[00:00:08] Good morning! Today, I am really excited as I begin to apply my oils and of course, this is not my first application of oils this morning and I’m going to start with Inspiration because I am truly desiring to be inspired today. So happy to see some of you already online. Thank you for being here. You’re so loyal and we truly appreciate it. So, I’m going to apply one more before I begin and that is White Angelica. I may apply it again! How many of you use White Angelica? White Angelica is something that Gary developed, he created to assist us in maintaining our own field and not taking on stuff from others, a protective barrier, if you will. [00:01:24][76.5]

[00:01:25] So, I’m going to begin, as I have been beginning for a long time with some bowls and I have one bowl and bell today and they’re very different. This is one of my bowls that I’ve had a long time and it is not one of the shiny prettiest ones that I had with the Tibetan bowl, it has such a rich tone. So, listen to this frequency, feel it coming into your body and just enjoy. Now the pure frequencies of the bell that Manku got for me over a decade ago. [00:02:46][81.6]

[00:03:11] Good morning and happy Sunday. I am so grateful that you’re here. I’m excited to get started. Is Is anybody been feeling some chaotic or just different types of energies, different types of thoughts? Well, what I thought I would be talking about turned out this morning. Thoughts were just floating around in my mind so rapidly. It was as if everything was chaotic. So, what I did was what I do often, and that is to listen to one of my previous Facebook lives and it occurred to me that many of you may not realise that this resources is available and it’s no cost, easily downloaded on your phone, whether it’s Android or Apple and this is one of my resources that I have not used often. So, this is our Fuller Life Wellness App and it has the logo. You can go to your App Store and look for Fuller Life Wellness. It was designed by Sasha as our Team App to just have a nice place to have resources and I’m going to show you there are hundreds, hundreds of things on there. I mean, dozens and dozens of videos and I was exploring this App this morning. This is what you’ll see and it takes a moment because there are so many videos and other things on here. There are lots of articles but if you come right down to Knowledge Centre, I clicked on Knowledge Centre and you’ll get videos, blog or the Rainbow Healing Cards Tools. [00:05:21][130.4]

[00:05:22] So, I clicking on video and this is what I randomly did this morning and there are, as I said, many types; all my Facebook lives for the last three plus years, every week, New Life Journey, our Gary Leadership, those who 30 professionally recorded ones. There are alot of Rainbow Healing system of fuller life, Bali. There are different types. So, I clicked on Facebook Live and just randomly started looking down and the ninth one that I got, I saw Clarity. [00:06:06][43.4]

[00:06:07] While Clarity was what I thought that I would be talking about today. So, I pressed that one to listen to it and I was actually surprised because it’s probably two years old actually. The information is still basically the same. It’s just a different delivery; my hair is different, but I would invite you to listen to that one and many others, because this led me into what I would be talking about. I actually thought I had pulled this card out last night; the Air element, which is all about Clarity, because I thought that I would be talking about Clarity, being clear about what we choose to have in our lives and that is part of what I’m going to say today. So, it is a lead in, you may find something that would be helpful to you in that video. So, I would invite you to listen to that or listen to any of them there. [00:07:21][73.6]

[00:07:22] So, this idea of the clarity, of bringing in new ideas, of allowing the new ideas to come in; where are they coming from? So, if you’re feeling a lot of chaotic feelings, nervous or fearful, then perhaps it’s time to check your Grounding, the earth element. Are we fully connected? Are we grounded? So, that brings me to where I always talk about this, the sacred space. Our sacred space is our haven, where all of that stuff outside can be kept outside and you can put into your sacred space exactly what you choose to have. So, that brings me to the next thing. [00:08:31][69.2]

[00:08:32] First of all, I’m going to apply some Sacred Mountain. Those of you who follow me know, that is my first oil on my body every single morning and it is utilised throughout the day because it anchors that frequency of the sacred space. It is that connection with the source, your creator, that which created your entire reality and your connection with the creator is the most important thing that can be done, that you can have. That is a connection that is unique to you, and it is what will give you the information that you require at any time. Now, is it possible that you will hear information and think that it is from your connecion? That’s where it’s so important to really, pay attention. When we are anchoring a lot of extraneous energies, allowing extra things into our field, what we are taking in and assuming? When we assume that these are messages that we’re getting from the creator, then we may easily be led astray, which is why getting back to staying grounded is so important and for those of you who have been following me and been studying the Rainbow Healing system, you notice that the very first glyph and the third glyph are parts of this particular thing. [00:10:35][123.5]

