[00:00:02] Good morning! The time slipped by just a little bit because I was doing my Qigong exercises and another time to get ready. It is not quite eleven o’clock the top of the hour but happy, happy, happy Sunday. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. This has been a wonderful week for me, as always and I see that there are some who are on currently. [00:00:31][29.0]

[00:00:32] Hello! Good morning! Happy Sunday! I am really excited because we are going to try something new today. Haven’t done the exercises while on the Facebook live, so it may look different. We’ll see! But, one way or the other, what we’re doing today and it looks like it is actually eleven o’clock. So, we will actually begin. If you have not already applied your Rainbow Healing oils, then please do so, at least apply the Sacred Mountain blend because this is going to assist us in creating our sacred space, which is essential for everything that we do, remaining in the sacred space, fully connected with the source and with your boundaries up so that you keep your energy inside is going to be very helpful. It does not mean that you cannot radiate outward, but rather that you keep your energy field intact. [00:01:51][79.0]

[00:01:52] So I’m going to quickly go through. There are three actual Qigong exercises that I put together well over 10 years ago. It will go with the rainbow healing to assist us in in creating that strong connection with the Source and in moving through our daily life as we continue to move forward without all those steps backwards. So, a key to doing that is the fire, which is why we’re going to focus on that first exercise today that is all about getting the fire moving. [00:02:41][49.1]

[00:02:42] Now, the fire looks like this in the Rainbow Healing Cards. It is the glyphs of the breath of life, freedom and leadership. This is something that some of you may identify with what I have felt over the years, because for most of my life, I was convinced that, I believed that fire was something we should hold in, that fire was associated with anger. I was taught don’t send anger outward; hold it in. Consequently, what happens when we hold anger in. [00:03:32][49.5]

[00:03:32] Well, anger turn it turned inward will create those auto immune diseases. Cancer is anger turned in towards the self. So, as we learn to burn our fire brightly, not sending negativity into the world, but actually transforming it. This is a transformational thing that we can do every single day, multiple times if we choose, because the fire will transmute all of that negativity, all of that anger, while also building your passion, building your excitement to your will, your perseverance, allowing you to move forward. So isn’t this exciting that we can do this ourselves? We don’t have to set a fire. We are setting our own fire inside. If you’re feeling depressed, if you’re feeling anxious, if you’re feeling fearful. Fire is the answer because fire can destroy. It can actually change what ever change it totally. [00:05:03][91.3]

[00:05:05] So, let’s get started. I have on the colour of fire, I have on the orange, golden orange is the colour of the breath of life and the breath of life is the strongest, the most yang of all of the Rainbow Healing glyphs. The breath of life can really get everything, boost everything up. So this is the simple essential oil of orange. If you don’t already have orange, I even brushed my teeth with orange this morning. I have on my fire earrings, the earrings that have the three glyphs of the Rainbow Healing. Anything to remind me more and more to keep my fire burning. I have my beautiful golden honey calcite rock, I have other calcite around me and I have tiny, little slivers of the orange calcite here. I also have Light the Fire blend. That seems like a good thing, doesn’t it? So Light the Fire, I’m going to actually apply that again. So that is my intent. [00:06:27][82.4]

[00:06:28] So, the first thing we’re going to do when we’re doing our qigong, I’m going to back up and we’ll see how well this works because I have to be able to move my hands even more. The fire is all about stretching this particular qigong exercise, it’s like stretching a rubber band as hard and as far as you can possibly do and then letting it go all of a sudden. [00:06:59][31.1]

[00:07:00] So, it’s stretching. Let it go, and with this particular exercise, we will do it three times. I will go through the motions first. The women will put their right hand on top and the left hand on the bottom and we have put our hands down in the lower abdomen so that they are just loose. You may want to just do your shoulders just a little bit to get yourself loose. Some of us, I included, tend to be rigid. Does that sound familiar? Rigid. To me, flexible was weak most of my life, rigid was strong. So, my natural way of thinking is to be rigid. Steven will be very happy to tell you that he constantly reminds me not to be so rigid, to be more flexible. So, incidentally, most of my life, my joints were very stiff, my back was stiff, my neck was stiff. I couldn’t turn my head the way that I can do it now because of that inflexibility. So, if I’m speaking to any of you, just understand. I fully understand. [00:08:29][89.9]

[00:08:31] So, we’re going to start with the right hand on the top and the left on the bottom and the men with the left hand on the bottom and the right hand on the top. [00:08:44][13.4]

[00:08:45] So, what we’re going to do is first draw that fire, that intent all the way up and out the top of the head; stretching up to the sky, stretching down to the centre of the earth. Just stretch, stretch, stretch as hard as you can. Take a deep breath, then stretch a little more and then just let it go. swinging the arms outward. So, that’s the first step. [00:09:17][32.4]

[00:09:18] Then, we’re going to do stretching in all different directions. This is eventhough we’re not walking around, my feet are planted. They’re actually planted right here on the floor because I am grounded all the way to the core of Earth in my sacred space. So, now we’re going to turn the hands around; with the women, the right arm goes up and at a 45 degree angle, stretching all the way out and the men with the left arm, just stretch and stretch as much as you possibly can. Then let it go. [00:09:58][39.4]

