[00:00:06] Good morning! I’m using my oils as I’m getting prepared for the top of the hour and I’m going to first start with Clarity. Last week, I do apologise. I was not here and the reason for that was that I allowed my focus to be diminished. So, I’ll tell you a little bit more about that as we get into our session today. First, I’ll start with the with the bowls and bells or with one bowl. You may noticed that I am striking it differently. There’s only one bowl here. I had a slight mishap in the garden; tumbled and injured my my dominant hand. [00:01:19][73.6]

[00:01:20] So, how many of you do do things really and truly with one hand, you really rely upon your dominant hand. Well, most likely every single one of you said, “Me!, Me!” I do a lot of things because I am left handed. I do a lot of things right handed because I live in a right handed world. I do have my brace here just in case I require it, if it really if I feel myself doing something bad, naughty, “nakal”! However, have you ever attempted to apply your makeup with your non-dominant hand? It’s an interesting experience to put the lipstick on or the eye shadow or eyeliner is really an interesting thing. At any rate, take a deep breath, apply whatever essential oil you have chosen or blend that you have chosen to use first today and just enjoy. [00:02:48][87.7]

[00:03:56] I believe it is just about the top of the hour, so again, good morning and happy Sunday! If you happened to notice that I struck the bowl with the padded striker and then used my Geranium essential oil. As I was applying it just before the video this morning, I happened to, as I closed the bottle and was putting it back, I hit the bowl. So, I thought, Wow! That’s a much different sound. I tried different ones of the oils that are sitting here on my my desk and each one had a slightly different sound. So you may enjoy playing around with different sounds and the way that the oils do change them. I’m going to attempt to move the bowl so that I won’t hit it every time I pick up an oil or wave my hands or anything. [00:05:08][72.1]

[00:05:09] So, what kind of a week or in this case, two weeks have you had? I hope they’ve been interesting and positive outcomes. I’ve had some strange things, as I mentioned, I had that little mishap, misstep in the garden and I realised truly that it was because I was not prepared to go out and face the world. Yes, I do these things too. I know what to do. I talk about what to do. However, that does not mean I am 100 percent. So, if you’re not 100 percent, don’t beat yourself up. It’s OK. We are here to learn. Every single experience that we have is a learning experience and we are still in that energy of the creative moon. I mentioned that the topic today is – It’s Full Moon Time Again, because truly that’s what came to me. I woke up two times thinking about the full moon and getting rid of whatever is hanging on to me because that is the release portion of the energy out there. Well, guess what? Steven said last night to me, Frances, the full moon isn’t for another week. I was astounded because in my mind I had awakened thinking about the full moon and the letting go, the release and it’s not yet time for that! However, perhaps what is important is for us to think about the the impact of preparation of preparing for that full moon and the release. [00:07:26][137.3]

[00:07:33] Do you ever select similar cards or the same card over and over again? That kind has been my pattern, particularly in the last two weeks. I repeatedly get this Creation; maybe that had something to do because Creation is all about manifesting, getting those things clear in your mind. Hence, my using Clarity first. Clear of what you truly are ready to release and I have done a lot of extra reading and maths. My Journey II – As I draw these cards or get them on the App and I really pay more attention to what’s in there and when I looked at the Fire in the Creation. I thought about these things; I actually wrote them out so I wouldn’t have to search for them in the book since my left hand is not a 100% today. [00:08:54][80.7]

[00:09:00] What fears are you holding onto? Which ones are you ready to release? What beliefs are you afraid of releasing? We all have a lot of beliefs, everything that has been drummed into us from the day of our birth onward. These beliefs that have been just pounded into our brains, into our very being, and some of them may not be applicable anymore but is it time to release some of those beliefs and if so, which ones? That’s what this refinement process is all about, Grow Actively Refining Yourself. It’s just about understanding more and more of who we are at our very core and every single one of us is different and every single one of us is perfect. So, we hold on to these beliefs. One of the beliefs that I held on to for so many years is that thought form of illness and disease. Are you holding on to those those thought forms, that belief in illness and disease, or do you have a belief of completely regenerating every portion of your being? Well, that creation hologram is all about that regeneration, rejuvenation, understanding that every single one of us truly has that ability to rise above the thought form. It’s our beliefs that are holding that pain, holding that injury, holding that physical, emotional, mental or spiritual injury in place and not allowing us to step beyond it. [00:11:33][152.7]

