[00:00:04] Taking a deep breath and I’m going to just start, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today. Many of you have received my book, my journey of how I got from where I was for the 20 years to my awakening and coming to Asia and being where I am right now. I’ve had some questions because in that book, I mentioned this glassblower that I spent the day with in Hawaii and I’m just going to show you these little pink bottles. Actually their rose with gold that he put inside, I watched him made them. It was one of those special days iridescent. This was really when Rainbow Healing System was just getting started. [00:01:01][57.4]

[00:01:04] So, I thought I would show you that they do exist and I do still have them but I’m going to begin right now with another old thing that is very dear to me. This is my Tibetan bowl that I bought in Lhasa in 1998, 22 years ago. So we’ll start there. Next, I have with me today, my beautiful platinum rainbow bowl that is newer, this is 2020, a birthday gift to Steven and me. Finally, Mangku’s Bell, that he gave me more than 10 or 12 years ago. [00:03:20][136.3]

[00:03:39] Good morning and happy Sunday. I’m so happy that you’re here. I hope that you’ve had a wonderful week. Mine has been very active. It has been emotional. I didn’t expect it to be emotional that when my life got laid out there in this book, it was like I was really and truly exposed to the world. So, this was an unexpected thing for me. However, because we were putting the finishing touches, pulling together all of the information for Journey 2, which will be printed this Friday. Guess what date? The 11th. So, it has been a very active week for us. In this assembling all of this information for Journey 2, it allowed me to see things in a totally different way, to change the perspective. [00:04:56][76.8]

[00:04:58] I spoke a little bit last week about perception and perspective, how perception is probably really framed by our core beliefs and perspective is the angle from which we view things. So, when we step into a different angle, things look different. Well, this happened to me as we were assembling all the parts for Journey 2. It’s been over two years, it was about in early 2018 that we began our Gary series, Grow Actively Refining Yourself. [00:05:47][49.6]

[00:05:51] Today the topic: Redefining Refinement came up to me and I thought when those words came up, I’m not sure exactly what this means, but redefining refinement. As I thought more about it, I have often, through the months or these years talked about refinement is polishing the edges and what I have noticed in my journaling, I made the commitment on the 1st of December to journal every single day, actually the 30th of November, but I have been doing this. I have been going through my practice daily, part of which is to journal. I hate to write, some of you may identify with that. Others of you may love to write. I don’t like it, I like to talk. So, actually my videos are in some way my journaling because I don’t like to sit down and write. However, when I take the time to sit down and actually write with a pen, actually write in my journal, amazing things happen. [00:07:30][99.5]

[00:07:32] One of the things that happened that I noticed when I began going back and reassessing; is that we do change from the inside out. If we can actually do our polishing on the edges and we can decide we get to the point and we’re happy with where we are and we can choose to move on to stay there. We can stay static, which is unchanging, unmoving in action, or we can continue growth. [00:08:14][41.8]

[00:08:16] Growth is not static. Growth is kinetic, meaning it is movement. It never, ever stops and metamorphosis is a process through which a caterpillar changes every single cell before it becomes the butterfly. One of my friends in the Philippines May posted something this morning that really caught my eye. Saying that the butterfly did not wake up one morning and become a butterfly. The butterfly required that process going through the metamorphosis and this is where I realised that for me, process means we need steps. We have steps that we use and when we get to the end of doing the steps, we may repeat them. But as we complete the process, we’re finished. Well, guess what? We are never finished on this journey. [00:09:36][79.7]

[00:09:37] We are never, ever at the end point, the final point. So that’s what made me think differently, that this refinement is a practice, because practice is something that we do often. We never stop whether it is a yoga practice, a swimming practice meditation practice playing an instrument, dancing, whatever it is, it is a continuous process, that refinement process that actually changes everything. As we begin changing, if we’re looking at that perspective from a different perspective, we may see different things. [00:10:36][59.7]

[00:10:37] So, this is what the refinement list is all about and Journey 2 is all about focus on that refinement list. Each of us has kind of forgotten what our real priorities are. We hold on to things that we may have had or thought about years ago that may have no relevance to us today, but because we have have had relevance at one point, that may be what we are focussing upon. [00:11:16][39.5]

