[00:00:15] I’m just going to be using a few of my oils to get ready, of course I always begin with Sacred Mountain, intending that this essential oil will put me in the perfect sacred space in my sacred space, where I am fully connected with the Source, with my energies, all harmony and balance inside my sacred space and all the chaos of the outer world outside. So, good morning and happy Sunday! This has just been an amazing week. [00:01:00][45.5]

[00:01:01] This is Steven’s and my birthday month, birthday week, his birthday was last Sunday and it’s just been filled with so many amazing surprises. I’m going to share some of those with you as we go along. Right now as I wait for that three minutes to go by and I’m just going to sniff some of my oils, some of my special oils because I’m going to sniff first, the Gratitude. So often I forget, and I’m sure some of you might, that just inhaling the aroma is going to be extremely powerful. After all, this is aromatherapy and these oils are amazing as we breath them in, they absorb through those delicate membranes in our nose and they go all the way straight up to the brain affecting our emotional centre. [00:02:06][65.4]

[00:02:07] So, the first blend that I chose for today is Gratitude. I am incredibly grateful for all of the beautiful things that have occurred this week, one of which was my finding the picture of a sculpture that I actually saw in the US many, many years ago and that’s what inspired the title for this particular video. The author called it Freedom. You can see this picture, I have just made it my cover photo on my personal page, my Frances Fuller page and the sculptor called it Freedom. I think of it as breaking out of the mould and I will talk more. However, I’m going to also share with you some of the amazing gifts that we have received. I am just overwhelmed with the creativity, the sensitivity and the actions of so many already this week. [00:03:24][77.1]

[00:03:25] Last Sunday, our Bali family, Tajes, Sani and their children Paramita and Bisma spent hours and hours shining our singing bowls and my bells. This is my Tibetan bowl that was always a dull golden colour and they used actually clover. They mashed up clover leaves because they know that I did not want any kind of chemical put on my bowls. So they used the clover, after doing, seeing this bowl, I said Oh. And my bell from Mangku, which was very very dull. And when I saw this, I said Oh my goodness, we need to do the rest of the bowls. So they did not, clover is difficult to find in Bali for some reason so Tamarind also can clean the bowls and they used that on the second group of the billion bowl. But I’m going to just play these to get us ready for our true session today. Oh I’m sorry that’s my ring. Just bask in these frequencies of these beautiful bowls. [00:05:29][123.5]

[00:05:31] Next, here’s my Bali bowl, hand tooled Bali bowl that they also shine. You drink in these frequencies of these bowls. You may choose to breathe some additional essential oils, just intending that these frequencies fill every portion of your being and now I have an absolutely amazing surprise. This was totally a surprise from my assistant, Sasha, in Singapore. She managed to get a rainbow crystal bowl here to Bali safely for us. It was an absolute surprise I’ve had crystal balls before however, I have never, ever seen one that is platinum and has the total rainbow colours all in there and I will invite you all to enjoy. I am using a clean, soft cotton cloth because I had to touch it to wipe it off and I’ve got Sacred Mountain on this cloth. When this sound diminishes, I will put this back in its container so that hopefully I will not do anything to destroy it in any way. I’m very nervous about it already. [00:08:27][176.4]

[00:08:47] Now I’m back. I hope you enjoyed those few minutes of the of the frequencies of these amazing bowls and I am so happy to have, to own to be able to share with you and now. As I said, we’re talking about breaking out of the mould. [00:09:10][22.7]

[00:09:11] This has been a week, this is going to be a month more, that four more weeks of major, massive change. All of us have been sequestered for quite some time now, and many people are now able to begin going out again, getting out of this place of being separated from others and each of us has changed. Each of us has transformed during this period and this past weekend, Friday, Saturday, there was an eclipse, a full moon eclipse. [00:09:56][45.3]

[00:09:58] Eclipses normally come in pairs about two weeks apart and they have extremely powerful energy. The full moon lunar eclipse is all about letting go and then about two weeks later, this time, it will come on June 21st. We will have that new moon, the creativity energy present as an eclipse again, which is going to magnify those frequencies for us. And then this is very unusual because normally eclipses come in pairs this particular time. There is a third one looming for around July the 5th and this is going to be another full moon lunar eclipse. So another period of release. [00:11:06][68.2]

[00:11:08] Wow! I felt that it was so important that oils that I chose, the blends that I chose to have around me today, Clarity, to gain clarity. Each of us has the choice to do whatever we choose. Everything we do is a choice. We often feel that it isn’t and most of us, so many of us have felt that this past period of being sequestered was out of our choice, out of our control. And for many, this is a very difficult thing to accept. So, acceptance and the frequency of Sacred Frankincense and Frankincense may be perfect things for you to use. I am choosing some specific oils to make sure that I use, whether they’re single oils or blends, every single hour or two, to make sure that I remind myself, repetition is the greatest support for transformation. [00:12:35][87.4]

[00:12:37] Many of us fail because we fail to do things over and over the compound effect. Small changes compounded over time repetitiously will create massive transformation, which just happens to be the next blend that I was put out to make sure that I smelled that I breathed in and intended for this transformation to take place with awareness, with clarity. Now, what can give us clarity? [00:13:23][45.8]