[00:10:36] So, what is that first glyph about? Well, the first glyph is what will allow you to clear blocks. It’s when we are blocked at any level and it can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Any level where there are blocks is going to distort things. It will distort what’s coming in and the clarity may not be there. So, what I’m going to do today is first to remind you that Clarity is a great blend. I’ve been using more and more. I’ve just about used up this older model, but it stays up here on my desk. Breathe in that Clarity and intend that connection, whether it is Sacred Mountain that you use for your connection with your creator, whether it is Frankincense, whether it is whatever essential oil, Valor blend because Valor is a very important blend. How many of us lose our courage? We get started doing something, something positive, and we lose our courage. Fear creeps in, Valor may be the perfect solution. We often feel that, we are used that already. I used that last night or I’ll use it this morning. [00:12:25][109.5]

[00:12:26] Well, the only thing that is wrong about applying these beautiful Young Living essential oils is not to apply them. It doesn’t take long. All we have to do is just breathe them in, apply them anywhere on your body. They know where they need to go but whatever it is that you require to have that courage, to continue to explore who you are and that’s why today, ultimately, after being upstairs preparing for this, not knowing exactly what I would talk about, I was guided to talk about the first four glyphs primarily in the Rainbow Healing system, because they are the foundation and when we begin to lose our grounding, we are losing our foundation. We are losing our courage, fear creeps in. Nothing good can happen when fear happens. As long as fear is there, it’s going to shake everything else up. So many of us have, we all have blocks. There is not one of us here on the planet who is not blocked multiple times daily and just about every level. [00:14:03][97.3]

[00:14:05] That’s what this very first glyph is all about. I call it the golden pink, it’s a warm pink colour. So, if you’re loving to play with colour, this is that opportunity. If you don’t like colour, just looking at the glyph, thinking about what it means, applying the Geranium essential oil, this anchors that frequency. If you’re one who loves the crystals, Rhodochrosite anchors this frequency or shall I say it can anchor this frequency. It doesn’t have to anchor it unless we take care of our crystals. They don’t hold the frequencies that we may be looking to absorb. They absorb other things that are around and if there are frequencies that are not compatible, that can happen. So, if you are using your crystals, be sure to rub them, to clean them, to love them, to rub them with the essential oils. [00:15:16][71.3]

[00:15:18] Let’s think about that Geranium. If you don’t have Geranium, just visualise the colour of the glyph and visualise it coming right in from the source and flowing through every portion of your being, from the core of your being all the way throughout your entire energy field, clearing out the blocks. You may find as you’re doing this, as you’re breathing in these frequencies, even if you don’t happen to have the essential oil. Breathe them in, intend that they go where they’re required and intend to allow those blocks to just dissipate, to totally dissolve. You may feel very, different from this one simple thing. I said simple, does that mean easy? No, two different words! it’s a simple process. It’s not necessarily easy because many of us hold on to those fears, those blocks, because we’ve had them for a long time and the longer they stay, the more symptoms you will feel from them, likely, because symptoms are our bodies way of getting our attention. [00:17:01][103.6]

[00:17:03] If you have a physical pain, it’s already gone through the energy field or gone through the mental, it’s gone through the emotional aspect. It’s worked all the way down into your being. So, as we begin dissolving this, it’s so exciting because everything can change for the positive. So, we never stop clearing those blocks and this is an exciting thing, not a scary thing because you are doing it. Then, the next thing is to set in motion our own unique energy flow. This is going to be what support you in every way. When you dissolve the blocks, to get all the way down to the physical level and then begin supporting with your unique energy flow, your energy signature, the energy that will create healthy cells and molecules for you, exactly the frequencies that you require. Then, everything can change. This is it goes all the way down to the DNA, everything! [00:18:33][89.3]