[00:11:34] One of the good things I’m going to refer to my experience, because most of you know that it’s been a year and a half since I fractured my hip, which was my most recent injury, and when it has healed over that period of time, it kind of turned outward. It didn’t heal so that my feet were both forward, as hard as I would try. I would attempt to make it go straight, but it really was not happy about pointing forward. Wonder what that means. I’m taking a little detour here. So, at any rate, this little jolt that I had in the garden, actually the first thing I noticed when I was able to stand up on my two feet again, was that my leg is standing, is actually pointing more parallel with the left one. So, I am excited about that and I’m also excited to see how my left hand is going to heal because I’ve had some challenges with my left hand before. I am confident that with my belief in the ability to regenerate and to let go of that that thought form, that idea that we have to keep to hold on to those old patterns that they are going to improve. [00:13:22][107.5]

[00:13:25] What oils am I using? Well, have used a lot of oils, not as many on my hand, because it was covered up with the brace for a lot of the time but, the oils that I would choose to use might be these oils that anchor this frequency of creation; creating a new outcome. So, first of all, we have to have an idea of what that outcome is going to be about who we are. So, the Authenticity, that third glyph, the Cedarwood, the Amber and Red Jasper crystals; those are the frequencies, that sparkling Apricot energy that anchor this glyph is going to assist us in focussing upon who we truly are, who we were created to be. How can we possibly understand our magnificence unless we uncover the core of who we were truly created to be. [00:14:44][79.2]

[00:14:44] So, I have used a lot of Cedarwood, and when I awaken in the middle of the night or whenever I’m anywhere, I have oils beside the bed, as well as everywhere else in my environment. I have been applying Cedarwood. I love applying it over the back of my neck and massaging it over the brainstem, which is that little semicircle right in the middle. Whatever oil you have nearby put a drop in your palm right now and then put the fingers, get it on your fingertips and start at your ears at the base of your skull, right behind your ears and just do little circles. I can’t do much with my left hand yet, but I can do them with my right hand, and do little circles going in and then find that semicircle and do that little circles around there. See how it makes you feel. Pay attention. That’s what this is all about, paying attention. [00:15:59][74.8]

[00:16:01] That’s what I was not doing 10 days ago when I headed out my garden, which I do every day. Nothing difficult, very simple. I was carefully not using my phone. I was not looking around. I have learnt that when I’m walking, it’s important for me to look down to where I’m walking and then to stop and look around me and take stock of what all the glorious things that are surrounding me. However, if I attempt to do that while I’m walking, my focus is diluted and diluted focus is where the issues come in. So, the other thing that I did not do before I walked out was to create. I did create my sacred space, which is a key to doing anything; key before you really open your eyes in the morning to create that sacred space, intending that full connection with the source, pushing all of the chaos outside and the harmony and balance inside. I had done that however, I had not checked my boundaries. [00:17:35][94.0]

[00:17:39] Boundaries can be done through intent. The particular hologram, the Lavender, the second glyph, the structure, that energy running in your true authentic energy. Not the energy of others and interface that with who you truly are, that Authenticity, the Cedarwood. So we have Lavender and Cedarwood and the Divine Union integrating all of the aspects of who you are. When you have these three frequencies running through you, truly anchoring you when you’re connected with a source, your boundaries are strong. It means that nothing can harm you, that your energy is not leaking. Now, I have a tendency more than taking on stuff, I did too! I have to be honest, I really do that as well, taking on whatever stuff is out there. [00:19:13][94.4]

[00:19:15] However, I also have this tendency not to pay attention to where my energy is going. That can be a real challenge for all of us, not to know where our energy is going. What level is your energy at any time and how do we tell that? Well, that’s part of our process of checking in. It’s all tied together, isn’t it? We have been building from day one, starting with that first glyph. It’s all a building process. If we skip one, we’re going to have a little hole. It’s going to be a hole that’s either going to allow things that are not supportive to come in or to allow our own energy to seep outward. So, that’s why, just pulling out one thing here and there and focussing on only one thing here and there, it’s not going to truly move you beyond a certain point. It will get you to a certain plateau and that can be where you choose to remain. [00:20:37][82.7]

[00:20:39] For instance, if you choose to use the first four glyphs, that’s going to get you to a much higher level than you may have existed in most of your life. The first one being Forgiveness. This is where it all begins because this is what unblocks; blocks at the physical level cause illness, disease, pain. Blocks at the emotional level cause challenges there and pain. At the mental level, confusion and pain. At the spiritual level, ungrounded inability to hear your own messages and pain of sorts. Who enjoys living in pain all the time, whether it is the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level?, I personally choose not to. Does that mean I don’t do that? Of course not, because I’m not perfect either, and I lose my focus and it’s a reminder. So, utilising these golden pink, warm pink energies to unblock the energy of Geranium and the Rhodocrosite crystal can be very helpful. So, I thought it was interesting that the sound that seemed the most resonant this morning when I happened to hit the bowl with my bottle of essential oil was the Geranium essential oil. Truly it sounded different, which is why I used it for the video. [00:22:45][126.3]

