[00:00:10] Good morning! I’m really super, super charged today, and while we are waiting for everyone to get on, I’m going to play the bowls just to get started and I have just so much I’m looking forward to sharing today. So, put on your favourite oil. Of course, we all know what France’s favourite is, I am going to pour a little more Believe over the top of my head and just close your eyes, breathe in and enjoy. [00:00:47][36.7]

[00:02:27] Did you notice how the sounds, the frequencies, particularly of the second bowl, changed from one striking to the next, and how with the padded striker we got the lower resonant sound and with the wooden striker, we had a higher frequency that was actually a fifth. It was not the same tone initially. However, that frequency changed, the next time that I struck the bowl with the wooden striker or it was in tune with the other frequency and actually, that is so much what we are going to talk about today, because every frequency that surrounds us affects us in some way and we are energy, energy in motion. I’ll come back to that. [00:03:36][68.2]

[00:03:36] I just want to be sure it is 11 o’clock, so happy Sunday! I am just very excited to be here today. I have one more new thing that I want to tell you to show you. And I’m being very careful about handling it and I’m turning off my other phone. So, this is a vase that Steven and I selected. We went to the Murano glass factory in Venice before the Young Living Leadership Cruise in 2015. We spent the whole day there watching, mesmerised about the way that they blew the glass and the way the colours are actually gemstones and crystals. [00:04:35][58.4]

[00:04:36] There’s Amethyst, Sapphire, see the different colours that are in this vase. It is very special to us and I chose to show you today because I am completely surrounding. I’m dressed in purple. I have purple surrounding me. Purple is an energy, the energy of air, the clarity; to gain clarity and in the Rainbow Healing. The Lavender essential oil, the Amethyst crystal represents that building our own unique energy flow. [00:05:23][46.7]

[00:05:28] The other is that silvery violet energy of of Jasmine essential oil and the Sujalite and Blue Lace Agate. I have some raw stones – Amethyst and Sujalite right here next to me. Also, Blue Lace Agate holds this frequency. So clarity. I woke up this morning just with so many thoughts floating through my mind. It was as if they were just going over and over again. So, I will hope to get them out in some kind of reasonable order. I even have some notes this morning because Steven was still asleep and I didn’t want to move and disturb him and the minute that he got up or the minute that he moved and was awake, I jumped out of bed and picked up my notebook, which happened to be, the one that was closest to the bed, was my appointment book and started writing because I didn’t want to forget any of this. [00:06:38][70.3]

[00:06:40] First of all, the Air element is all about clarity, and that is what I kept coming up with. This past week, I was preparing for an online class for the Young Living Philippines and I was so excited because they asked me to talk about my three favourite blends, which they have just gotten in the Philippines. Who knows what those blends are? If you’re guessing Sacred Mountain, Believe and Highest Potential, you’re absolutely correct. They also ask me to talk about Clarity and you may notice that this is a new label because Clarity is not a blend that I have chosen to use a lot. I thought in terms of it being the Basil, the Cardamom, the Rosemary; all the spicier things, and I personally just love the more floral things and tend to use them; the floral and the trees more often. [00:07:48][68.3]

[00:07:49] There’s Frankincense, the Cedarwood, the Balsam Fir, the Black Spruce. Well, guess what? When I was preparing, I wrote down the single oils that are in clarity and I was kind of surprised to find out that Geranium, Lemon, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, all four are in the blend clarity. So, Clarity is going to be the blend that I carry with me and utilise a number of times, whether it was the use of the clarity blend or just jolting me into a new experience. I’m not sure and it’s not important to know. [00:08:40][51.4]

[00:08:41] Today, I picked up a brand new a brand new journal. Today is a new moon. As we absolutely know, every single moment of every day is an opportunity to start fresh . If we are paying attention to the moons, the new moon is all about creation, starting with a black moon with nothing there and creating the crescendo gets greater and greater, until we get to the release period of the full moon. So this is a huge creation to my life. Looking at it this past week, I’m excited that my book, my story, was published on 11/11. So, that kind of was checked off the list. It was like that’s released from my being right now and I can focus on bringing new things in. [00:09:48][66.8]

[00:09:49] So what was the first thing that I thought about? I thought about the fact that emotion, because I had chosen this title two or three days ago, I just didn’t know what I was going to talk about. Emotion is really energy in motion. How that motion comes about, affects everything in our entire life. So, I jotted down this morning that emotions are the way we interpret the frequencies around us. This was really new for me. It may not be new for you, but the idea that we each interpret the frequencies around us. [00:10:46][57.1]

[00:10:47] Now, the Asian cultures have always have for centuries and centuries before that, from the dawn of time, have talked about us being energy beings and different layers in the energy field. When there’s a block in any layer, there’s going to be something that shows up in the physical form and our emotions are the closest to our physical being. Our physical being is the densest portion of the energy being, that is who you are. So, if there is a block in the emotions, it’s going to show up somewhere at the physical level. What is pain, illness and disease? It’s the body’s attempt to get your attention. We always have a choice. What we will do and will not do. We choose to deal with things in different ways. Many times we’re not ready to deal with the emotions that come up. [00:12:11][84.1]