[00:11:18] So, as we become more kinetic, as we allow that change to come, who knows what the next priorities will begin, will actually be, what will unfold next? My priorities today have absolutely nothing to do with my priorities 20 years ago. I’m a different human being. Every cell in my body is different now. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, every single physical cell in your body, even the bones, which is the deepest level of your physical form, every single cell regenerates within ten years. Some of them are within hours, the eyes, the skin are just actually within hours. So, we have that ability. [00:12:21][63.5]

[00:12:23] I woke up thinking of these words this morning; things just come to me and I was writing down words as fast as I could write and still could not get them all written down, that these are the words of Prime Minister Lee of Singapore in 2017, three years ago and suddenly I thought of them. Prime Minister Lee was asked; what would be your vision, your choice for Singapore? He took a breath and he said, I would hope I would wish for divine discontent. I thought that was an interesting thing. Divine discontent, two words he said, not a whole paragraph. He would wish for every one divine discontent. The divine part is that gratitude, that gratitude for where you are, for what you have, for who you are in this present moment. [00:13:53][90.0]

[00:13:54] I have Gratitude sitting in front of me, I’ve used it multiple times today. I also have Clarity in front of me, I have used it multiple times to be clear about what my priorities are and to remember that gratitude is first. Now, the other word that Prime Minister Lee said in that strange combination of divine discontent, that desire, that discontent would give you the desire to make changes, the desire to improve. So, divine discontent is a beautiful way of thinking about where we are in this moment, grateful for being here, grateful for what has come before, and allowing that seed of discontent to allow for change. Change is not easy, but change is something that is required if we are going to move forward. If you’re content with everything in your life, your priorities are very clear to you and you are where you choose to be, then don’t listen to me. I believe that we all will have that opportunity to move forward. [00:15:43][108.5]

[00:15:44] I have in front of me also today something that Steven and I found in Paris about three years ago, which is very meaningful to me. he founded it in a Bacara rainbow butterfly. I have this sitting on my desk, I have a picture of it on my phone and it reminds me that I will never, ever reach that butterfly state unless I allow for change, change in every portion of my being. This is tough. It is not easy. [00:16:30][46.0]

[00:16:32] So, I ask you each to examine how you feel about change, whether you are willing to change, are you living your priorities, are you in alignment with your true priorities? When I say your true priorities, I am speaking not of someone else’s desire for you, but of your true priorities, which you may not even think about much, because we are ingrained to live in a certain way. That’s what Rainbow Healing is all about, uncovering who we are, uncovering what our priorities are. [00:17:29][57.5]

[00:17:30] How can we live our priorities if we aren’t tuned in to what they are? I am very surprised at some of my priorities. My list changes and whether it’s a game, I like to try different things from time to time and each month without looking at my previous retirement list, my list of what I choose to have in my life and what I absolutely choose not to allow in my life and I start with a fresh slate and I just start writing. [00:18:15][44.6]

[00:18:16] Try it, see what you come up with and work on it. This is part of our morning alignment practice and our evening intergration practice. It’s part of our daily refinement practice. So try it. What do you have to lose? You may find that there are certain things that you would choose to have in your life and certain things that you thought you would choose to have in your life that really have no relevance at all. It’s just something that you’ve been doing for so long. You’ve forgotten that it does not have that relevance. [00:19:03][47.3]

[00:19:05] So, I challenge you. Everything is about choice. So, we can choose to allow whatever we decide, enter our life experience. Do you choose to hold on to the past or do you choose to move on to new things? Here at the end of this crazy year, we really have a choice. I’m seeing it now. I’m seeing things that have been long term project; my book, the Journey 2 and the Fuller Life Villas, things that have been long term projects for me are actually coming to completion. This is very exciting and I can feel the energy of completion. [00:20:02][57.3]

[00:20:04] How many of you would like to get out of this year of 2020, to move on? Well, guess what? It’s time we are getting there and as every single day I can feel more unlimited possibilities. However, we must complete with where we were or make that choice. So I challenge you to spend some time writing your list. You can write it on the app if you prefer, and learning to relearning, shall I say, to write mine in the journal but you can you can see so much more every single day, every single hour is a starting point. [00:21:00][56.2]

[00:21:01] So, whenever you decide to make a change, the sky’s the limit, you can make whatever changes you choose. You don’t have to stand, be bystander in your life, with all sorts of thoughts about what I would like to have, what I wish I had. We can make it happen and don’t forget, Believe! So, I challenge you to pay attention this week, and thank you for being here. I look forward to seeing you and talking with you again next week. Have a beautiful week. [00:21:01][0.0]