[00:00:09] Good morning and happy Sunday. I just been waiting for this opportunity for a 10.57 to arrive and I’m excited to be here and look forward to sharing with you today. First, I’m going to get ready by using Present Time to bring myself in to present time. I may use this again later because this is something that is very important as far as I’m concerned, to always live in present time. That is something that I’ve really been working on for the past 24 years, because prior to that time, I did not live in present time. [00:01:06][57.4]

[00:01:07] So, let’s all apply what ever oils you have around you, to whichever ones that you brought for this experience today, layer them on and I’m going to first start with the Tibetan bowl. I did bring my rainbow healing bowl up here, but I felt like this was the one that I required this morning. So perhaps some of you require this one. So breathe in and enjoy. [00:01:38][31.0]

[00:02:39] Once again, happy Sunday, I hope that you’ve had a wonderful week and learnt some exciting things about yourself and how to stay grounded, in harmony and in peace. Today, I am presenting to you Steven’s power healing statements that he developed over many years and he taught them to me in 1996. [00:03:19][40.0]

[00:03:21] So, I have been using them, I’ve first experienced them 24 years ago. Actually, we’re coming up on 25 years because it was more than six months ever since the beginning of the year. So these statements, any one of you who’s had the the opportunity to experience any of Steven’s healing sessions know how powerful this can be. Of course, there is another ingredient in his sessions, and that is Steven. However, these are very powerful statements when we apply our intent and the intent and the focus are extremely important. So I cannot impress upon you how important they are. [00:04:20][59.4]

[00:04:21] So as I said, I’ve already used the present time. I have all of my rainbow healing oils right here, and I’ve used them on my journey of the glyphs and I want to explain how that this probably looking back, in retrospect is a wonderful thing for us to experience because we see things in a very different light. These statements that I’m going to present, they’re not written anywhere. [00:05:33][71.7]

[00:05:34] So, it is a progression, a step by step procedure. I must step-by-step person, so it’s important to me to kind of have a sequence to do. So, I have in front of me all of the oils of the rainbow healing. I have in front of me, the crystals, the little tumble stones of the crystals that I will perhaps talk about. It depends on how our time is going and we’ll try to be cognisant of the time. [00:06:06][32.7]

[00:06:08] So, the first thing is that we must get ourselves prepared for healing and that preparation is creating that sacred space. That sacred space where you’re fully connected with the Source and pushing out all of the stuff, all of the junk, all the distractions in the outer world and having that filter, that boundary up, so that nothing comes in to interfere with your healing process in any way. [00:06:50][42.0]

[00:06:51] So and we have those three boundaries or filters. I have always called them boundaries; the silver one on the outside, which reflects back to the centre anything harmful. The gold is sparkling golden on the inside, which will transmute any negativity. Then, that red filter which we can put inside, wherever it feels right for you to put it, that red filter will stop anything that manages to get through. [00:07:27][36.4]

[00:07:30] Are you ready? Let’s take a deep breath in. I’m going to apply my Sacred mountain right now because for me I feel that this is what anchors that energy of the sacred space and make that strong connection with the Source and intending that your connetion be through the top of your crown, through your crown chakra and that you connect through the bottoms of the feet and the base of the spine to the very core of Earth and extend it all the way down to connect with the source on the other side. [00:08:14][43.7]

[00:08:15] So there we are, fully connected above and below with our boundaries up and we’re going to do that journey of the glyphs, which is to first to intend that forgiveness to unblock all of those blocks. Then we’re going to progress through the entire journey of the glyphs and then we are ready for Steven’s statements. [00:08:45][30.5]

[00:08:48] Are you ready? I am excited that I get to teach them to you and it may take a little more time and then how to apply them. The first thing, the reason we have to get connected with the source first is that we must be totally connected and in our sacred space, with everything else outside and we’re talking with the source. What ever your concept is of the creator, that which created all or created you and everything in your reality. [00:09:26][37.9]

[00:09:27] So the first thing is to take a deep breath that breathing is so very important. The first thing we’re going to say to all chakras at all levels. These are our energy centres, we’re speaking to get all of our energy service centres involved to all chakras at all levels. Please send all of the energy necessary to clear all blanks recognised and unrecognised, we all have them. [00:10:10][42.8]

[00:10:10] That’s what that first step in Rainbow Healing is all about, the forgiveness, to unblock, to clear all blocks, whether they’re recognised or unrecognised at all levels of the body, mind, emotions and/or spirit and soul complex. Anywhere in time or space, this energy to be redirected where ever it has to go to accomplish this result in priority sequence. We don’t have to know what that sequence is. The Source knows what that sequence is and you and the Source know what that sequence for you is. It may have nothing to do with the sequence that might be for me or for your best friend or your mother or your father or your children. [00:11:23][73.1]

[00:11:25] So we are going to intend to clear these blocks in priority sequence to effect complete changes and to embrace all of these changes into wholeness. That’s that first statement. It’s kind of hard to go through it, chopping it up as many times as I’ve said this. [00:11:59][33.9]

[00:11:59] It is as if I have to go back and think, where am I in this? So, I’m going to actually read it to you in Steven’s words. We’ll see how close I came because the wording is extremely important. I’ve got it on my other phone. He says, and he does this in every single one of his healing sessions to all chakras at all levels, please send all the energy necessary to correct all blocks recognised and not recognised and all the causative factors thereof, no matter where it is and to embrace these changes into wholeness. And that’s the first statement. [00:12:58][58.5]