[00:09:59] Then we’re going to do the other hand. Again, it took the 45 degree angle and for me, the left arm is going out, the right hand just stays right under the shoulder and stretch tensing those muscles and then relaxing them. Now, absolutely straight up to the sides. And we’re going to point our fingers down toward the floor and at a 45 degree angle, starting in the front, again stretching. When I get to this point. Usually I feel more crunches, more little rattles as my bones are getting more realigned properly and then to the sides, down 45 degree angle, really pushing those shoulders down to the floor in your neck all the way up to the sky. Then behind you. Then, we come back. We’re going to push against the wall. Now, we’re going to put our hands right around the lower abdomen. We’re going to do our circles like this, only we’re going to have one hand going 180 degrees different as we’re intending for that fire to be building in our abdomen. Just really feel that heat. So, those are the motions. [00:11:35][95.3]

[00:11:36] Now, we’re going to go through the three steps of what we’re really focussing upon. So, we’ll start and the first time we go through it, we go through it three times. The first time, we’re drawing our fire all the way up through the very core of our being, through our physical form, into the DNA actually, getting rid of what ever is not truly supposed to be there. So, we’re going to draw it up through the bone level, the deepest physical level of our our physical form. The second time, we’re going to draw it up through all our energy meridians, stretching them out, allowing that fire to burn away what no longer is is supporting you. Then finally, through all of the chakras, allowing that them to spin faster and to be cleared out. [00:12:41][65.3]

[00:12:42] So, let’s get started. You going to do it along with me I hope. So, take a deep breath in and get in position and we bend the legs a little bit. Not rigid to begin with because we’re going to be all loose and we’re going to intend to draw that fire all the way up through the very core of our being. Stretching, stretching, stretching, visualising that fire burning brightly. Stretch, stretch, just getting rid of all of the debris, the stuff, all of the things that are no longer supporting you. Out to the sides. [00:13:31][49.2]

[00:13:47] Now, I’m going to focus on the fire in my belly, just intending that it’s moving and enhancing and getting stronger and stronger with every breath. Don’t forget to breathe. I have a hard time breathing while I’m talking. That is such an important thing because the air, the breath will fan the flames of your fire. Are you beginning to feel more energised? [00:14:19][31.3]

[00:14:21] Let’s go to the second one, which we are going to draw it up through all of our meridians, intending to clear out all of the blocks and the meridians. Allowing that fire to stretch them out all blocks. We have some statements that Steven gave us that we talked about a couple of weeks ago. Point your fingers down. The more focus that you can have as you’re doing these exercises, the more beneficial they will be for you. [00:15:07][45.9]

[00:15:08] So, we’re going to focus on that fire in the belly one more time. Now this third time, we’re going to pull our fire all the way up through all of our chakras, intending that each of the chakras be expanded, cleared of all blocks and spinning faster. What ever the appropriate rate is for your unique being. [00:15:47][39.2]

[00:16:03] Now, this is the real thing, as we’ve now got our fire going at the bone level at the very core of our being, through our meridians and through all of our chakras. We are clearing out so much debris. Just close your eyes and focus on your fire getting stronger and stronger until finally it bursts out in all directions, moving through every aspect of who you are, making you into a flaming being, golden orange. That beautiful frequency of orange essential oil, the lemon essential oil that anchors that freedom, release, the letting go of the things that no longer serve you and the leadership that energy of sandalwood, which just allows you to be who you are, allowing that to radiate outward throughout every portion of your being and radiating outward throughout the entire planet. So now let us just bring our hands up to our heart. I love to bring my hands into my heart intending that this fire gently move through my entire heart chakra. [00:17:47][103.4]

[00:17:48] This is the centre of our chakra system. There are three chakras above major ones and three below the heart, connects it all. Let us intend, as our fire is now burning brightly, to turn the fire down to a comfortable level, intending that it remain burning brightly but at a level that is appropriate for your unique being at this moment. And then let us bring our hands back to the prayer position. [00:18:29][40.3]

[00:18:30] So, are there any questions? I cannot read them as we go along. That is a difficult thing for me because I’m too far away from the phone. But do you feel differently? Do you feel more energised? Do you feel more passion? [00:18:48][18.5]

[00:18:51] The next two exercises, which we’ll cover in the subsequent video will assist in bringing about that balance. However, this particular week, let’s focus on that fire, that fire of being passionate, that fire of allowing new things into your life, that new breath of life. So often we resist change. So, this is about allowing for the change to occur. It is about releasing the things that no longer serving us and allowing ourselves to be that magnificent creature that we were intended to be. [00:19:43][51.9]

[00:19:44] So, I challenge you to enjoy this process and let me know; simply message as to how you’re feeling and how you may be feeling differently with your fire burning a little more brightly. Always remember, of course, we can tame it down, if that is their choice at any time and how do we do that? We do it through focus and intent and breath. Breathing in and intending to do something. So, have a happy, happy week filled with lots and lots of flaming rainbows and I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:19:44][0.0]