[00:00:09] Good morning! I am excited to be here today and I have a special treat because I have my very favourite Tibetan bowl right here to start with and I have two different bells, both of whom are from Mangku, one that he gave me just recently is intended to change the energy to create a shift rapidly. The one that I have had for almost 15 years that he selected for me, that is a higher and different pitch altogether. That is a frequency to enhance the meditative practice. [00:01:02][52.4]

[00:01:03] So I’m going to just start right now, just utilise your favourite essential oil blend. Of course, we know which are my favourites, and I have been putting them on all morning long and just sit back and listen, breathe in the frequencies of the oils and blends that you have selected and also the frequencies that you’re hearing the sounds. [00:01:30][27.2]

[00:03:01] Good morning again and happy Sunday. I hope that your week has been as special as my week when I selected the title for today’s video. It was as if everything around me was moving so fast. How do we possibly create peace when everything is just moving so fast? There is so much going on around us. This morning when I woke up, normally the words that I say during these videos kind of come to me as I’m speaking. [00:03:44][42.3]

[00:03:44] For the last few weeks, the Source, the Creator has been talking a little earlier and I woke up this morning thinking these words were suddenly it is Sunday. Rush! Rush! Rush! No, that is in keeping with what’s going on outside. So, upon more thinking, I had jumped out of bed. When I got up, I grabbed my journal and I started writing so that I would remember some of these things. [00:04:21][37.0]

[00:04:21] So, I do have some things written beside me, which I normally do not. Only in the last few weeks I have been doing that change but some of us resist change. I have always, most of my life, was very resistant of change. Do any of you identify with that in any way? Well, we live in a world that is changing and we have a choice. Everything is always a choice. We can fight it. I will not change. What I have been doing all along has worked for me and I will continue. Well, guess what? We can’t really do that. Have you noticed how 2020 has caused us to truly be forced into making a lot of changes and some of us have not been very happy about those changes. How do we deal with this? [00:05:35][73.3]

[00:05:35] Well, first of all, I’m going to use some oils and I’m going to suggest you, think about the oils that you apply and think about the names of the blend, which is what Gary Young had a purpose in his mind every time he created a blend. So, I’m going to begin with Clarity because clarity is very helpful when we pay attention to what’s going on. [00:06:06][31.5]

[00:06:12] This past week has been Thanksgiving week in the US where many people are focussing upon gratitude, being grateful for what we have, rather than thinking about what we do not have. So, Gratitude is another blend that I am choosing to think about right now. I have been writing and I know many of you probably have also been thinking about gratitude. What are you grateful for when we are in the middle of so much chaos and activity, things that can distract us? It is very important for us to remember the things that we truly are grateful for, to remember the priorities and our lives. And I’ll ask this question. Are you living your priorities? That’s our very loaded question and I ask it with Humility because each one of us has priorities and each one of us must awaken to what our priorities are in the moment. It is not a question of what they were last week or last month. It’s what they are right now because so much changes so rapidly. Would you agree? [00:07:57][104.8]

[00:07:58] What what is the key to it all? Well, I feel the key to everything is Grounding, remaining grounded. When we lose our grounding, fear creeps in. When fear creeps in pretty much nothing positive is going to happen, would you agree? So, we’re keeping our grounding strong. I’m going to apply Grounding. Who knows what my favourite blend for grounding is and it’s not named grounding, although I’m applying right now. Of course, if you said Sacred Mountain, you’re absolutely correct because Sacred Mountain is what I use first thing every single day to connect with the Source, with the Creator. That’s what grounding really is. Would you agree? When we begin to lose our focus, that grounding is gone. The grounding is gone, the fear creeps in the outside distractions. So, the more we can focus on our connection with the Source, the better. [00:09:24][86.5]

[00:09:25] Now, this has been a really amazing week for us because not only was my book, A Fuller Life delivered and it is out to many of you, it is already been shipped to you. I have yet to see it because mine has not yet arrived in Bali. However, we also have been working on the other book that was my intent before 2020 began back in December of 2019. That was one of the goals for me to have journey 2 published during 2020. My two big goals were really to have have the Journey 2 finished and published and the Fuller Life Villas, both of these things are still hanging on. However, we have completed through Sasha’s efforts completed. It’s almost ready to go to the printer. It will be at the printer this week, but it has raised a lot more questions for me to ask myself. [00:10:42][77.5]

