Find the comfort in the Essential Oils 🌟

On some days, your skies are clear, beautiful while on other days, it gets grey and stormy. Sometimes your day gets ruined or interrupted and it can be such a bummer. That is when you don’t feel good about your day or yourself, and most days all you require is a hug.

A hug is an act of comfort, and it gives the boost to do something. It can act as a motivation or even as an assurance that everything will be okay. However, you won’t be able to seek comfort and hugs from another person in every time or moment that you need it. Here comes the essential oils. ❤️

A Hug For Comfort – SARA
Think of SARA as your sister/brother. Apply a drop of SARA on your wrist when you feel that you need a listening ear.

A Hug For Gratitude – Present Time
Apply a drop and diffuse whenever you need to connect to the present and express the feeling of Gratitude for what you have right now or for whatever that is happening that is impacting your life positively.

A Hug For Liberation – Release
There will be days where you feel trapped and you just want your freedom in terms of thoughts or behaviours. Apply a drop and diffuse to let go of whatever that is stopping you from saying ‘YES’.

A Hug From Mother Nature – Grounding
Some days all you need is to feel the connection with Earth, with the outside world. Diffuse and breathe in the scent of the great outdoors.

A Hug For Optimism – Hope
On days when you need the sun when it is stormy, when you need to see the bright side of the things that happened during the day, try a little of Hope. You can apply it or diffuse it.

A Hug For Calm – Peace & Calming
After a long day, all you need is to enjoy the feeling of Peace and Calming. Diffuse it to set the night calm.

A Hug For Connection – Gathering
To gather your thoughts for the day or to gather the strength to go on and strive, diffuse Gathering to turn chaos into peace by meditating and journaling.