[00:00:11] Good morning! While we are waiting for these three minutes before the top of the hour, I will just go through a little bit of reminder of what we do and what I have done this morning. I’ve got the 11 real oils of the Rainbow Healing, which I have applied already, starting with, first of all, the Sacred Mountain. You may choose to apply along with me. I’m going to re-apply Sacred Mountain because I feel that there’s never too many applications of Sacred Mountain, as it anchors that energy of the sacred space that we’re all choosing to be in, to live in. I brought one of my bowls, my 1998 Tibetan bowl that I bought in Tibet, in Lhasa; and just change the energy to bring about a shift, which is what we’re all doing. Would you agree? [00:01:25][74.2]

[00:02:06] So once again, good morning, happy Sunday and what kind of a week did you have this week? Was it a spectacular week? We had an amazing full moon. Was it an up and down week? This may be a good time. I love to reflect on Sunday’s over the previous week and what I choose to do differently perhaps in the coming week. So, we all have ups and downs from time to time. So what do we do about it? There are many things. [00:02:47][41.0]

[00:02:47] We’ve offered too many tools and over last week we started with the Rainbow Qigong exercises that I have been doing since 2003 and working with them. First of all, the one last week was all about getting our fire moving and fire is so very important because it’s going to create the environment for change. All of us require change if we choose to move forward. Would you agree? If we make no changes, there will be no forward movement. [00:03:30][43.2]

[00:03:32] Those of you who have the App, I highly encourage you to go along with me. What you will read about the Fire in the App is not as much as what you will see in the guidebook that comes with the cards. However, it’s just a different format and the information is there. So, I’m going to encourage you to open your app. It’s free and to come to the journey and then to press on glyphs, because this is something we are going to do, to view the glyphs and you’ll have all of the 10 glyphs right here. If you choose to see a bigger picture and learn about it, you can press on each one as we go along, because that is the basis for the journey of the glyphs. [00:04:26][53.5]

[00:04:27] Now, having said all that, I’m going to go back to review, being the teacher I have to review things. I give outcomes, concepts, and then we build upon those concepts while never ceasing to do the original things. So we started with that activation of fire last week and the second exercise in the Qigong series of three is all about the cooling down the balancing of, I think of as water, which is why I’m dressed in my turquoise. Turquoise and silver, the colours that are associated with the two glyphs that make up the water element. So, how are we going to do this with Qigong exercises? For those who may have studied Qigong in the past, you know that your intention, your mind, your focus, your thoughts are a major part. The actual movements are important. However, the focus, the intent is the true key. When you combine all of these things, that’s where the major power comes in. [00:05:53][86.5]

[00:05:54] So, last week getting our fire going, it’s all about stretching, stretching, stretching, just as you would do a rubber band. You can go back and watch that entire video. We’re going to stretch and then let go, release, stretch and release. That’s the way we actually move through changes in the most effective way. We stretch and then we let go a little bit. As we let go, we never come back to that original point because we have stretched ourselves beyond like a rubber band. Once it is stretched, it never truly goes back to that tight way. Most of us are particularly for sure, was raised in a very structured environment in the box. I was primed to never get outside of that box. Well, guess what? I’m outside the box now. So it’s the stretching exercise has really, really helped me in and I would intend that it would be also extremely helpful for you, which is why we do this first, because we must have a fire going, burning brightly in order to make changes and to move forward. [00:07:27][93.7]

[00:07:28] So, you can do this along with me. How many of you actually did your fire, your rainbow qigong, at least once or twice during the week? And how many of you actually could feel a difference? Were you one of the ones who truly did this every single day? I’m not guaranteeing, but I know that it makes a huge difference to me. So what do we do first? [00:08:04][36.2]

[00:08:06] The first thing we do, this is because it’s a Facebook live, everything is reversed and in Chinese Qigong, it is very important to do things with the particular hand. So this is my right hand. It looks like my left hand, but it’s my right hand. So, the women would put their right hand on top and do things with their right hand first. The men would put their left hand on top. This is my left hand. So as you’re watching me in the video, I am mirroring for the women, what is the appropriate thing? You may feel that it is appropriate to do it differently, that the right and the left don’t make that much difference and that is your choice. We always have a choice. So, the first time we go through these particular movements, this part of the qigong, we are starting at the very core of our being, the very, very core, the bone level, at the physical level. [00:09:17][70.8]

[00:09:17] We are starting at the physical level and pulling our fire all the way up. Then, the second time we go through the exercise three times. We are bringing it up through the meridians, stretching those meridians out. Then, the third time we’re going through the chakra. So, just deep breath. You may choose to use your oils of the the orange, the lemon, the sandalwood, these are the oils of the fire or just thinking about. So, putting our hands, getting ourselves all loose because we want to be begin loose and relaxed. This is Chinese jogging by the way, when you do like this and just allow your hands and your arms to be just go wherever they choose to go. So let’s take a deep breath and we can draw that fire all the way up through the very core of our being, stretch into the ceiling, stretching all the way down and just allowing it to release. Then, at this 45 degree angle, we are going to stretch all directions and suddenly let it go and stretch to the sides. How did it go? Don’t forget to breathe with the fingers pointed down at the 45 degree angle to the side. [00:11:03][105.5]

