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[00:00:16] Good morning! I am going to begin myself applying a few oils while everyone is time to get on before the top of the hour. This morning, I’ve applied a number of oils, as always, and I’m choosing to apply gratitude. I am so very grateful for each of you who chooses to spend your time with me, with all the rest of us. Every moment we have an opportunity to choose what we do with that moment and I am very grateful to each and every one of you who chooses to spend time with us. [00:01:05][48.6]

[00:01:10] This morning, I decided because this is the third in our series of our Rainbow Qigong exercises. So I have chosen to bring the our rainbow bowl and I’m going to play that just for a little bit to get the energy there and I hope that each of you can see a little bit of this beautiful bowl that is sitting right in front of me. Just use your favourite oil and to listen, close your eyes, take a deep breath and just enjoy. Move it because when I touch it, of course, it’s going to stop. [00:02:54][103.4]

[00:02:56] Good morning, happy Sunday and I hope you’ve had a beautiful week. Every moment is a new beginning. I’m wearing my moonstone bracelet, which is the stone of new beginnings, to remind me that each moment truly is a choice to begin again. So as we go through our hour session today, you may keep that in mind. We have been actually focusing on the elements over the last two weeks sessions. This is the third in our series in that we use these Rainbow Qigong exercises or practices. [00:03:52][55.8]

[00:03:54] The first one is all about stretching. If you missed the video, two weeks ago, it is still on all my Facebook pages. It is on our New Life Journey group and on my website, it is everywhere. So, that first exercise is all about that stretching and then letting everything go, stretching and letting it go and it’s about getting our fire moving. The fire can clear out blocks. It creates, it actually manifests change. It can move you forward and we added to that our breath, the breath of life and the very breath to fan those flames. [00:04:49][55.9]

[00:04:52] Then, the second rainbow practice is that smoothing out the field; the water element that gentleness as we combine and actually balance the yin and the yang, the male and the female energies. Today we’re going to bring it all together and make certain that we are fully grounded. Grounding means connected to the source which we start with and connected with the very core of the planet upon which we live, also connecting, going all the way through the core of Earth and out the other side and connecting with the source there. [00:05:43][51.8]

[00:05:46] Today, we will also focus more upon the the individual glyphs as well as in our third practice. The first practice is all about that stretching, stretching all the way up, all the way down, stretching everywhere and then letting go. The second about brushing the field, balancing the energies. [00:06:12][25.8]

[00:06:13] Today we’re going to reach up to the sky, reach up all the way up to source our intent. And we are going to reach down through the core of earth and we’re going to bring very slowly, one by one, each of the glyphs of the rainbow healing into our physical form and energy being very slowly and then we’ll come back down. I’m not going to go through them all right now because we will do this together. After we go through all nine of them we will then put both arms up and act as a funnel coming down from source, bringing these energies all the way down through the core of our being, through every aspect of who we are. Then we will bring them all the way up again. [00:07:17][64.3]

[00:07:19] One of the things that I discovered about 18 years ago was that running the energies, moving them one direction may be very simple and there may be blocks on the way, the opposite direction. It’s kind of like some fabrics have a nap where it’s really smooth when you move them one way, but it’s rough when you move it in the opposite direction. So, this is going to locate any of those blocks and gently remove them. [00:07:57][38.6]

[00:07:58] So are you all ready? Have you used an oil to get ready? We know that Sacred Mountain is what I choose to use first, always, because Sacred Mountain anchors that frequency of the sacred space, which is what we’re all choosing. This is what I choose to live in to spend my time within that sacred space, fully connected with the source of the above and below, connected to the earth upon which we live, with all of my energies, with all of the distractions and the chaos of the outer world pushed outside because I have an energetic cylinder around me that only opens upward to the source, down through the core of Earth, into the source below, and to have my boundaries around me and we will talk more about boundaries and more if this. [00:09:06][68.7]

[00:09:07] Just be very focused, intense in the coming weeks as we move forward. So, is everyone ready to get it to begin? I’m going to step back a little bit more and we’ll see if that gives me more strange lighting on my face, I apologise. [00:09:25][18.0]

[00:09:28] First, let’s just intend that to connect fully with the source through your crown chakra and through your base chakra. Just intending that the connection becomes stronger and stronger with every breath that you take and intend to carve out that cylinder, your sacred space around you so that nothing can interfere with your healing process. [00:09:59][31.5]

[00:10:01] Now we’re going to begin by taking a deep breath in and doing the first qigong exercise, which begins with, the women have the right hand on the top and the left hand on the bottom. The men are the opposite. Then, we’re going to bring that energy up, drawing the fire. This is all about fire. If you’re a visual person, visualise that fire moving up to the very core of your being, all the way up through the bone level, stretching and let it go. Stretch it out, stretch and let it go. [00:10:57][55.9]

[00:11:00] Every time you take a breath, imagine those flames getting stronger and stronger as they burn away all of the blocks, opening up the energy, allowing things to move through every portion of your being, and then gather these flames in the abdomen, in the belly, intending that your fire around the heart grow stronger and stronger with every breath. [00:11:35][34.3]

[00:11:35] Now, let us draw up the flames of your fire through all of the meridians. The intent is to move through all of the red meridians so that the energy will flow smoothly to every organ, every portion of your being. We’re starting with the very core of our being, with our DNA and now we’re moving to the actual meridians, stretching them. As you learn these practices, you may choose your very special music to enhance your practice or you may prefer silence. You can also mute me if you’re doing it along with me. [00:12:36][61.1]

