Amber and Red Jasper will assist us in beginning to identify, to take off those masks; to take off the veils of illusion, to cut through them and to see the magnificence of who we truly are. [00:07:02][33.3]

[00:07:06] That fourth step – that compassion, that nurturing of ourselves, nurturing who we are finding that perfect balance of giving and receiving the energy of Northern Lights Black Spruce. This is that balancing energy that will allow for balance, for joy, for a gentle route through our journey on this planet. So these four steps are the foundation of everything. As we do these, we will find that our life has more meaning and it brings us more joy in every aspect. [00:07:58][52.4]

[00:08:02] I like things the way they are. I did this for a long time because I love to keep things an even keel. I don’t like confrontation. I don’t like descension. Things that make me uncomfortable. Change always made me uncomfortable. I resisted change. I held onto the way that things were and that is our choice. [00:08:35][32.9]

[00:08:37] The next steps in the Rainbow Healing Journey, the very next one is this decision making time and I personally did not like this particular glyph. When these frequency’s came to me in this shape, I didn’t even like the colour. The colour, by the way, is golden orange and I am dressed in golden orange today to remind me to surround myself with these frequencies, because this is the frequency of change, the breath of life. This is the frequency of fire. Once you burn something, the change is there. There is no turning back because everything has changed and it’s our choice as to whether we choose to go forward, whether we choose to trust in the process, to open ourselves up for something different. If you love everything the way it is, you may choose not to change anything. If there are things that you would choose to have a bit differently. This is where you determine. This is not a point where you can decide, well, I may do just a little bit of this. This is that big decision and it just so happens that today really is that full moon, that energy of change, the energy of release. [00:10:35][118.4]

[00:10:36] So, we are going through these next three glyphs today, which the next three steps. First, the Orange essential oil and Mandarin and Tangerine also do anchor this frequency but this is the energy that will assist. It’s also the energy of Calcite crystal. I have a nice chunk of calcite sitting right here to remind me. I also have some smaller calcite in a glass right here that I can carry with me. I can put in my pocket to support me in allowing for the change and again, this is something we choose to allow. If you’re jumping off the cliff or jumping into a fire, you can’t change your mind. Right? So, this is that decision making thing, that time of a choice of, do I move forward or not? You may choose to surround yourself with the frequency of the Transformation blend, transformation on all levels. [00:12:00][83.6]

[00:12:01] It’s always our choice as to what we will change. It’s always our choice to stop changing. It may not be our choice to go back, it’s like this is that point of letting go of the shore. If we’re trying to cross the river, if we are attempting to go across a chasm, we have to make a decision to let go of some of the things in the past and to accept that silver energy of Acceptance, of what changes we are allowing into our lives. As I’ve pointed out most of my life, I resisted change because it was uncomfortable. It was unfamiliar. Well, some changes have been thrust upon us that we don’t always have that choice. We always have a choice of accepting or confronting the change. So, the essential oil that’s going to assist us here is Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense. You may choose to douse yourself with that Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense with that intent; constant intent of accepting who you are, where you are on your journey without judgement and accepting others and the choices that others are making. We do not have all of the information about anyone else. The only one that we know everything about is ourselves and when we are focussed and not paying attention to what is going on within our own field, then we are limiting our ability to accept. We may be resisting without really realising it. We may be feeling; I’m doing everything correctly, I’m doing everything, and it’s just not working. We don’t truly have the big picture. Would you agree? [00:14:55][174.6]

[00:14:57] We only have a fragment because we are one person looking from one perspective. This is where that connection with the source is so important to focus upon that connection with your creator, whatever your concept is, and to become more and more confident in the messages that you are receiving. This past week has been a really interesting week for me in many ways, but I have received a number of comments from people who’ve just read my book. I wrote about me in my autobiography and some of the comments that came up. I wrote it, I read it as soon as I received the book, however, it’s been a couple of months. So, since I read it and I just kind of flopped it open and I realised there were so many things that I had forgotten about and places where I trusted in crazy outcomes, crazy information that seemed to come to me. [00:16:23][86.3]