[00:18:34] This is where metamorphosis begins. Metamorphosis begins here. This is the next step and metamorphosis, when you stop and think about it; the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, every single part of the DNA of that caterpillar has changed. And you have the power to change your DNA to correct your DNA. Isn’t that exciting? Wow! Well, it excites me every time I think about it, because so often we feel helpless with all of the stuff that’s going on outside and we can truly reclaim ourselves. This is part of our Growing Actively Refining Yourself but it is also growing actively reclaiming who you were created to be. Thought that came to me about the word reclaim is something that Steven and I have been talking about. We’ve been working on a Journey III. Journey II has just been published and we’re just got it in our hands now. [00:19:59][85.8]

[00:20:01] Journey III is all about that moving forward. It is truly understanding who we are; truly working with that refinement list. If we don’t understand what we choose to have in our lives and possibly more importantly, what we choose not to allow in our lives, then we are just floating in limbo. When we understand and begin to realise that nothing is stagnant, these things that we’re choosing to have in our lives are to assist us in becoming who we were created to be; our authentic self, which is that third step in the process. [00:21:00][59.1]

[00:21:02] I forgot to put on my Lavender, which I had sitting right here that supports that whole set frequency of the structure of the Lavender essential oil. I’m going to apply just because I never like to miss an opportunity to apply another oil. Breathing it in, seeing my energy flow moving the way it was designed to be so that it eliminates, it spins off all the stuff that’s not supposed to be in there leaving the core of Frances and that’s when we begin to understand who we are. [00:21:46][44.9]

[00:21:48] This is that energy of Cedarwood. I’m getting excited. Can you tell Cedarwood and Copaiba both anchor this energy along with Amber and Red Jaspar. I have my red Jaspar sphere here. I also have on my Amber bracelet. So, Cedarwood essential oil; apply that, breathe it and visualise this sparkling apricot frequency. This energy that will assist you in understanding and truly identifying who you are. This is so very helpful in uncovering a layer at a time who you are. Then that fourth, I call this the preparation steps, these are the foundation when you’re building a building, it is important to create that strong foundation with a weaker foundation. It doesn’t last. So, these four steps, this is that turquoise energy; the energy of Idaho Balsam Fir, Idaho Blue Spruce and Northern Lights Black Spruce. It’s also the energy of Aquamarine and Adventurine crystals can hold this frequency. I have all three of the essential oils sitting right here on my desk, which is why I keep turning over bottles! Apply them, breathing in, because this is what is going to allow you to nurture yourself throughout this process. That nurturing, that understanding who you are and allowing yourself to be who you were created to be. [00:24:03][135.7]

[00:24:03] How are you feeling just thinking about this, clearing those blocks out at all levels? Well, sometimes it’s not as comfortable as you may think to clear out by the time they’ve gotten to the physical level. Sometimes when you get an injury, if you scrape your arm or cut your arm, it may not hurt much at the time. However, as it begins to heal, every time you move that skin, you’re going to know it, you’re going to feel it and this may be what happens when we begin dissolving our blocks and replacing those blocks with the energy flow that’s going to move effortlessly throughout our being. It may be a little more painful. Once we get to the other side, it’s less painful. I can tell you right now that for so many years I was really unhealthy and I’m very grateful for the way that I feel physically now. I will be 78 this year and I am so grateful for the way that I feel; that it’s worth any of the discomfort in dissolving those blocks that were keeping me stuck. [00:25:41][98.0]

[00:25:43] So, I’m going to just quickly bring up the other thing that I thought I would be talking about a lot today, and that is that reclaiming yourself by integrating all of your true knowledge and abilities and we will continue on with this vein next week but I just wanted to give you that preview and to take this opportunity for me to apply a little bit more Jasmine, because this is one of my favourite oils and that anchors that energy integration, of Divine Union, divinely uniting all of the parts of yourself into that magnificent being that you were created to be, that you were truly designed to be. [00:26:42][58.6]

[00:26:42] So I have a beautiful week. Remembering to keep that chaos outside. What you bring into your sacred space is your choice. You have the opportunity to keep it outside and by focussing on your Refinement List, those things that you choose to have in your life experience and those things that you will not allow. As you notice, these things changing, your priorities are changing. So, you have a beautiful week filled with happy experiences and harmony, which was another thing that I am choosing to think about today and always. [00:27:37][54.5]

[00:27:38] See you next Sunday. [00:27:38][0.0]