[00:12:38] So let us just intend that this fire is getting bigger and bigger. Take another deep breath and now let us draw the fire up through all of our chakras, major and minor. These energy sitting centres intending that they be cleared of all blocks, spinning at the perfect rate for your unique being. Don’t forget to breathe. [00:13:21][43.8]

[00:13:26] Now, as we’ve gone through each portion of our being, that is just intended that fire gather and get stronger and stronger until finally it explodes out in all directions, moving through every portion of your being, clearing out the debris, bringing in that opportunity for new experiences, for everything to be transformed from your DNA, all the way from the core of your being out into every portion of who you are. [00:14:10][43.3]

[00:14:11] Let us take another deep breath and now, bringing our hands to the prayer position. Let us intend to turn our fire down to a comfortable level, still burning brightly at a comfortable level and let us intend to balance that yin and yang energy by rushing down the front of the body all the way up to the back, just above the waist, feel the level with the kidneys. Over the shoulders of bringing that energy, brushing it down the arms and making a beautiful energy ball that we carry over the head and continue this nine times, visualising that with every single time that we do this, the energy becomes more balanced. [00:15:21][69.1]

[00:15:48] I loved the picture the water, the turquoise and silver of the water element, washing away what is no longer serving me. Coming back to the prayer position when you are ready. Some of you may have done that faster than I did and others may be slower. Go at your own pace because each of us is unique. Now, we will reach all the way up to the source intending to reach all the way down through the core of Earth and to the source below. Drawing in first, that beautiful pink energy of forgiveness, the energy that will literally dissolve all the blocks that we have to healing which cause illness and disease and pain. Now lets draw in that Lavender energy of structure, the energy that will show up, allow us to build healthy cells and molecules and our own perfect energy signature as each of us is unique. [00:17:47][118.7]

[00:17:50] Then, the sparkling apricot energy of authenticity, taking off those masks and finding out who we truly are, moving that energy up and down. Take a deep breath and now let us draw in that beautiful turquoise energy of compassion. The energy of nurturing of self and others and finding that perfect balance of giving and receiving. [00:18:31][40.4]

[00:18:35] Now, let us draw in that energy of the breath of life, the golden orange energy of fire, allowing it to move through every portion of your being. Now, the shiny silver energy is up, acceptance, accepting who you are, embracing where you are on your journey, and allowing yourself and others their journey. [00:19:12][36.2]

[00:19:14] Now let us draw in that pale lemon, yellow energy of the freedom glyph, the energy of release, letting go of those things that no longer serve you. Feeling that freedom that occurs now that we’ve made room, let us draw in the pale, silvery violent energies of divided union. The energies of integration, of reweaving yourself back together the way you were created to be. And then the ninth glyph is all about unity, that pale pink energy that allows harmony, that everything working together in harmony. [00:20:12][57.6]

[00:20:19] Finally, that pale, golden white energy of leadership. The energy of expansion that allows who you are to move outward, positively impacting the others who come into contact with you. [00:20:40][21.2]

[00:20:41] And now let us move both arms up, drawing in all 10 of these energies again and this time you may choose to focus on the aromas of the essential oils and the crystals. First, bringing in that beautiful aroma of Geranium, the frequency of unblocking of forgiveness and the crystal of Rhodocrosite. The next energy of Lavender essential oil and Amethyst crystal. For authenticity, we can draw in Cedarwood or Copaibo or both and crystals of Amber or Red Jasper. [00:21:43][62.8]

[00:21:48] Then lets bring in that turquoise energy of Northern Lights Black Spruce, Blue Spruce and the Idaho Balsam Fir along with Aquamarine and Aventuarine, next these fiery energies of the breath of life, orange essential oil and the energy of Topaz and Calcite. Next, let us draw in those silvery energies of Haematite, the energies of Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense. Then, the frequencies of Lemon essential oil and the crystals of Citrine. Next, that silvery violet frequency anchored by Jasmine Essential Oil and the crystals of Sugelite, Charoite and Blue Lace Agate. Next, fill your field with pale pink energy of a Ylang Ylang. The frequency that can be held by Rose Quartz Crystal. Finally, let us draw in those gold and white sparkling energies of Sandalwood and Sacred Sandalwood, the energies anchored by tigers eyes. Just allow these energies to circulate throughout every portion of your being. [00:23:41][112.7]

[00:23:44] I’d like to come to the prayer position, sometimes placing my hands over my heart, intending that all of these frequencies move throughout my heart, which is the centre of your energetic circulatory system. Your physical heart is the centre of your physical circulatory system, and the heart chakra is the centre of your energetic circulatory system. So, just allow these energies to move these frequencies to go where ever they need to go to bring about perfect harmony and balance throughout every portion of your body. When you’re ready, open your eyes, intending to remain in this state of connection, perfect harmony and balance. [00:24:47][63.0]

[00:24:51] So how are we all doing? That was a little long, wasn’t it? With no background, but my voice. Again, you can mute my voice at any time. I hope that you will take this opportunity to go back and look at the previous videos and to put this practice together in a way that fits for you. This is part of our New Life Journey, a New Llife Challenge, which is the first 30 consecutive days and then to actually embark upon the New Life Journey. This is part of that daily process, that morning awakening alignment and the evening integration. So, as you choose to incorporate the aspects, the things that that I am talking about on Sundays, let us know how you’re doing, what you’re experiencing. We all learn from each other. [00:26:01][69.9]

[00:26:02] I hope that you will all have an absolutely amazing week, filled with new opportunities, filled with harmony and balance and lots of joy and fun. So I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:26:02][0.0]