[00:16:24] However, something inside me, could that have been my connection with the source, said Frances, this is the correct thing to do. This is the choice. It is your option to make this choice but those choices, many of which seemed insane to anyone else, they seemed insane to me as well, totally crazy! However, they have opened up the possibilities for other things that I never, ever dreamed about. So, this idea of planning everything that’s going to happen may not be the the road, the journey that is going to truly bring about the transformation. The Transformation, the real positive outcomes that may be in store for you. So, this is all about that allowing the change, accepting yourself and others, accepting that we all make our own decisions based upon our connectiion. There is no way that we truly have the right to judge another. It is all about focussing on our connections, staying connected, hearing and trusting. [00:18:09][104.3]

[00:18:15] Today, there are three little steps that we’re going through and that is letting go; releasing, releasing our ideas, releasing our beliefs that are no longer serving us. Many of those beliefs were pounded into our heads by others for most of our lives, through whatever manner some of the beliefs may have come through generations of our family and they really may have no relevance today. So, how do we let go of those things that are no longer serving us? The fears that may have been instilled as well. Fears; fear of change, fear of doing things different, fear of appearing different to others. Fear of what others might say, fear of failure and one of my big ones was fear of success, which seems insane. However, if you are successful, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to be able to maintain it? This was a valid fear for me. So, understanding our fears and being willing to let go of them. . [00:19:46][91.6]

[00:19:46] Lemon Essential Oil is one of those precious, wonderful frequencies that will assist us along with that lemon yellow colour as we are releasing and this full moon energy is all about release. I now understand why I jumped the gun by a week starting last week with that energy of the full moon coming because we were preparing ourselves those first four steps to make the decision about whether we would allow that change or allow that transformation, jump into the fire. Allow that new breath, like a baby, the birth of a baby, that first breath of the new life, agreeing in some level to accept who we are and where we are, the things that are coming and who agree to release, to let go of the fears, the fear of the unknown. That is really scary, to actually let go of that fear. [00:21:15][88.4]

[00:21:15] However, when we maintain our grounding, that connection with the source, fear is something that is not compatible with the energy that we are receiving from the source. So, as we remain in our sacred space, allowing for the changes to come, trusting in the outcomes rather than attempting to plan everything ourselves, then that release of those outcomes bring about far greater results than we may have dreamed ever possible. [00:22:00][44.3]

[00:22:01] So, I’m going to suggest that this week you really go back, look at those. I hope that all of you were spending the last few weeks paying attention to your refinement list, paying attention to those things that you truly would like to eliminate. The things that we choose to have in our lives may change dramatically when we begin transforming. The things that we choose not to have in our lives will be the key, for what does manifest in our lives. Does that make any sense? We have to take out the things that aren’t supposed to be there, the things that we truly, do not choose to experience any longer, and then it opens up all of the possibilities. [00:23:08][67.1]

[00:23:10] So, as you go through your week, utilise these energies, take time to write down what’s in your heart, not what’s in your brain, what’s in your heart. That’s the hardest thing for most of us. That is the most difficult thing for me; to get out of the brain because I was raised that the brain is a thinker and to really just allow that information to come into the heart and what comes into and out of our heart is far beyond what we can possibly think of up here. [00:23:54][44.0]

[00:23:59] We do have another trivia question to go through. So, for those of you who choose to enter our trivia contest this week, this is the question and please don’t write it on Facebook. Email to admin@fullerlife.com and we will announce the winner next week. The question gets more difficult as it goes along. There is an octagonal shaped building at Fuller Life Bali, that means eight sides to this building. We hold meditations and we can do yoga, we’ve done training sessions, all sorts of things can be held in this eight sided building. What is the name of that octagonal building at Fuller Life Bali? I’ll give you a hint. We have another octagonal building at the villas. So, if you happen to name either of these, your name will go into the winners pile and we will draw out another name next week. [00:25:29][90.7]

[00:25:30] So have a beautiful week and I look forward to hearing lots of exciting, interesting things that are happening to each of you as you go and move along your transformative journey. Have a beautiful week. [00:25:30][0.0]