Some of your friends may say “I used an entire bottle of Lavender over the course of a month and it did NOT help me relax and sleep” Or, “Essential oils does not help me”.

Does this sound familiar to you?

When asked, where did they buy the essential oils from? Some may say from a shop off the shelf or the pharmacy and it is way cheaper than Young Living essential oils.

Here’s the truth – It MATTERS where you buy your essential oils from.

Have you heard of Seed to Seal? It is quality over cost. Unlike many other companies, Young Living is the only company that can guarantee you will receive the first distillation batch of essential oils. What does first distillation mean? Here is an analogy:

A nicely pot of chamomile tea is brewed with fresh chamomile flowers. The first cup is first distillation. Then I brewed another cup of tea with the same flowers, this is second distillation. I brewed a few more cups of tea using the same flowers, the tea is not a fragrant or beneficial for my body as the first cup of Chamomile tea. This is what you get from buying off the shelves essential oils that are “cheap” and are not “premium grade”. There is a huge difference between oils that “smell good” and pure premium-grade essential oils.

Most people find that experiencing the Young Living essential oils is all it takes to recognize the difference as they can truly FEEL a shift. These premium essential oils contain no solvents or extenders and are generally safe to take internally as well as to apply on the skin undiluted unless one has very sensitive skin. Then they would be applied to the bottoms of the feet.

Organic and premium-grade are NOT the same thing. In fact the words “organic” and “natural” are two of the least regulated words in the world today. A product can actually be labeled “organic” if it contains one ingredient that is organic!!! “Natural” is even more nebulous. A substance used in a product can be called “natural” if that particular substance CAN OCCUR in nature. Even if the substance used in the particular product is created in a chemistry laboratory synthetically, if it CAN occur in nature, the product can be labelled “natural”.

This is what makes Young Living Essential Oils truly EXTRAORDINARY!