[00:10:44] I’m going to throw out some of these questions to each of you, because they may kind of be a framework. They may allow you to focus, to shift your focus slightly. One of the things that kept coming up, one of the words that kept coming up for me was practice. In fact, we are actually changing the name of our daily refinement process to daily refinement practice. Think about it, whenever we are learning anything new, are we perfect the first time? No, it takes practice. It takes focus and practice. Then, I realised that focus and practice, if you turn them around, may have a stronger or greater impact. Practice with focus. Think about it, when you learn anything new, if you’re learning to play the piano, if you are learning a new language, if you’re learning to draw, you’re not perfect to begin with. If you practise just randomly, your improvement may not be the same as if you practise with focus. So, this to me was a an eye opener because focus on practising is not the same thing as practising with focus. [00:12:38][114.5]

[00:12:42] Just a month ago, actually, I can’t believe it’s been four weeks now, my agreement with myself, my pact, was my decision to write in my journal and to really go through the practice of writing every day. To go through that daily refinement practice, making sure that I really completed each part of it. It feels as if I am much stronger, more grounded and more balanced today than I was four weeks ago. So, I would challenge each of you to try it, see if it works for you. [00:13:34][52.0]

[00:13:38] Inner peace, our peace, that’s what this is about peace in the chaotic world, starts with us because as I mentioned earlier, everything in our outer world, in our outer environment is a reflection of what’s inside of us. So it’s not the other way necessarily that we become our inner world, becomes what the outer world is. It is because we allow the reflection of what’s going on outside to come inside to our sacred space. [00:14:21][42.8]

[00:14:22] So as we plant that seed of peace, of staying fully grounded, fully connected with the Source. Then, as we become more grounded and have more greater harmony inside, that will be what will radiate outward. It’s like planting a seed. When we plant a seed, we don’t go off and leave it and expect it to blossom into beautiful flowers or big strong trees. When we plant a seed, what do we have to do? We nurture it. We really give it attention and that’s what we’re going to do. That’s what we are doing whenever we are creating our sacred space. When we are doing that practice that daily refinement, practise that we are learning more and more about ourselves sometimes. [00:15:33][70.8]

[00:15:33] That is scary, isn’t it? We are really learning more about ourselves. We are also taking the time, every single day, multiple times a week, because we can think about these things, whether we are doing the entire practice or whether it’s a portion of it. We can really focus on our priorities. Are you living your priorities? Many times I have thought I was living my priorities when upon closer focus, I realised that the priorities I was attempting to live were things that I thought about days, weeks, months later and they really were not relevant to my priorities of this particular moment. So, as things are moving so rapidly and we feel that we are just being swept off our feet. We are missing that grounding element. [00:16:47][73.3]

[00:16:48] So, I have some questions here that I’m going to throw out for you. As I said, as we were putting the final touches on Journey 2, it has brought up a lot more questions for me to ask myself. So, when they come up for me, I will share them with you. So, I’m going to look and see. [00:17:12][24.1]

[00:17:18] Do you give your inner peace the same practice with focus that you give to other things? Something to think about. How is perception? Questions to ponder, to focus, to change your perception. How is perception different from perspective? I had not thought about this before. However, our perception is framed by our beliefs, many of them our core beliefs that we have thought for a long, long time. And these beliefs may not change rapidly. Our perspective is the angle from which we are looking at things, and that can change very rapidly. [00:18:22][63.2]

[00:18:23] If you physically move a few feet from one side to the other and you are looking at the same object, you will see things differently. Perhaps, this is the best way for us to think about looking at our beliefs, our core beliefs. Change the angle, get a slightly different perception. Steven often tells me, he says, ‘Frances, you change your mind, you’re as changeable as the winds. Well, this is a changing time, and we have that choice of either changing and changing according to our priorities or fighting.’ Now, most of my life, I was that fighter. So, how do we figure out, what are these things to look at and it just takes that focus and practice or practice with focus? One of the thoughts that came to me was the key to our living in peace is to create it. I think that’s probably enough questions. [00:19:59][96.2]

[00:20:00] So, I challenge you this week to really pay more attention. We’re heading into the season, the end of the year always seems to me to be faster and faster; as we move from one minute to the next. It seems like they go back even more rapidly and all of a sudden the end of the year is here. We are all busy. Take time to breathe in your oils. Take time to breathe. Make sure your connection with the creator is strong and ask yourself, learn to do something new like kinesiology or whatever it is. Learn to ask yourself some of these questions to determine your priorities. I look forward to seeing you all next week. Thank you for being here and have a great week. [00:20:00][0.0]