[00:13:24] Over the last two years, I have talked an awful lot about the new life journey, the new life transformation, the challenge that first 30 days of doing a particular release and integration of our internal examination of where we are and what makes us really joyful, which Joy is the next blend that I chose to put around me right now. The process can be complicated. [00:14:11][46.6]

[00:14:12] It can be very simple. I’m a very simple person who likes to find a process, a pattern of things to do, and to do them over and over until they become part of who I am. Sometimes, I do change, I add things to it. This is all that refinement process, our Gary series that we have been doing for two years now, grow actively refining yourself. And that refinement process is something that only you can do. No one else can do it for you. No one else understands who you truly are and this is not something that has to be shared with others. It’s something it is that internal journey towards authenticity. Steven and I love the refinement process, that refinement list daily, sometimes multiple times, daily at least, morning and evening. Daily, multiple times looking at your list, adding, deleting. [00:15:42][89.8]

[00:15:43] Steven loves to talk about distilling his list down to a few things. I love the idea of distilling because it goes right along with the beautiful Young Living essential oils. However, the distillation process really getting down to the essence of what it is you are of who you are, your authentic self. And the way to do this is that, as I said, is to constantly be reminding yourself what is important, what is not really important, what you choose to have in your life, what you will not allow in your life and you can use the app, you can use your journal, you can use all sorts of things. Writing things on paper is like putting it out to the universe that this is really what you are feeling and thinking. I would say that every morning, the first thing I do is to pick up my phone and I open the Rainbow Healing app and if you don’t have the app on your phone, you can certainly go and download it as it is free. I immediately open my app and the first thing I do. [00:17:23][100.3]

[00:17:24] I turn to the refinement list and I review my list. I’m still adding things to that list, can you believe it, to both the things that I choose to have in my life and the things that I will not allow in my life. There are some that they end up going more down to the bottom because I rewrite it every month. I start from scratch every month and rewrite it in some of the things that were way up at the top. Seemingly, the most important things of all have worked their way down because there are other things that in that particular time are more important to me. This is a process. It’s not something that happens overnight, it’s going to be here, it’s a process that we will all be doing as long as you’re on the planet. [00:18:22][58.1]

[00:18:25] I’m very careful to leave Cedarwood and Copaiba daily multiple times because these anchor that frequency of authenticity and as I’m applying whatever oils I’m choosing to apply, I like to to really sit there, pay attention and check in. [00:18:52][26.4]

[00:18:53] Checking-in is something that I’m learning to do more and more often because that’s something that I would do in the morning and feel that I was good for the day and then do again at night. However, the reality is that things are changing every minute of every day, and the more often we check-in, the better. Any time that you’re feeling a little out of balance, or as happens to me, overwhelmed. It means that we’ve either taken on something that is not really part of who we are or we have given away something that we truly require. And this is where the boundaries are such an important aspect. [00:19:49][56.0]

[00:19:51] Now, we’ve talked from time to time about the eight words that we can all be blocked on any or all of these words, and they are in a particular order. In order to learn them, I had to do an acronym, but ‘I can’ many times what prevents us from moving forward is that we do not believe we can. We are blocked in that area. So what do we do? Well, there are many things we can do. One of which is to intend to clear that block. [00:20:46][55.0]

[00:20:48] How do we know that we have a block there? Well, there are probably many ways of figuring that. I use my kinesiology – Am I block? Am I clear? Well, I’m clear on. I can right now. If the kinesiology said no, I would then look closer and Steven has some very long and involved affirmation, sentences, prayers, whatever you choose to call it. We will really go through those, starting with a simple process, a simple statement, and then enhancing that statement to encompass the words that Steven has used for the past 30, 35 years during his journey and that he taught me back in 1996, believe it or not. I forget to use them sometimes. [00:21:53][65.3]

[00:21:54] These are very powerful statements. They’re all about first of all, I like to tell you what it really means, intending to remove the blocks, whether they are recognised or unrecognised and no matter what level they’re on, because we are not just simple one level people, we are complex beings that exist on many levels all at one time. So the first thing is to intend to remove those blocks and to harmonise the energies into positive whole energy of the highest possible frequency. [00:22:41][46.3]

[00:22:42] We have so many wonderful things. We have beautiful crystals we can use. We have our essential oils. The Young Living oils hold that beautiful frequency. We have the bowls, the sound healing. What ever it is your breathing is going to connect to you and each of us is unique so what works for you, the thing that is the most meaningful and transforms you is not necessarily the same as your sister, your mother, your daughter, your best friend, your brother, your father, any one else, because you are unique. That’s what this beautiful journey is all about, becoming who you were created to be, that unique being that is magnificent in April of manifesting what ever you choose in your life experience. [00:23:56][73.8]

[00:23:58] So, I challenge you this week to go through those words that are on your app, in that process, that 30 day transformation and that refinement process. [00:24:13][15.3]

[00:24:15] I can I am. I will. I choose. I have. I love. I create. I enjoy. As you focus on each one of these words, maybe one a day. There are eight of them. So you’ll have to start today and finish up next Sunday, before we start. But, however you choose to do it, I challenge you to really pay attention and to intend that whatever blocks you have at any of these levels, on any of these words be removed and that the energy become positive, whole energy of the highest possible frequency. [00:25:09][54.5]

[00:25:11] And I look forward to seeing you, each one of you, again next Sunday. Have a beautiful week filled with gorgeous rainbows. [00:25:11][0.0]