[00:00:09] Good morning and happy Sunday! I am excited because this is another opportunity to be with each of you who chooses to join us either live or on the replay. It’s been a very interesting week for us. I hope it’s an interesting week for each one of you. We’d love to hear from you. I have a lot of things to talk about today and so I’m going to get started with our normal pre-session. [00:00:42][33.1]

[00:00:45] So, this past week, Steven and I had date day on Wednesday. It was really wonderful. We went out and had a special lunch, and then he took me to the Tibetan bowl shop where the person there did a healing session, which was just spectacular and, yes, we will go back. [00:01:12][26.6]

[00:01:12] However, I just wanted to share some of the things we will have some more bowls that we’re filling the pavilion very rapidly. But, I’m going to use today, the largest bowl that we have had that I love dearly. It’s just too heavy to hold while I’m playing it for you. So I’m going to show it to you and then put it back down because it requires both of my hands. I learnt something in that session, too, about how playing two of them together, particularly when I put it in the larger bowl, makes such a difference as they tune to each other. So, use your favourite oil. I’m going to use my special blend, Higher Unity. First, just intend to connect with the Source, that is the key to everything? [00:02:17][64.7]

[00:02:21] So just breathe in, close your eyes and enjoy. I’m going to move the bowls so that I won’t continue to hit them and I have so many things on my desk and right in front of me; oils, crystals, you name it, I have them. So, what kind of week have you had? It’s been an interesting week, energetically for many but what kind of week have you had? Has it been one of sadness? Has it been a week of stress? Has it been something that you would choose to put behind you? Has it been an exciting week as you look forward to the fact that today is the first day of a brand new month, a whole clean slate? [00:05:23][182.1]

[00:05:25] Last night we had a major blue moon, a big, big blue moon. So, this is a perfect time for release. And that’s what we’ve been talking about over the last weeks. We have been preparing ourselves actually for this time; accelerating your healing. [00:05:47][21.6]

[00:05:47] Accelerating your healing means healing on all levels. We talked two weeks ago mostly about physical pain. Well, physical pain is the very deepest level. If we can address it before it becomes physical, when the symptoms are first beginning, then how much more quickly we can eliminate those symptoms. Would you agree? So we never stopped doing the basics. The basics are basic, exactly that. It’s something that we always do and then we can add to it, extras according to what is required in the moment. [00:06:38][51.0]

[00:06:39] So as you know before, if you haven’t seen the video two weeks ago already when we did the fire, we really worked on clearing out that fire and getting rid of physical pain by eliminating the blocks. Please review it. It’s on my website. It’s on the Facebook pages. It’s right there for you. I listened to mine actually, three times this morning already. Just so I would know where I kind of left off and so the first thing is all about what we’ve been doing, which you may or may not realise is playing with the elements, inviting in the elements to assist us in our healing process and every single one of us, whether it is physical illness, whether it is injuries, pain, every single one of us has blocks. There is not one of us on this planet who is fully clear of all blocks or we would be somewhere else. [00:07:46][67.5]

[00:07:47] So, the very first thing is to connect with that earth element, which we have been doing through creating our sacred space before going anywhere, before getting out of bed. You can do this while you’re brushing your teeth but intend to create that sacred space that safe space, that place where you are fully connected with the source through your crown chakra, all the way through your entire being, through the base of the spine, down to the very core of earth, fully connecting with the source and getting yourself into your sacred space intact, with all of those boundaries. [00:08:37][49.9]

[00:08:39] Now, boundaries will be something we talk about. I have been writing. This is one of my time to write a lot and I have been writing a lot about boundaries and seeing some different ideas, different perspectives that I had not thought about before. [00:08:58][18.5]

[00:08:59] For those of you who have joined us in the New Life Journey group, there have been some really good discussions about different aspects of the healing process. So, that first thing that we always do is really employing that earth element, getting connected with the source and getting our sacred space where we push that chaos outside. [00:09:28][28.9]

[00:09:31] The second thing, this is what that wonderful rainbow Qigong exercise, the first practise does for us. It gets our fire going because fire will burn away. It will get those that energy flow moving and it is necessary to have your energy moving in order to dissolve blocks. The fire element has orange essential oil and lemon essential oil, both of which Gary Young used to say that they dissolve. They actually digest blocks that cause illness and disease. Would you like to have your blocks that cause illness and disease and also pain digested by something? Wow! That’s what these frequencies do. They dissolve the blocks. The frequency of Geranium essential oil is the one that holds this frequency of forgiveness. The energy that does clear away the blocks. [00:10:59][87.4]

[00:10:59] Last week or two weeks ago, in that video, we played with our our focus of moving that energy up and moving that energy of Geranium, that energy of forgiveness downward to clear out blocks, directing it through our focus and intent to the areas of pain. We talked about the holding the head, the frontal occipital hold, or placing your hands where ever that pain is, literally, if you can visualise, that’s even better, perhaps. But, if you can just think about these frequencies moving where ever they need to go to bring about that movement of energy to clear out those blocks that are creating pain. [00:12:00][61.9]

[00:12:02] Now, next week, we’re going to work on a different aspect of pain, which may be surprising in some ways because stress magnifies pain. I can remember Gary saying that so many times, stress magnifies pain. How many of you feel that you have been in stressful situations over this past six, eight, nine months? Overall of 20/20? It’s been different for every single one of us. [00:12:45][42.8]

[00:12:46] So, stress is probably built up, which builds up the the opportunity for illness and pain to move in and take over. Which is why it is very important to keep our fire moving. That’s why we do that first practise of the Qigong as we become flaming, we can burn away all of the stuff that is attempting to come into our field. We can burn away the blocks. [00:13:23][36.8]