[00:11:13] We’re going to build the fire in our abdomen, the fire in the belly. Just visualising this, if you can, if not just the intent to visualise fire. Fire in the very core of your being burning away, those things that are no longer supporting you. This is the basis for regeneration of the physical form. Is there anyone here who would like to regenerate your form? Any illness or disease present anywhere? Breathe! Remember, the breath will fan the flames of the fire. And then let us put our hands back down and draw all the fire up again. This time focussing and intending that it be moved through all of your meridians and just release it. Feeling those meridien stretching the energy, moving through the meridians to all of your organs. Really, really clearing out the blocks and raising your level of your frequency throughout every portion of your physical form. And again, gathering that fire in your belly. [00:12:58][105.0]

[00:13:00] And now the third time we will intend to pull it all through our chakras, through all of the chakras scattered throughout the body. Our energy centres intending that they spin faster, that they are cleared of all blocks. Allowing you to clear all of the blocks, no matter where they may be located, at any level of the body, mind, emotions, sand or spirit complex. Anywhere in time or space. Allowing this fire to truly clear out all of those blocks and then we’ll get it into the belly again. This time just intend that it get stronger and stronger with every breath that you take until finally it explodes out in all directions, moving through every chakra, through every portion of your being. Clearing out those things that are no longer required. [00:14:12][71.8]

[00:14:15] And moving you forward, preparing you, clearing away those those cords of attachments, things that are no longer serving you, whatever it is allowing you to be calm that make that change so that you can become who you were created to be. Then when you’re ready, we’re going to tend to turn our fire down to a comfortable level. We’re a raging inferno. Can you feel the difference? In the way that your energy level is now moving, I was one who had cold feet and hands all those years; my nose like a dog and my hands and my feet just totally were freezing cold because my fire was diminished. [00:15:14][58.3]

[00:15:14] So now we’re just turning it down to a comfortable level and we’re going to bring in that water. Water is all about balance and so we’re going to be smoothing. You may choose to think instead of those golden, orange and yellow frequencies of fire, the flames of the cooling water. Some of you may think of a photo or think of a time when you were at the beach or just maybe even the rain coming down, the gentle rain. And this particular exercise is all about balance and what we do is we are going to brush down. We’re not touching our body but we’re actually just going down the front of the body, all the way down to the floor and coming up the back of the body as high as you can come, which is about the level of the kidneys just above the waist and grab that energy. This is where the balance comes in because we have had our left hand on the left side of the body and the right hand on the right side. [00:16:35][81.3]

[00:16:36] Now we’re going to bring that energy around and we’re going to cross our arms and put our hands back over our shoulders. Then we will gently intend to break this energy, to bring this energy off our arms and make an energy ball, If you can feel that energy between your hands. We make this energy ball and carefully bring it up over our head. Put the fingers down so that the energy will go down your back as well. This is that balanced, blended energy and then over the face. Now, that is one time of doing this exercise and these particular things will be done nine times, three times three. [00:17:38][61.2]

[00:17:38] So we’re going to begin. Is everyone ready to begin, to balance the energy that gentle energy of water element. Just take a deep breath. You may choose to visualise that turquoise and silver. If you happen to have the oils of a Balsam Fir Blue Spruce or a Black Spruce for the compassion glyph and the Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense, you may choose to visualise these at this particular time. So, now we’re going to begin for the first time, brushing down the front of the body all the way to the ankles, up to the back of the body, grabbing the energy over the shoulders, bringing it down the arms, making that beautiful energy ball, bringing it over the head and back down, in a continuous motion. This is our second time. Don’t forget to breathe. Go at your own pace. I’m on my third right now. [00:19:08][89.8]

[00:19:18] Pay attention and notice whether you’re feeling more balanced, more gentle, more in harmony. If you lose count, there’s no harm done. I believe I’m on my six one now. Normally, I love doing this with music, but it’s not required. If you like music and have something special, then please play your own music. When I finish, I put my hands back at my heart in the prayer position and just intend that all of my frequencies, the energies in my body, in my entire being, my spirit and soul complex and harmony, that all discordant vibrations be converted into harmonious whole energy of the highest possible vibrational level. Just feel this balance and harmony because I love colour I’m visualising that turquoise and silver energy. I’m also still feeling that orange, lemon, yellow and pale, golden, white, sparkling energy of fire moving through every portion of the being. However, now it is far more balanced. So when you’re ready, take another deep breath and open your eyes. [00:21:35][136.8]

[00:21:40] We haven’t finished all three of the exercises. However, is there anyone who feels different? Is there anyone who feels no change? Sometimes, you feel more change than you do. What ever happens for you at any given time is perfect. There is no right or wrong. [00:22:06][25.9]

[00:22:08] Next week, we will go over the third Qigong exercise that truly brings it all together, putting you into your sacred space with all of the chaos outside, with all of the balance, the harmony and the fire inside so that you can move forward without any distractions with all of those things tugging on you at all times. [00:22:41][32.8]

[00:22:42] So, I thank you very much for being here. I look forward to seeing you next week into introducing this third exercise because it has been so effective for me. I would never teach anything that is not effective for me. So, have fun this week. Play with your oils. Play with your crystals. I have my crystals laid out all around me. Select the oils that you’re choosing to use, knowing that we are going through those two exercises. And the third, creating the sacred space exercise. Next week, get whatever you choose around you so we can do this together. Have a beautiful week filled with gorgeous colours, joy, happiness and lots of fun. [00:22:42][0.0]