[00:13:16] Let’s take another deep breath. This is very important to make this intent, to be clear and to use these words, they are not written anywhere yet, they will be written at some point. Steven has just written them down for you. Aren’t you fortunate? So that’s the first one. So after we have eliminated these blocks and there will be blocks at all times. As long as we’re here on this planet, we will have blocks. It’s not as if we do something and it comes back the next day. The fact that we are moving forward and we’re taking away those layers of blocks as we go, with our focus and intent. [00:14:11][54.7]

[00:14:13] So the second one is much easier, much shorter because this time we’re going to talk about bringing everything into harmony; harmonising all of these frequencies. Steven’s words here are; to all chakras at all levels, please send all the energy necessary to convert all discordant vibrations into positive whole energy of the highest possible vibrational level. So, as we’re bringing all these things into harmony, you may choose to use harmony blend. That is a great one, Harmony blend has seven of the rainbow healing single oils and isn’t that interesting. It’s all that harmonising process.So we are clearing the blocks at all levels no matter where they are located and we do not have to identify those. [00:15:28][75.3]

[00:15:29] At one time I felt I had to identify every block that I was attempting to clear. It really isn’t that difficult. We just must focus and intend that wherever they are located, that they be cleared. Any level of the body mind, emotions and/or spirit and soul complex, anywhere in time or space. We are clearing all the way back. This actually has the effect of clearing our ancestry as well. Isn’t that powerful? And as we bring all of these frequencies with the second statement into harmony, as we ourselves, our energy is in harmony at every level. There is no more disease, no more illness, no more pain. We are in harmony. Our DNA will actually change. We may get younger. [00:16:44][75.4]

[00:16:45] Steven was showing me photos back from 2014-2015. Some of the ceremonies that we had at the centre and he said just sent them without saying anything. I looked at them and I thought, oh, my gosh, the only way I can tell what year it was is by my hair, because my hair changes from year to year. I looked at it and I was shocked because I really and truly feel that I look younger now at 77 than I did then when I was 71? Amazing, isn’t it? So, as we do bring all of our energies, all of our complex into harmony, we too can rise above the illness and disease and actually regenerate our physical selves and molecules regenerating who we are becoming, that magnificent being that we were created to be. [00:18:01][75.7]

[00:18:04] There are three more things that he likes to say at the end and this won’t take very long. After we’ve brought everything into harmony, we intend to increase tolerance and reduce stress. I want you to think about that for just a moment. Increasing tolerance, tolerance of you and the things that you may have done. This goes all the way back to this, doesn’t it? Forgiving ourselves for what we may have done, forgiving ourselves for what we may not have done in a given situation and forgiving others for what they may or may not have done. [00:19:04][59.8]

[00:19:05] It will start the process and and it will clear the blocks. So as we increase tolerance, we’re going to reduce our stress and it’s stress that destroys us. Stress gets us away from that connection with the Source. Would you believe? Would you agree? [00:19:27][22.1]

[00:19:29] So, as we are increasing tolerance and reducing stress, then we take a deep breath and we’re going to intend to increase our strength, because as we become stronger, we will reduce our vulnerability. We’re all vulnerable in some areas. Every single one of us has vulnerabilities. I hesitate, I don’t like the word weak or weakness, so I prefer to think of them as lesser strengths or as Steven uses the word vulnerabilities. So we’re going to increase our strength and we’re going to reduce our vulnerabilities at the same time. The more the strength is, the lower, the higher up the strength, the lower the vulnerabilities. [00:20:29][59.7]

[00:20:30] Wow. We’re getting better, aren’t we? Then the last one is to bring the pain level down to zero. Would you enjoy going through life with zero pain and that’s all kinds of pain; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain. Reduce all pain level down to zero. Wow, that’s a lot to chew on, isn’t it? So we’re going to go through our two power statements that first one, that it goes on and on. The second one which harmonises and then we’re going to do those and make those three strong, intense. [00:21:30][59.3]

[00:21:32] So, we’ll talk next week about what else we do with these power statements. Between now and then, since Steven put them in the comments. They’re there for you to look at and as I said, he has not written them previously for the public. So, get it in front of you or really pay attention. It’s understanding what the words mean more than the words themselves, although the words themselves must have a power that is very strong because of the results that Steven gets in his appointments. [00:22:18][46.0]

[00:22:19] So, perhaps the next time we’ll be lucky enough for Steven to be presenting his statements himself but during this week, do take the time first thing in the morning. This is part of the checking in process that he and I do every day. It is part of the morning alignment and the evening integration. It is so important for us to be as clear as it’s possible for us to be before we sleep. Would you agree? When we are not clear when we go to sleep, we are open for all sorts of negativity and all sorts of challenges to come in. [00:23:07][47.8]

[00:23:08] So make a commitment, I challenge you to make that commitment to do that first thing morning awakening alignment and that evening integration, utilising these statements after creating your sacred space and I look forward to hearing from you and learning what you have experienced using these statements. I’ll see you next Sunday. Have a happy week. [00:23:08][0.0]