[00:13:24] We can do so much and when we add the air element, which we also have been doing, we’re fanning the flames of that fire. So as you have fire gets stronger and stronger, you are going to become stronger and stronger. However, it will get to a point where you’re feeling too hot. Have any of you felt too hot? Well, they are in the northern hemisphere. You’re in winter. Many of you may watch this video are experiencing much colder temperatures. We’re on the equator, so we are pretty warm all year round long. Steven will tell you I get cold and when I get cold, I know I have lost my grounding. When we lose our grounding, our connection with the Source, there is nothing positive that will come from it. So, the first thing is that I feel my fire diminishing. So, if we are paying attention and that’s what this is all about, learning to pay attention to the little things before they become big things. [00:14:49][85.5]

[00:14:51] So, there comes a point, though, when we are truly burning so brightly and things are flying off those cords of attachment, things that are trying to come into our field that are not positive influences. They are just burning off and we need a little bit of rest. So this is the time to focus upon that second qigong practice, that practice that uses the element of water. As the water flows through us, it can put out. It can calm down that fire to a comfortable level. However, never underestimate the fact that water is powerful. First of all, water can put fire out. Many of us feel that fire is the strongest element of all and it is a very strong element. However, enough water can put fire out. Enough water over a period of time can pound away the strongest structure, the strongest rocks. [00:16:11][79.6]

[00:16:13] I love to stand at Fuller Life Villas and look down at the sacred river and watch it flowing. There are stones there. That water flows over and over a period of time to see the little indentations. The river banks are all sandstone and I have just learnt from Teja in recent weeks that the very old temple that is really a part of Fuller Life was built from sandstone that was taken from the sacred river. I stand there and watch, as that water flows over, we have three different waterfalls that are flowing in that river that come right past between Fuller Life Bali and Fuller Life Villas and to watch the way that the water flows and how that over time it has changed very gradually, but it does change. [00:17:28][75.7]

[00:17:30] So, as we are focussing on the water element, this is the two glyphs, the glyph of compassion and acceptance. These are the cooler, I decided to wear turquoise today, which is the compassion glyph because when I wear a colour, I can feel those frequencies and I am using the Northern Lights Black Spruce and the Sacred Frankincense, to use them continuously throughout the day because they will support me in softening the fire. That’s what it is, not putting out the fire; softening it and making things more gentle. This is also the frequency of both Aventurine and Aquamarine and also the frequency of Hematite. [00:18:50][80.7]

[00:18:52] So, as you are visualising these frequencies, let’s think about that second Qigong exercise where we are brushing down the front of the body, going around, coming up the back up, to the kidneys, grabbing that energy, putting it across the shoulders, coming down, making that energy ball up over the head and back down continuously. [00:19:27][34.9]

[00:19:28] Doing this nine times, just visualising that water element; those colours, if you can see colours of turquoise and silver, gently washing away the pain, washing away the illness, washing away the disease, clearing out the emotions. This is beautiful. Water is a perfect thing to clear out our emotions. Now, I’m one who does not care for rain. Some people love the rain. Steven loves the rain but I don’t like rain. I like hot water because I’m cold so often, which is why I love the therapy pool, because it’s water but it is making me feel warm and fuzzy and comfortable. [00:20:31][62.6]

[00:20:33] I love to apply this Northern Lights Black Spruce also Balsam Fir and Idaho Blue Spruce, of course the Balsam Fir is now called Grand Fir. Applying them, visualising those frequencies as you’re rubbing your hands, as you’re brushing your field, doing this second qigong practice. The Sacred Frankincense or the Frankincense, if you choose, visualising those beautiful glyphs and those energies moving where ever they need to go. [00:21:14][41.1]

[00:21:15] Now, this to me is the perfect time to hold the head, the frontal occipital hold, because this will help to relieve those emotions, the mental stress. Remember what Gary told us, stress magnifies pain. As we reduce our stress level, our pain level will drop. I have watched this over and over it. [00:21:49][34.1]

[00:21:50] When there is an injury and everyone is all upset and applying Lavender to the person who has the injury and to the people around it, or applying it liberally around the person and just even waving your own hands if you’re in a group, will calm everyone down, including the one who is injured. I’ve watched this over and over, and it’s amazing! [00:22:22][31.7]

[00:22:26] One day, I was in one of the shopping centres in Singapore. This was years ago, I saw a woman fell down on the granite floor and her little girl was about three years old, was right with her and I stooped down and ask, would you mind if I use a drop of oil, if she puts this on you and I put it in her hand and she held it up for her mother and held the place that was injured, which happened to be her ankle. So, the little girl just sat there and gave her love and used that Lavender essential oil with that intent that her mommy would feel better. Guess what? Her mommy walked away about five minutes later. She was perfectly fine and everyone was calm. So,it is amazing what we can do with our focus and attention, with just placing hands. If you you can’t place the hands where something is hurting, that’s okay. It’s not a requirement. Using the oils, visualising these beautiful energies, these beautiful glyphs, intending that the pain be washed away. [00:23:58][91.5]

[00:23:59] So, as you move forward this week, I would love to hear your experiences. Experiment, do what feels comfortable to you. Always making certain that you make that connection with your creator, whatever your concept is, that is what the source of all is. Make that connection, really give attention to staying in your sacred space and applying oils just with the intent they go where ever they are required. [00:24:47][47.1]

[00:24:49] I hope your week will be an absolute amazing one and I look forward to hearing all of your experiences and to seeing you again next Sunday. [00:24:49][0.0]