[00:00:11] Good morning and happy Sunday! It is a sunny Sunday here in Bali, and I’m excited to be here and will give everyone just a little while to get online. So, I’m going to begin with playing the bowls. I had three beautiful Tibetan bowls sitting in front of me, and I thought I would play them in a slightly different way today with the opposite end of the mallet. So, just sit back, put on your favourite celebratory oil, which we will begin talking about those afterwards and just enjoy. [00:00:55][43.6]

[00:02:29] Welcome! So happy to have you here already and we have lots and lots of kind of housekeeping things to go through today. First of all, I am announcing the winner of last week’s Trivia Contest. So, I will do that and that is Chantal Saint-Martin. Congratulations!. The trivia question that I asked at the end of the meditation or at the end of the video last week was: What was the year that Fuller Life Bali, my dream and Steven’s dream, and I’m getting emotional, came into fruition? that we actually opened and the year was 2016 and Chantal will be receiving a pair of these sterling silver handmade with tigers eye earrings for her to enjoy. The tigers eye anchors the tenth glyph in Rainbow Healing, the glyph of leadership, of expansion and each of you watching this, is leading others every single day, every single moment. As we move through our daily lives, whatever we are doing is expanding. It is radiating out from us. Whatever energies we are processing, whatever thoughts we have radiate out in some way, touching others. So, Chantal, congratulations and I hope that you receive your earrings very soon. [00:04:31][122.0]

[00:04:38] Today, the title is Celebrate and one of the reasons that I chose this was that Steven and I are celebrating so many milestones; little and big milestones this particular period. Last week we had celebrated a little over a week ago, eight days ago, as he would carefully tell me, we celebrated our 25th anniversary of the day we met. Of course, he gave me a silver commemorative butterfly, that transformation, because we have been on a transformational journey individually and together. This week, the actual date that Fuller Life opened is the 11th March 2016 and of course, we are having a big celebration at the centre to commemorate this event. [00:05:49][71.0]

[00:05:50] So, I’m going to kind of back up just a little bit, as I’ve talked, mentioned the word celebrate a little bit. First of all, what is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word celebrate? Just think! You may choose to write this down, write it in your journal. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? You may have a flood of things coming to your mind. You may have to sit there and think, oh, my goodness, I don’t know what I think about. Whatever it is, is fine. Just write down that first thing. Was it fun? Fun was the first thing that came to my mind and we just happened to have a blend, a Young Living blend called Fun. [00:06:47][56.7]

[00:06:49] So, I’m going to apply Fun because to me that just kind of signifies what celebrating is all about, that it’s fun. The next thing that came to my mind and I would love to hear from each of you what word, what blend you chose to say when you think about celebrate. I thought of Inner Child because to me children celebrate everything and how often as we are growing up and becoming more and more responsible, how often do we truly, genuinely celebrate the things? Another word that may come to you might be Joy. So, I brought out this blend for me today. I brought out a lot of blends but then we know I always do and I’ve been applying them all morning. [00:07:54][65.0]

[00:07:57] What are some of the other words, do you think of excitement, special, family, friends, noise, music? These were some of the things that came to me, maybe even the opposite of music – quiet? Celebrate. So, I looked it up, I Googled it, and I found that synonyms for celebrate are honour, praise, blessed, glorify and I thought that’s not what I’m thinking. Not quite exactly what I’m thinking. So, I looked up the antonyms and that’s where I found more about what celebration means to me. The antonyms, the opposite of celebrating are disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, overlook. None of those words is comfortable to me and if that’s the opposite of celebrating, I am going to choose to do the opposite of those words because I don’t choose to overlook moments of my life after all celebrations are what give meaning to our lives, to our very existence to set moments apart. [00:10:04][126.6]

[00:10:06] This past week, I happened to catch little things here and there on Facebook, and one of my friends had said these four words which really hit me between the eyes. Now, this was after I had already determined what the topic of today would be. I actually thought of this last Sunday, at the end of the video. This word came into my mind and I wrote it down and then I didn’t do anymore and then later in the week, I saw these four words that Vicas wrote – Celebrate more, suffer less. I’m going to say that again – Celebrate more, suffer less. When you are celebrating, what kind of energy is coming through you? When you have the opposite, those antonyms, neglect, ignore, forget, what kind of energy is coming through you? It is more an energy of suffering. Would you agree? [00:11:35][89.0]

[00:11:37] So, I’ve just been doing a lot of interesting thinking this past week and journaling, and that’s a really special part of the whole thing; to write down these things, because every time we write something down, we can come back and look at it with new eyes at a different time. It can either jog our memory or it can open our eyes and awaken us. That might be another choice, Awaken to new possibilities, to new ideas, awaken to how we may have been dragging our feet or what has been holding us back. So, as we write and later come back and look at it. It may be a true awakening, a moment of great transformation or inspiration. [00:12:52][74.7]

[00:12:55] I have been using a lot of Inspiration recently. This has just come to to Indonesia so I am excited that this blend is here because it is a very special blend. When we are inspired, what does inspire actually mean? It means that we are filled with that Godlike energy, that energy from the source, that positive, happy, joyful, wonderful energy that radiates out from us. [00:13:36][41.5]

