ABUNDANCE blend – what is the best way to use it?

The best way is the way that feels right to YOU!

Some of the ways that others love it are . . .

  • ONE DROP behind ears as perfume
  • Put one drop into palm, rub hands together, and smooth over entire energy field
  • Some even rub it on their chequebook and on their wallet – or on their desk or computer . . .

As you apply ABUNDANCE, be sure to have POSITIVE thoughts.  The blend is all about “attraction” – and it will attract more of what you are thinking about – your focus.  (If you are focused on negative things, then you may attract an “abundance of negativity”.  Is that what you would choose?)

Note:  Understand that the aroma of Abundance is quite powerful and may be annoying for some.  The frequency of abundance may also be uncomfortable.  Therefore, use it sparingly – particularly when you know you will be in close proximity to others.