The books that we are often exposed to are related to the English model of aromatherapy which describes diluting essential oils in vegetable oil and applying in the context of a full-body massage. These oils are normally not genuinely pure, premium grade oils and cannot be used on the skin NEAT (undiluted) or taken internally because they often may contain solvents or other things that could be harmful if taken internally or used undiluted.
The French model of aromatherapy is the oldest and most widely practiced in the world today. Aromatherapists in France prescribe oral application as well as “neat” application. However, the oils that are prescribed are genuinely pure, premium grade oils.
You asked, “Is Young Living exceptional?” My answer would be a resounding, “YES!”
There is a huge difference between oils that “smell good” and pure premium essential oils. Most people find that experiencing the Young Living essential oils is all it takes to recognize the difference as they can truly FEEL a shift. These premium essential oils contain no solvents or extenders and are generally safe to take internally as well as to apply on the skin undiluted unless one has very sensitive skin. Then they would be applied to the bottoms of the feet.
You asked about another brand of oils that is said to be organic. Organic and premium are NOT the same thing. In fact the words “organic” and “natural” are two of the least regulated words in the world today. A product can actually be labeled “organic” if it contains one ingredient that is organic!!! “Natural” is even more nebulous. A substance used in a product can be called “natural” if that particular substance CAN OCCUR in nature. Even if the substance used in the particular product is created in a chemistry laboratory synthetically, if it CAN occur in nature, the product can be labeled “natural”.
NOTE: The above information is from Dr. David Stewart’s book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple.
So . . . what are we to do?
The best thing is to know the growers and distillers of the essential oils and even everything that we put on or in our bodies. Of course most of us will not have that opportunity to know every one. The next best thing is to find a company which has true integrity in the production of its products. THAT is why I use and teach others how to use the premium essential oils and oil-enhanced products from Young Living Essential Oils. I have been to their farms. I have seen their distillers. I have trained with Gary Young, the Founder of the Company. I know that these oils are not only safe to use, but that they “work” – from personal experience.
If you have any questions, please feel free to private message me. I would be more than happy to support you in your oily journey.
Many wishes of optimal health & wellness,