Detective Archetype

I personally love reading out of The Journey book or out of the guidebook, because the guidebook that comes with the cards is written in paragraph form, whereas the Journey book is in little bullet points of things that it will support, or potential challenges.

Check out the attributes, and you may choose to muscle test. I use this muscle testing to see is it positive attributes that I would require, that my focus would be the most helpful for me for this time? Is it positive? Are there any negative ones? So I would read through all of the positive and negative ones. Testing each one to see which things would be most helpful for me to focus at this particular time, and I choose the oils that I would apply based upon what I found.

Does this seem to be a little like being a Detective?

The Detective Archetype is one who is able to reconstruct situations from available clues.

Abilities: Analytical. Persevering. May have strong intuition. Ability to solve puzzles. Able to think way out of difficult situations. Often find better way of doing things.

Because they are able to come up with new ways of doing things, they may not always follow set procedures. Enjoying “bending the rules”, they may even become criminals. It is as if they can live by their own rules, resulting in a lack of understanding of the concept of unity consciousness.

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