When Frances Fuller explored an opportunity to purchase land in Bali, one thing that immediately caught her attention was the two sacred trees which grew right next to a temple which was dated over 2000 years old. Little did she know at that time that she was going to build her wellness and educational centre, Fuller Life Bali and later, expand it even more to build Fuller Life Bali villas.

Something mysterious existed in this land, a story too long to tell in this post in entirety. It It was said that the two Ceibo trees, which are actually part of the temple, are not indigenous to Bali and that they sprung up on their own. It is known for them not to be cut or removed from its place of birth. The intriguing part was the energy and aura the trees gave out to the entire center of the land which surrounds it and how significant its presence was in enhancing the ambience of the area.

Today, it is known that the trees help to watch over the centre and plays a essential part to the energy here at Fuller Life Bali 🌴

The full story of this land can be found in the book, “A Fuller Life”. This book is a true story of Frances Fuller’s life journey since she took that leap of faith to leave her hometown in the US at the age of 65…

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