[00:00:07] Good morning! I’m so excited to be here again, Sunday morning and during this time until the top of the hour, I’m going to just apply a couple of oils and play some bowls. First, I’m going to apply my Inspiration and I just dropped a drop of inspiration in one of my Tibetan bowls that’s sitting here. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and I have three bowls sitting right here on my desk in front of me. I have this very large one and I also have bells, so we’ll see what how much you enjoy them. Please, just take whatever oil is your favourite grounding or inspirational oil and just breathe it in along with these frequencies. [00:01:08][61.0]

[00:02:55] I think it is just about the top of the hour or so, once again happy Sunday! Welcome, I’m so happy to see many of you already online and I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. This has been a really fun week for me. Our title this morning, “Learning from Sunflowers”, was kind of inspired by the fact that our sunflowers began blooming about two weeks ago and I was just so excited when I saw them because they always feel me. They inspire me and they feel me with a beautiful energy, the colour just being near them and their wonderful gardeners have planted them on both sides of our garden walk and in this last week they have burst into bloom. [00:03:56][61.3]

[00:03:57] We have hundreds of sunflowers blooming and when I mentioned to Steven that I was enjoying the sunflowers, he was telling me more about sunflowers, which I had no idea. He said they’re very ancient. They’re very old plants that have been on the planet for a very long time and they have that long stalk. In that long stalk is about 75 percent of their energy and about 25 percent of that energy is in that beautiful large bowl like bloom that we have all come to identify that looks like a sudden burst. He mentioned that this bloom is like a satellite dish. It has the ability to attract about 200 times the frequencies, the energy that is in the actual plant. It kind of draws in that energy from the sun, that energy from the creator, those frequencies, and it holds them and processes it throughout the plant. Think about this, it then sends it out into the world, into the planet. [00:05:38][101.2]

[00:05:41] As the plant itself goes through its entire life cycle, it goes back into the planet. So, all of the energy is returned and in addition, it has that extra energy that has been brought in. So in a sense, the sunflower is an amazing generator. Now, I want you to hold on to that thought for a little bit, because there’s something else that I learn about sunflowers that is related, however, it is kind of sideways. So this past week, the man who had been processing our visas for Bali, Indonesia, many years contacted me because with no travel, he has looked to other things and he and his family decided to use some of their land for be farms and they now are producing honey. So, when he as I told him that I would love to have some of the honey; he lives just two kilometres from us, and I would love to have some of that honey from where I know it comes from. He told me that he has two different types of honey, so I said, we’ll have one of each. He told me the names, which I don’t know and I can’t recite right now, but this darker one that is really the most healthy and the lighter one. [00:07:26][104.9]

[00:07:27] As we stood talking when he brought them by, he walked through our garden and he was just amazed when he saw the sunflowers because he said, it is the sunflowers that attract the bees that produce this very healthy honey. The mangoes produce this, that is a sweeter honey which we have mango trees space throughout our entire property and at the centre as well. So, when he told me these things, we stood there watching the bees and he explained how the bees are just so attracted to the sunflower. And then they take them back and then they reproduce, as well as producing the honey they are reproducing. How many of you have heard how the bees have been disappearing from the planet and that they are required for us to have our plants. They are required for pollinating the other plants so that we can have food. It’s just a cycle that is all inter-related. So, I got really excited because I can see even more fields of sunflowers and mango trees everywhere. [00:08:57][89.8]

[00:08:59] I got to thinking about this, that each one of us is like the sunflower. About seventy five percent of our energy is from the neck down in our stock and then we have this head, this satellite dish, for bringing in those higher frequencies for that connection with the creator, with the source. So, as we draw in these energies, what is it that can assist us in maintaining and becoming a real generator, a real positive influence on everything around us? I’ll give you a moment to think about that. What is the most important thing? It is to make that connection and to maintain that connection. Would you agree? That’s only half of it. We also have to maintain our grounding. [00:10:14][75.1]