[00:12:12] So what do we do? Well, we have choices of how to do them. We can block them any way we choose and I use the word block. That was the word that came out of my pen this morning. Block, energy block; we can block the emotion, pretend it doesn’t exist, push it away, we can numb ourselves to the emotions. How do we numb ourselves to the emotional things, to things that come in for us to deal with. The body attempting to get us to pay attention? Do we numb ourselves through TV? Do we numb ourselves through drugs? Do we numb ourselves to busy, busy, busy work or do we numb ourselves through activity? What do we do and when are we going to be willing to actually look at those emotions? They won’t go away. They are lessons, every single one is a lesson for us and if we don’t deal with it now, it will come back. We’ll get it again. [00:13:36][84.1]

[00:13:37] Trust me, I’ve done all of this avoidance procedures. Those other ways to avoid dealing with the emotions. Some of you know and if you read my story, you will know that most of my life I was very unhealthy. [00:13:55][18.0]

[00:13:56] And it was not until I began to deal with those emotions, to pay attention, that suddenly everything in my life changed. Change for me was something that I truly pushed away. I was panicked by it. It scared me to no end because I am a person who loves to have a procedure. That’s actually how Rainbow Healing system came about, because it is kind of just steps that I can go do repetitiously. [00:14:49][52.8]

[00:14:51] Some of you may have read, Darren Hardy’s compound effect, the book that he wrote years ago, and how that small changes compounded over time make huge have a huge effect. So we have our choices every single moment. It’s not about suddenly ripping everything apart and changing everything at one time. It’s about making the decision to focus differently. So, shall I say that again? I don’t think that’s in my notes. Making the decision to focus differently. [00:15:39][48.0]

[00:15:41] I’m going to tell you what I decided this morning when I started writing, when I was lying there in the bed. This is the first day of the rest of my life and I am choosing to focus differently. One of the things that I talk about in Rainbow Healing all the time is to journal every day. Journaling is where I recognised some of the blocks that were causing my illness that were preventing me from moving forward. Yet that is something that I’ve gotten lazy about. I have other things to do. I have to move around. I have places to go, people to see, Facebook messages and Facebook to answer and I allow these things to eat into the time. [00:16:40][59.1]

[00:16:40] I love the app, the Rainbow Healing App. That’s the first thing that I actually do every morning. I select my cards and I go through my checking in and I actually do that, but I haven’t taken time to write. Writing. Some of us just avoid it. That’s my avoidance behaviour. If I don’t write it, I won’t have to deal with it. Do any of you feel that way? So, I have made a commitment this morning. I have a new journal and Sasha mentioned to me that she loves carrying the journal with her. Well, my journal is good size to stick in any bag, but I haven’t carried it with me. I’m starting a new one and I’m going to write. My commitment to myself is to write. I remember how so many different people but of course, I remember Gary Young’s standing there saying so many times that the action, the simple act of writing will trigger all sorts of different energy flow. [00:18:01][81.0]

[00:18:02] So, the frequencies that we bring in, we can then harmonise. That is the whole idea of rainbow healing, is to have a system, of just little steps to check in, see where we are, to make sure our grounding is complete. The whole goal is to make your connection with the source, your creator, to understand, to listen and trust your guidance that you receive from the source. [00:18:42][39.7]

[00:18:44] The rest of it is all about pushing out the frequencies that really don’t belong, that are holding you back and creating harmony and balance in your entire being. Is there anything anyone here who would choose something other than harmony? Well, I leave you with that thought. Let me see what other quotes I have here – Our emotions are framed by our beliefs. So, how will we deal with our emotions? Are you going to accept them? Are you going to numb yourself? [00:19:45][61.0]

[00:19:49] Are you going to create your Refinement List? The Refinement List is a huge part of growing actively refining yourself. That’s what we do in Rainbow Healing. Pinpointing the things that you really choose to have in your life and also on the other side of that, pinpointing the things that you choose not to allow into your life. These can change from time to time. They may change in importance to you. I was shocked when I started with a fresh refinement list to see some things that turned up on it, that have not been there before. One of those, I’ll tell you, is clarity. This oil will be coming with me quite a bit. So pay attention. Take that little time, you deserve it. Do you believe that you deserve it? I think that’s probably as far as I need to go. [00:21:12][83.2]

[00:21:14] I hope that this week, I’d love to hear from each one of you or what you’re doing, if you’d like to share, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to speak to anyone about the things you share with me. I just love to hear. I’m here as a sounding board. If you choose to share. I do not choose to have any negativity come into my field. So my boundaries, which is another huge aspect of Rainbow Healing. My boundaries, I make certain that I am grounded doing those Qigong exercises, the Rainbow Qigong, multiple times daily because boundaries are an issue for me. So, pay attention to the thoughts that you have this week and start writing and have fun and spill yourself with beautiful colours and rainbows. And I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:21:14][0.0]