The Enchanter Archetype embodies one who is the “Star.” Great charisma, charming, very attractive physically and can attract people easily are hallmarks of the Enchanter. They have a high degree of intuition, and are often clarvoyant, clairsentient, and some may even be clairaudient.

The Enchanter is the “life of the party” and always center-stage. They have a desire for Fame. They may be able to manifest easily. They are gifted story-tellers.

Instead of avoiding traumatic experiences, they eagerly embrace them and enjoy repeating the stories of their amazing “Luck” and their ability to create situations that usually benefit themselves. They are the ones who everyone says are “very lucky”. They seem able to cast illusions, almost unconsciously, illusions that enhance their ability to be the center of attention.

They are so good at getting themselves out of challenging situations, that they may not think about the effects of their actions. They may lack understanding of cause and effect. They can be lacking in perseverance and focus.

Of the challenges faced by the Enchanter are “many dramas and traumas.” Others become tired of all the dramas.

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