This is proof that every home should carry Thieves and Oregano oils. The photos speak for themselves 💥 thank you Bethany for this amazing experiment!

From Science teacher, Bethany Korinne:Hello Facebook Community! I have some REALLY neat items to share from my Biology classroom!! Even though teaching makes me fold a new wrinkle each day, there are times that I don’t know how I would ever do anything different; here’s why:I’ve put together some images of the four best “petri dishes” that I harvested from our very first classroom experiment this Fall, 2018 at Las Plumas High School, in Oroville, Ca.I asked my students to examine the question: Which is a better antibiotic agent, Oregano/Thieves essential oils or the well-known hand & skin sanitizing chemicals: Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. The little round paper discs that you see in the pictures were soaked in their agent of choice, then placed on a Petri dish that had been inoculated with bacteria just prior; either from around the classroom, or from specific test tubes with known bacterial species, E.coli (gram-) and S. epidermis (gram +). The Petri dishes were then placed in an incubator for 2 days, and then analyzed by the students. The clear rings that you see around the paper discs are called the “zone of no growth”. If the antibacterial agent is good at killing bacteria, it will have a clear area around it where bacteria cannot live. We measured these areas, and came to some conclusions: Oregano is amazingest, Thieves is amazing and SMELLS FANTASTIC! Rubbing alcohol….hm. Hydrogen Peroxide….kinda useless.Going into this experiment the students HAD so many biases FOR Rubbing alcohol/H2O2 and AGAINST Oregano/Thieves, regardless of the fact that I provided scientific evidence that the essential oil constituents have already been shown in other studies to have antimicrobial power.This experiment truly blew their minds, and now they appreciate my classroom diffuser more than ever! Not just for the way it makes us feel, but for the way they know it is protecting their bodies!! Such a powerful lesson!