Know when and where to make a long term investment which can help compliment our lifestyle. As we should never compromise quality for certain things!

For essential oil its best we always purchase the pure concentrate that is available. Trust us on this one. Most to all of the time, packaging is one of the main factor which would attract us into actually purchasing an item. While admiring them they may be pleasing at sign but beware of what the ingredients are inside before adding them to your daily routine.

We should always opt for pure essential oil instead of the commonly distributed dilute added with ingredients/chemicals to enhance the scent and fragrance. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself which are crucial in helping you find the best oils out there.

Firstly, what is the companies commitment to quality? This is to ensure that from start to finish your essential oils are pure.

Secondly, where do the essential oils come from? Choose an essential oil company that values responsible production practices and processing at all stages in the supply chain, from farm to final packaging.

Lastly, how are their essential oils tested? This is so that we can confidently make the quality claims we do. Know your product at the end of the day! ✨🌈.