[00:13:38] So, as we celebrate and breathe in, inspire also has that idea of breathing in when we inspire and then expire as we breathe out. We inspire. We’re becoming more inspired and as we are more and more inspired, it radiates out from us. So, I also have been thinking so much about my good friend Carol Pipes in Virginia, who over 30 years ago, she is the one who actually inspired me about colours and made me understand, helped me to really see how surrounding myself with the colours, those frequencies that are in harmony with who I am. It totally changed my life. She always said celebrate every moment, make every single day, every single event, every single little thing, be a celebration. As I read her post, I’m always so happy because she posts little things. She has celebrations of every single thing every day and we can all do this, too. We can celebrate. Have you noticed how that many of us are posting? I am enjoying some of the posts on Facebook, I see that people are posting little things that are meaningful, things that we would have overlooked most of the times in our lives because we’re too busy. [00:15:39][121.1]

[00:15:40] We all have been busy. Run, run, run, push, push, push and as I said, I believe part of the reason that Steven was sent into my life is not just to love me and for me to love him but to force me to slow down and play. How many of you have felt most of your life that playing was a waste of time? I certainly have. That was my whole thing, I never learnt how to play. The closest thing to playing was my swimming laps in the pool, and that was not really playing because I had a goal in mind to go faster. So, for me to just say, wait a minute, let’s just stop and let’s just sit and look, it’s a real I challenge or it was. It has become easier and easier. In fact, my feeling, my judgement is that I’ve become lazy because I’m not as productive as I might be during every one of those times but who is to say? How are we to judge? What is the most productive thing that we can do at any given moment when we judge how productive something is? [00:17:18][98.3]

[00:17:19] We are limiting ourselves. We’re limiting ourselves by what we are thinking at that moment. We’re boxing ourselves in and many of us have been taught to stay in that box, not to allow our creativity to flow. So creativity does require being in a state of receptivity and receptivity may be difficult for some of us. We’re used to being the ones who are out there doing all the time and just receiving what is coming. Allowing things in may be more difficult than accomplishing a great challenge. So, I’m going to suggest that each of us celebrate it and create exactly the moments that you choose to celebrate, choose moments every moment, every day. Then maybe you can do this more often, three times a day, four times a day, every hour; take time to celebrate the little things and then place those little things in your memory bank. [00:18:48][89.1]

[00:18:49] Those are the things that will be lasting, those little celebrations, how you felt, how you were feeling Joy, from that simple act of celebrating, of asking time to look, taking time to feel that again is a biggie for me. It was a whole lot easier not to feel, to put up my barriers and not to feel, not feel those emotions as we’re feeling those emotions. Some of the emotions, maybe sadness, some of the emotions, maybe happy, whatever emotions are coming through are part of who you are and they are part of your lessons, we all have them. As we celebrate, we may find that we totally understand things on a new level. So, I’m going to challenge each one of you to really just attempt to create some special moments, something that will trigger a happy memory down the road. Just simple! It may be the simple act of setting your table and sitting down to drink a cup of tea or to just look through something that you would not normally take time to do and write down the way you’re feeling. Your journal may be the most happiest thing of all. [00:20:53][124.2]

[00:20:54] So, I challenge you to do this and before we leave, I have some more announcements. This is just really a big celebration month for us. The first thing is the trivia question; to give at the end of this video, and that is – What is the single rainbow healing glyph that is carved in sandstone above the entrance to each of the villas and massage rooms at Fuller Life Villas? I will repeat this because it’s not going to be written anywhere. What is the single glyph that is carved in sandstone above the entrance to each of the villas and to each of the massage rooms. There are glyphs in sandstone and in the teakwood doors and the furniture but there’s one glyph that is in the centre above every door at the Fuller Life Villas. So, if you know, don’t put it on Facebook, email to Admin at fullerlife.com. All of the correct answers that arrive by next Saturday, 13th March, we will put into a drawing for another prize and it will be announced at the next Facebook Live. This is a really big week of lots of big period of lots of celebrations. [00:22:59][124.8]

[00:23:01] Next Sunday, 14th of March, it happens to be Nyeypi, which is the Balinese New Year and for generations, Nyepi has been called Silent Day, where all the Balinese people stay in their homes. No one is using electronics, internet and electricity is not supposed to be used and even the airspace over Bali for generations, for years has been closed for Nyepi. So, Steven and I are respecting that and I will not be doing Facebook live next Sunday. Whether we put up a pre-recorded video, that is a possibility if I get to that this week or whether we do it on Saturday, 13th March, I will make an announcement to that effect, whatever we’re going to do. [00:24:11][70.3]

[00:24:12] So, I will be probably doing a meditation this week as well. Just watch for the announcement because we invite all of you to join us and I hope you have a wonderful happy weekend and I hope I’ve done all of the announcements that are required today. Just remember once again, that to create the moments that you really choose to celebrate and to put them in your memory bank, remembering that celebrations are what give meaning to our lives. [00:24:12][0.0]