[00:10:17] What is your favourite essential oil for grounding? Well, most of you know that my favourite one of all is Sacred Mountain and I use it multiple times daily. There may be other oils that you find are more helpful for staying connected up here or for staying grounded. Some of the big trees, the Conifers are wonderful grounding oils and Black Spruce has an amazing frequency. So, whatever experiment with the oils, find those that are most inspiring for you and Inspiration may be one of those. I’ve been using a lot of Inspiration recently. And those of you who may be wearing something over your face a lot, sprinkle those oils in that piece of fabric and breathe them in the whole time that you’re covering up your nose. This will enhance that experience of the oils, even though you’re breathing in a lot of carbon dioxide, because as you exhale, it is carbon dioxide, at least the oils will assist you in bringing more oxygen into the body. [00:11:52][94.9]

[00:11:53] So, we’re now enhancing our ability to stay grounded. What’s the other thing? That’s the big issue. Well, some of us have a lot of issues with staying grounded and connected but it’s those outside influences, those distractions, the stuff that happens outside. We each are unique individual beings who have our own connection with the creator, our own grounding, and we have a responsibility to maintain it. Would you agree? The greater level of maintenance that we can can muster up, the more powerful we become. So, staying connected requires a little more focus on our part. Keeping that stuff outside, it is so easy to allow things to seep into our sacred space. It’s so easy to allow our own energy to flow out to things that are not truly important to us, the things that we would choose to have our energy flow, too. [00:13:24][90.6]

[00:13:25] So, how do we how do we check on this? We check in. That’s what checking in is all about. It is a matter of seeing where we are, placing our focus in a place that will enhance our ability to draw in those higher frequencies, to keep the distractions outside, to maintain harmony and joy in our own field. That is what we are radiating outward to others; bringing in the energy, processing it and allowing it to expand outward, positively impacting everything and everyone around us. [00:14:17][51.4]

[00:14:17] So, my choice is, to my mental thing now is thinking about those beautiful bright sunflowers. The sunflowers that just make me smile every time I see them. As you go through this week, pay attention to what oils you are applying, which ones are making you feel differently. I’m choosing to use some of the oils that I haven’t, perhaps used as often, Motivation blend; motivation is not something that I felt that I had issues with. However, I’ve been looking up the definitions of words and motivation can mean, it can enhance our ability to focus at a more at a greater level of intensity. [00:15:20][62.8]

[00:15:21] So, I am going to choose to be motivated; to check in more often, to make sure that my grounding and my connection is secure and of course one of my big issue is that I do not pay attention to where my energy is going at all times. I pay more attention to what’s coming in than I do to what’s going out. Some of you may be the same way. I don’t know. We are all unique, but I tend to use a lot of motivation. [00:15:58][36.8]

[00:15:59] I’m excited because I just ordered a lot of it and because Inspiration is now available in Indonesia. I’m really excited and I ordered that as well. So, Transformation may be one that you would choose to use. It’s not one that I choose. I have used in the past to use often, I’m not sure why, because this blend was actually introduced at the 2012 convention, which was one of those shining moments for me and for Singapore, for the Asia team that was there and for some reason though, it has not been one that I’ve had with me a lot. So Transformation, I intend to transform the way that I pay attention. You may choose to have Light Your Fire. Light Your Fire; think about those sun rays, that energy coming in. It’s like fire coming in, transforming you. So light your fire! [00:17:14][74.5]

[00:17:15] You may choose Journey On. There’s so many options because all of the oils of rainbow healing system, those 10 single oils are, for me, they go on my body multiple times daily, starting with Geranium, Lavender, Cedar Wood, Balsam Fir, Grand Fir or Black Spruce, Orange, Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense, Lemon, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Sacred Sandalwood. [00:17:56][40.5]

[00:17:57] So, I’m going to use Believe too, which I always do. I never miss an opportunity to have a Believe shower but just use your oils, determine which ones are going to be so exciting for you that you light your fire, whether it is that blend or whether it is a combination of other single oils or blends. Light your fire, ignite yourself to become that generator like the sunflower; bringing in those higher energies, processing them throughout your being and allowing them to radiate outward and pay attention. [00:18:46][49.0]

[00:18:48] I look forward to seeing you again next week and I look forward. I always love your messages of what’s going on. So, have a beautiful week of inspiration and transformation. I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:18:48][0.0]