Water * Flow * Release

The Water Element is anchored by the frequencies of Compassion and Acceptance. The pale blue-green or turquoise vibration of Compassion bring harmony and balance to all situations. Water supports the gentle flow of life. The shiny silver vibrations of Acceptance allow one to interact totally without expectations.

When the turquoise and silver vibrations are moved through the being at the same time, this energy provides the foundation necessary for opening the heart. One cannot live in a state of peace within, unless the heart is fully open

On the physical level, Water assists in circulation, allowing the blood to flow freely and smoothly throughout the form. Water hydrates the cells, and through hydration, toxins can be released. Water is associated with the energies of release. It is impossible to bring in new things, until the ones that are no longer necessary have been released.

The Element of Water is associated with the Emotional body, and is a yin vibration. In working with water, you are choosing to examine your fears. What are you afraid of feeling? How does this fear manifest in your relationship with others? How do you extend love and compassion to others?

Allow the turquoise and silver vibrations of Water to bathe every portion of your form and field. As the pain and fear of pain are washed away, you will be able to anchor peace into every cell and every molecule of the physical form, and then extend this peace through your entire field.

Water is associated with the crystals fo Aquamarine, Aventurine and Hematite. The Essential oils associated with the energies of Water are Balsam Fir, Blue Spruce, Black Spruce and Frankincense.

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