[00:22:47] The second step, after we’ve begun to unclog, just clearing out the drain and getting rid of those blocks, whatever level, is to begin making sure that we are running our own energy signature. Most of us have attempted to be like others most of our lives and we’ve been told we needed to do things in a certain way and attempted to do things another way that was not part of our true self, which is that third glyph. This being the Lavender and Cedarwood. So, we’ve got Geranium, Lavender and Cedarwood. This would be Amethyst, this would be the Amber or the Red Jaspar. If you enjoy playing with your crystals, we are getting much stronger as we get through these first three steps. And that fourth step is to nurture ourselves and this is something we may forget about doing because we get busy. If you’re a mother or father, you have people who depend upon you; you must take care of others and we forget about taking care of ourselves. [00:24:19][92.6]

[00:24:20] So, it’s this is that balance point, that wonderful energy of Northern Lights Black Spruce, the Balsam Fir or Grand Fir and the Idaho Blue Spruce, so, any of those. I have fallen in love with the Northern Lights Black Spruce partly I think it’s not just the frequencies of the Northern Lights, it’s the energy of Gary Young that is in every single drop of this essential oil and I feel his energy when I apply it because he spent so much of his time and energy building that farm and that distillery for us. So, I’m going to apply some more of this Northern Lights Black Spruce, intending to nurture myself and to find that perfect balance of giving and receiving. This just happens to be my favourite colour, this turquoise energy. It’s also the energy of Aquamarine and Adventurine crystals. So, as we do these first four steps, we have put ourselves in a position of power where we can choose to remain like this or we can choose to take that next step, which is the real key and this is what the full moon is all about because it’s about change. So, we’ll talk more about that next week as we actually get close to it. [00:26:19][119.5]

[00:26:20] However, this week, I would challenge each one of you to really pay attention to your refinement list. The things that you choose to have in your life and possibly more important than that; the things that you will not allow. You are choosing to get rid of in your life and that is a huge part. Remember clearing the blocks, getting rid of the extraneous stuff so that we have room to expand, room to grow. So, really pay attention to those things that you truly would choose to eliminate in your life experience. You may choose to write down that list and add to it and read it frequently and determine which one. Sometimes things just seem insurmountable when we have too many things. If I have 10 things, there’s no way I’m going to remember to focus on all of them. My focus is too diluted. So, if we can narrow it down to the most important thing at this moment to eliminate from your life, then we have a great chance of really getting rid of it and getting rid of it for good. So, just sit down, spend some of your time applying your favourite oils. You can apply the oils of Rainbow Healing because they’re all listed in your free App, which has just been updated. I just got the message last night and had to reload and to reset everything so that all of the new information would be on there. You can utilise your oils, utilise the colours, utilise the shapes of your glyphs and really just sit down and connect with the source, listen to what comes through as to what really is in your heart. It’s not what’s up here. It’s what’s in here. It’s going to really make the difference and as we begin to grow and listen and eliminate those things that are standing in our way, we are in a position of power, a position to serve others, in addition to serving ourselves. [00:29:22][182.3]

[00:29:23] So, we have a beautiful week filled with lots of rainbows. No one answered the last trivia question correctly. So, I’m going to tell you the answer. The last question was – What is the single glyph that is carved in sandstone above the entrance of every single one of the villas at Fuller Life Villas? All of the glyphs are there. They’re carved in sandstone, they are carved in teakwood, they are everywhere, there in stones on the paths, every single one of the glyphs is there and the position of each one has been thought out. It’s there for a reason. The one over the door is the Unity glyph because it is our hope that everyone who comes through that door, through any of the doors at the villas, will have everything working together in harmony. Harmony produces longevity. It produces a happy and gentle life experience; that is this particular glyph. You will see this incorporated in everything at the villas. [00:30:59][95.4]

[00:31:00] So, I’m going to give you another trivia question today and if you know the answer, please don’t write it on Facebook. Email to admin@fullerlife.com and please give us your name and we will contact you. We will have a draw from those who do have the correct answer. Everyone who has the correct answers, then your name will go into the draw for a gift. So, listen up! The question for this week is – What do the letters, GARY acronym stand for? So, just write your answer and email it and get it in by Friday, so that we can find the results and we’ll draw next week for another prize. [00:32:12][72.4]

[00:32:13] So have a happy week filled with lots of insights, growth and harmony. [00:32:13][0.0]